Understanding and Recognising Synchronicity

In the past few years there has been an upsurge in the discussion and interest around the phenomena of synchronicity. This is perhaps due to the wild success of ‘The Secret’ and its guiding principle ‘The Law of Attraction’.

Much like the teachings of The Secret, synchronicity has perhaps existed for thousands of years but been given different names. Harbingers, portents and omens for example – we humans have been making meaningful connections to events for a long time.

Harbingers, portents and omens however, all talk of the future. They are signs of a coming event and their nature gives an indication of how that event will be viewed. In olden times, typically omens and the like were left to skilled interpreters to read and decide on whether they made good or bad news. These days we tend to use all three words with negative connotations. Synchronicity on the other hand is something that tends to be more personal and more immediate.

Coincidence has been trivialised. People say ‘it’s just coincidence’ to remove the magic out of two or more events occurring that seem miraculously connected. Co (together) incidence (incident) simply means two events happening together; nothing more, nothing less.

But we all have times when we notice something odd, a weird chain of events, a friend ringing who you were wondering about, a book dropping into your hands, a certain song on the radio at a certain time. In these moments we feel something deep inside. It moves us emotionally and we gain a fleeting glimpse into a greater world; a greater pattern.

It was Carl Jung who first used the term ‘synchronicity’ to explain an “acausal connecting principle”. Things happen that seem to have no common cause yet experienced together create a greater meaning than each individual occurrence. In Greek ‘Syn’ means ‘together’ and Chron means Time. Old Father time was once known as Chronos to the Greeks (Saturn to the Romans). Therefore synchronicity links together something in time.

When you go to a gig, you want to hear the band play together in time with each other. It doesn’t matter whether it’s folk, hip-hop or jazz; to create meaningful music all the band members need to be in time. Think of how painful it is to sit through a performance where the guitarist can’t hear the vocalist or the bassist is oblivious to the drummer. Being ‘out of time’ jars your senses, can make you anxious or angry and makes you want to escape the noise. Whilst we all have certain musical genres we prefer, essentially there is an order to music; a pattern. It is this underlying order that creates music instead of noise. We talk of creating drum patterns showing the order and structure in rhythm. Playing in time together, following the pattern, the band can communicate their song whether it be about universal love, gang war or Christmas.

Music is a vibration, a sound wave that travels, enters your ear and affects the tiniest bone in your body. The movement of this bone (after a sequence of other events) is translated by your brain as sound and you hear the music. Science by the way, doesn’t know how the brain translates electrical impulses into the latest Britney belter.

But everything has a vibration, everything has an energetic signature from you, to other people, to the trees, to the stars. The universe is a vast choir.

Much like a song, a synchronous event can mean different things to different people. Whatever happens, it’s how you interpret it that defines the meaning. The beauty of synchronicity is that when you notice it, it means exactly what it is supposed to mean – to you. Even if your best friend is stood right beside you when you notice something, they may interpret it in a different way to you. They may not see it at all. It’s what makes synchronicity such a difficult concept to prove when it comes to science.

I believe that the waking world is built much the same as dreams.  Life is simply a waking dream. What we class as ‘reality’ is malleable, flexible and open to discussion. Philosophers have been doing it for years and the ‘if a tree falls in the forest…’ question still rages. You and I may agree on many things but we will still experience the world very differently. Take five different people who witness the same event, you will get five different stories. There may be similarities but there may also be startling differences. Synchronicity speaks to us because we each have a unique view of the world.

How you experience the world is based on many things but you can guarantee that your emotional state is certainly going to colour it. Just imagine those heady days of falling in love and compare them to the devastation of separation. The world changes in an instant. These subtle and unsubtle changes in your awareness will play a part in what you perceive around you.

So we have the unique world that you inhabit and then we also have the something else. I believe that the ‘something else’ is an intelligent presence that is woven through the entire universe. Some might call it God or Goddess, some may refer to it as a higher power, some might feel it is alien. I don’t know what it is only I sense it – a greater cosmic pattern.

And this cosmic pattern has a song. When you experience synchronicity suddenly you feel ‘in tune’. You know you are connected to that ‘something else’ whatever you choose to call it.

I believe life is in constant communication with us. Sometimes it whispers, sometimes it hums just to let us know it’s there. At other times it shouts joyfully and says “look, look, LOOK what you are part of!”

