I bring sky stories down to Earth to reveal your inner universe

Some call me an astropoet, others a starwhisperer. I have been a practising astrologer for just over 30 years, in full time practice since 2013. I wrote the forecast for The Mountain Astrologer magazine for five years and I have been published in a variety of other publications such as Dell Horoscope and Infinity Astrological Magazine. My illuminating, comforting, meditative daily posts are read by thousands on Facebook and Instagram. You can also find them on their dedicated website The Cosmic Tides where you can also access the oracle created from all the entries spanning the last ten years.

I offer deep dives into the astrology of the times to help make sense of the world and your own personal story. I specialise in asteroids and planetary myths because these archetypes are relatable and found in our own psyche. Through building a relationships with these energies/deities/ you can access deeper aspects of the self.

Transits are happening FOR you not TO you.

Astrology is a symbolic language, calling on the same communication method as your dreams. The more you understand of your astrology, the more you reveal your inner universe which is as vast and mysterious as the outer universe. More than being a system for prediction, astrology shows you how to be a co-creator with life. Your chart is a map of your soul, a guiding compass and cosmic companion along life’s journey.

You are a co-creator with life.


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