Every thought that you have ripples out into the rest of creation. Your thoughts are your song. The question is whether you are creating something that is in harmony with the universe or whether you are creating discord. When you are in tune with yourself you feel clear about the message you want to carry into the world. You know that things feel right, that there is a flow. When you are clear (in tune) the universe speaks back to you. It’s rather like joining an orchestra. You take up your cello and begin to play a melody. A few bars later the violin echoes the melody, perhaps playing only a short phrase from it but it is enough to create a sense of unity.

Synchronicity is like this, a call and response between you and the universe. The more clear you become about the song you are writing (the life you are creating), the more clearly you hear the accompanying music of the rest of creation.

Synchronicity can come in all shapes and forms but it is usually characterised by repetition or relation.

Repetitive synchronicity is literally when a symbol or theme is repeated. For example a fox appears in the road ahead of you whilst you drive home and then upon arriving home you find your friend has sent you a card with a picture of a fox on it.

As well as specific symbols, specific themes can also be repeated. The following happened to me earlier this year.

I was walking to work pondering a vivid dream I’d had about moving to Lisbon. The dream was exciting and inspiring and filled me with happiness then *bang*, my eyes were drawn to a bus passing me and the advertisement upon it practically threw itself into my eyes.

“Here today, gone tomorrow”

That brought me up short. I felt deeply disturbed. Despite knowing that this could simply be a message saying ‘life’s too short, just go for it”, every part of me knew it was something more, something else.

I pondered the message all the way to the office. As I sat down at my desk my colleagues began discussing whether they would want to be buried or cremated. I don’t know what triggered the conversation but my skin began to crawl. I went outside onto the roof terrace with my coffee and a crow shouted loudly from above, perched clearly opposite me. That was it. The third confirmation.

I went back into my colleagues and spoke quietly to one of them.
“I’m really worried” I confided in her “I’m getting death messages. I think someone’s died”.
She asked me who I thought it was but I had no idea at all. I just knew.

I was told of a death the following morning.

In this instance, the synchronicity was there to give me important information. Whilst I believe the primary reason was to inform me that a friend was in need, the secondary reason was indeed to tell me that life is short, we never know what is around the corner and therefore to allow myself to really live my dreams before it’s too late.

Whilst the above example is very strong, I feel it illustrates the point. Themes can be anything from life: love, money, desire, sickness, learning and so on. Repetitions might be a single word, a name, an image, or animal that is repeated amongst a myriad of other things but what catches your attention is “oh, there that is again, how odd!

Relational synchronicity  tends to ‘relate’ directly to a situation that you have been thinking about or are experiencing. For example, maybe you’ve been thinking about getting a new job and someone starts telling you about a vacancy. Maybe you are wondering whether to visit a certain place and suddenly you turn the TV on and there it is. Maybe you decide you want to read a certain book and then someone gives it to you. These kind of synchronicities relate directly to something that is occurring in your own life. Quite often I see these as ‘confirmations’. It is as though the universe is simply confirming that the way ahead is open should you choose this path. At other times the universe is quietly confirming what you already know but have not perhaps brought into conscious awareness.

The following happened to me one morning: –

I was washing up, not thinking of anything in particular. The handle of the cup I was washing suddenly snapped off in my hands. I threw it away without reading anything into it. I picked up the next cup, managed to clumsily knock it against the tap as I put it in the washbasin and the handle fell off. Instantly I was filled with dread.

The two of cups in the tarot indicates a love relationship. My immediate interpretation was that a relationship was about it end and I wouldn’t be able to handle it. It did and I couldn’t.

I believe that we have free will and that we are free to choose what we do with our lives. However, I also believe that there are some things that we are meant to do or experience. I believe that the universe will often give us a guiding hand in the matter, giving us pointers and clues in the form of synchronicity to nudge us in the right direction. Whether you consider it to be your higher self, your guardian angel, Life or God that does the nudging, certainly many of us have experienced the kind of synchronicity that points the way.

To recap then, synchronicity can: –

Make you aware of a situation that is currently outside of your conscious awareness.
Bring you an important message.
Confirm a decision you have made.
Bring you information you need to develop your awareness (for example, showing you a power animal that is currently working with you).
Show that you are on the right path.
Point you to a path you need to experience.
Warn you that you are in danger.

Recognising synchronicity is part of developing your awareness. In time you intuitively come to know what is synchronicity and what isn’t. I think one of the most important tricks to learn is how to notice instead of look. Actively looking for signs can be at best confusing and at worst drive you mad. Imagine for example you walk into a large hall full of people. As you make your way to the drinks table you hear snippets of conversations. One group are laughing about a previous night out, two friends are discussing how they hate their job, three woman are talking about their partners and a couple are having a heated whispered argument on whether to visit family at the weekend. To think that every overheard phrase might have some meaning for you would be incredibly confusing! If you are actively listening there is nothing to define what is and what isn’t meaningful.

What is meaningful is when you are merrily going along your way and then something strikes you. A phrase you have overhead seems to reach out like a beacon. Whilst consciously you know that the person who spoke wasn’t speaking to you, somehow you know that you were meant to hear.

When synchronicity happens I experience a sensation of recognition. I often feel like something has just zipped into my heart chakra. My heart rate speeds up a notch, I feel my awareness expanding, there’s a sensation that somehow everything is lighter. It can be gone in a moment but I just know.

Synchronicity is like hearing a lyric from a divine song. It shows us that life is a waking dream and that everything is connected. It raises our awareness, allows us to see the greater pattern  and confirms to us that we are part of it.

Painting- ‘Sign’ by Nicholas Roerich

75 thoughts on “Understanding and Recognising Synchronicity”

  1. Wow Leah! What a fabulous post. A lot of what you said were thoughts I have had but haven’t put into words. There’s lots of quality in this article. Thanks so much for putting it together and I just have to say I’m so excited about what the net has to offer.. so many connections to people with similar interests. It’s powerful.

  2. Leah Whitehorse

    Hi Njppa – thanks for your comment. I agree, the web is a wonderful way to connect with people far and wide x

  3. Occasionally synchronicity happen in my life.
    The recent one,that brought me here.
    Last friday,my female relative fell from the bus, and my female co-worker was robbed. And last night my female former co-worker had a motorcycle accident.It’s this third incidence that flick my mind “synchronicity ! ” . So, 3 of my not-too-close female mates had an accident in less than a week! But as usual, I dont have a fecking clue what to do next. Maybe I must be more careful and alert for the next few weeks.It’s too weird if these chain of events just a mere coincidence..

  4. Hi mhd
    Oh I’m sorry to hear about your friends. I do hope that all of them make a good recovery.
    At the moment we are going into a Mercury retrograde period which rules transport, our local environment, and communications so these things can go awry during this phase. I think you are doing the right thing by just staying alert to your surroundings. Sometimes it is all we can do.
    Best Wishes
    Leah x

  5. I have had many examples of synchronicity guiding me. The way I usually receive it is through the repeated seeing and hearing of a single word. Recently I kept seeing the word Phoenix over and over. This happened before, during and after an episode in my life where I went through a huge upset and came out the other end a stronger and more independent person!

    At the moment I am seeing the name of someone who was very important person in my life that I have not seen for some years. I seem to see or hear his name daily and some days this happens over and over again. Just the other day some people were talking out of earshot and I wasn’t taking a lot of notice of them and suddenly everything went quiet and I heard one mention this name. Your observation….. “Whilst consciously you know that the person who spoke wasn’t speaking to you, somehow you know that you were ‘meant to hear’….. fitted this situation exactly.
    I am having to be wary of consciously looking out for this word, but just ‘know’ that there is a reason for me to be hearing it all the time. I just hope it means what I think it does!!
    Many thanks for such an illuminating and informative article.

  6. Hi Misty
    Thanks for your comment. The image of a Phoenix is strong indeed. I am glad to hear you ‘rose from the ashes’. It will be interesting to see what happens with the name of your someone special…keep us updated 🙂

  7. Hi Leah
    My story is similar to Misty’s, there is a name that is constantly repeating and it seems to happen everyday i will hear it and see it everwhere and she is constantly in my thoughts BUT! i am not really interested in her i was kind of at one point but it was’nt very strong and i am trying very hard to block it because it was happening so often i contacted her against my better judgement hoping it would stop, she did’nt get back to me and it seemed to stop for a few days and now it has started again, i am moving away so hopefully it will stop for good. It is the most bizarre thing i have ever experienced. Could you possibly shed some light on the issue, her name is Kerry by the way.
    Thanks for your time Mark!

  8. Hi Mark
    It’s honestly difficult to say but I do feel that there are certain people that we can have an incredibly strong connection with. I believe people who make an impact upon us often have something to teach us – sometimes big lessons, sometimes small ones. And sometimes the universe just reminds us that it’s listening and makes sure you are noticing to prepare you for other messages that might come your way – like you are being asked to tune in.

  9. Hi Misty, Mark and Leah

    this same name repetition is happening to me these past two weeks. The last three days strongly. I want to think that it is positive and I want to contact this person but I am afraid. THis relationship with this man has been complicated and I do not want to be rejected. However, this name has “followed” me for years within the circle of friends, co-workers and other acquaintances. What I have learned is that I am “waiting to see” what happens versus actively seeking him out. Or should I? I am tempted to see if he is having the same experience as well?

  10. Hi Luz
    It is difficult to know what to do in that kind of situation. I think it always comes down to doing what you feel is best for you emotionally and spiritually. I do strongly believe that that the universe is aware and listening and that sometimes the impossible is possible 🙂

  11. Hello leah , I have and interesting story that i would like to see if you can make sense of . my family used to vacation by the ocean and we used to rent a home next to another family we where alwasy freindly in fact my sister became very close with one of the girls . over the years our famlies have run into each other where we used to vacation .last summer I run into the other sister soon after we where madly in love for about a year then things took a turn and we broke up but now we have run into each other three times since then it just seems like fate

  12. Hi Leah

    I have been experiencing some pretty major synchronicities lately in my relationships and chance encounters especially. I know if anything the universe is showing me Im a part of something so much bigger then any of us can comprehend.

    Its exciting and comforting to know there are these signs and messages out there for us – and the more you are open to it then more the universe throws at you. Thanks for your article it really helped me clarify a lot of what has been happening to me of late and validated that its all connected.


  13. Hi Amanda
    Thank you for your comment. It’s very true that if we open up to the universe, the pattern unfolds and messages abound! We are all part of the complex web 🙂

  14. The other day I read two novels written by two disaprately different authors. anyway, they BOTH mentioned the Monty Hall problem/gamble. Is this more than a “weird coincidence” for me?

  15. Hi Mimi. From what I understand of the Monty Hall gamble, it’s about making a less obvious choice that actually has a better chance of getting the desired result. I’d say if you noticed this then perhaps it has some relevance for you. Only you can know if it strikes a cord with you 🙂 If you are currently making a decision about something then perhaps the Monthy Hall gamble suggests going for the less obvious choice…

  16. Seeing the same name or variation of the same name,for example: seeing the name William(Bill or Billy) or James(Jim or Jimmy) Plus seeing the last name that goes with this persons name that I know. I am also seeing the town or hearing about the town that they live in. Seeing the name of the county that they live in. Hearing and seeing All these things that I have mentioned on a Daily basis. Is this a sign? A warning? It’s about to drive me insane. I have prayed for this to stop,but it won’t stop. I don’t even know this person that well…not yet. what should I do?

  17. Hi Edna – Gosh it sounds like something is really trying to get your attention. You said you don’t know this person well…yet. Were you planning on getting to know them? It may be that the universe is encouraging this. However, it is also wise to be cautious because not everyone understands these kinds of experiences and I don’t know in what context you know the person concerned.
    As it hasn’t stopped when you have asked, it may help to try a different approach. Write down the information you have on a piece of paper and light a candle at Full Moon. Sit with it and calmly thank the universe for the information it has given you so far. Explain to it as you would a friend, that you’re a bit confused as to what to do with this information given to you so you are putting it back in their hands. You could also say a prayer for the person concerned and ask for them to be blessed and protected. Once you have said your prayers, burn the piece of paper in the candle and imagine the smoke going up to the heavens, carrying your prayer. Wash the ashes down the sink. Once you have completed this, let the whole thing go – it’s back in the hands of the universe. This should help either for it to stop, or for the universe to let you know why this information is coming to you. I hope that helps.

  18. after my husband passed away,i was left to run the family business and as he handled everything and was in charge, i thought i would have a difficult time carrying on where he left off—for a few months after his death everything was 111- bonus gasoline coupons with $1.11 as the amount, not once but three times in a row, grocery purchases $38.11-($11.11)etc.etc.–things turned out to be easy running the business and i am doing a good job—was that the meaning of 111

  19. Hi Katherine – Sometimes number sequences are reiterated to make the message more noticeable. Number 1 is about beginnings. We also use it to mean ‘looking after number 1’ which just means it’s about taking care of yourself. So yes, perhaps the universe was saying – you can do this and you did 🙂

  20. Hello, I keep seeing the name ‘Martin’ everywhere, nearly everyday for the past 2 months. It’s driving me insane, it’s not in hidden places it’s not as if I’m looking for it to reach the expected daily quota. It’s driving in my car and there’s a Martin road, I see a billboard for martins garage, a sign for martins towing service, Martins plumbing, Martins cheese curls, Martin gas station, one night I noticed it was nearly midnight and I hadn’t seen the name anywhere, I went to open my mothers iPad and the browser came up with a young ladies Facebook whos last name was, you guessed it, Martin and it was 11:57. The other instances continue, perhaps it’s a very popular name and it always existed constantly and I’m only now beginning to notice. I’m curious, any insight?

  21. Hi Nora – There are various steps to figuring out what this might mean for you. Think about whether you know anyone called Martin or knew anyone who passed away with that name. It may be a simple way of calling your attention to that person. Think about the meaning of the name – Martin comes from Mars which is to do with courage, fortitude, fight or flight, goals, energy. It could be that you may meet someone called Martin who is important in some way so the universe has sensitised you to the name so that you are aware of it.
    If you know something about astrology, you could cast the chart for 11.57 on the day you saw the name again late at night and see what the chart has to say. Look to what Mars is doing in the chart to give you some reference points.

  22. I have a male friend that I have becoming closer to as a friend in the last year. He has always been around, for about 3 years now and we have just started to actually hang out and become friends; his last name is Martin. I researched meanings in both the name and Mars and found some insight. However, I’m hoping it could be interpreted differently. It claims mars as a fiery passion and that it’s passion claims to be the lover, specifically the lover and not the husband. I have a boyfriend and we’ve been together for nearly 3 years. I’m hoping this means nothing bad to come.

  23. Hi, I’ve met this girl this summer, she randomly showed up at an event I was organizing. We had an instant attraction (not even physical at first), we just clicked, like we had known each other for years. We had everything in common. We used to joke about it, we would guess the most unguessable things about each other. Of course we went along with it, started dating, things went FAST and stopped abruptly, we were doing everything wrong I must say. Had to happen I guess. Looking back I realize we had to grow from this experience (I changed A LOT). I began noticing things, being more aware of things around me. I changed my whole vision of the world, I’m now always positive, I enjoy the little things, I’m always happy, I feel like the world is my playground. I’ve started using the LOA to manifest my ideal life. I’ve now been seeing signs everywhere, synchronicities such as “we are preparing the future…” written on a truck right in front of a billboard sign that had “to inhabit your dreams” on it, while noticing a song lyrics on the radio “careful what you wish for, cause you just my get it all”… weird already! Right when I got home that same night, turned on the tv at a random channel, her name kept popping like 6 times (and it’s not the first time this happens) and it’s not a common name, and I haven’t talked to her since we broke up… now that’s beyond weird, but it feels great, I never stopped loving the girl so I guess somehow it makes sense. She was the first girl I just KNEW. Call it a gut feeling or a hunch but I definitely got that “what just happened” feeling the moment I say her. I trust the universe so coincidence or not (though I don’t really believe in coincidences), I feel like something great someday is going to come out of it, whether it’s with her or someone even greater if that’s even possible. I’ll enjoy the trip until it does!

  24. Hi Frank – I love, love, love your comment! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and inspiration! It is amazing how synchronicity works isn’t it. Wishing you a wonderful journey 🙂

  25. You know what.. I am stuck in a relationship that is ending in a divorce and everything nutsy is labelled on me and my husband’s ex’s name keeps showing up. I went to an astrologer and he says he has two marriages and neither of it will be good. I was the first one. It freaks me out to think that she is the second one when i want to reconcile. But who knows maybe she is the one and not me. I just feel unable to handle this breakdown.

  26. Hi Saumya – I’m sorry to hear you are going through a divorce. Give yourself time and ensure you have the support around you to help you through. Nothing is set in stone. The birth chart shows potential and certain life lessons but we also have choices in how to respond to those things as well.

  27. Hi Leah
    I have been having a strange recurrence.
    I have picked the same card close to 20 times from a pack.
    It is a card of a black queen and it says “You will receive what you ask for”.
    I have recently connected to an old love who was and is the love of my life and although wanting to be together, I am married (although probably separating), and he is married and cannot leave now. He is married to a black woman.
    Although the message from the card seens clear I cannot see life going that way.
    Yet the card keeps coming up…


  28. Hi Leah,

    Firstly, I really enjoyed your article, so thank you.

    Over the last few years I suppose, I’ve been noticing odd re-occurring terms or phrases. Not the more in depth more complex experiences some other people have, but just little things, I can’t even recall most of them anymore, I’ve usually put them down to coincidence. It’s been happening so often of late, I began to wonder about it, hence looking up to see if this happens to others, and finding your article.

    It goes like this. I will be going about my day, and having a normal conversation, when the other person mentions or says a term or phrase that I’ve rarely if ever heard before. It could be anything, usually something pretty meaningless and innocuous to me, the last one was “small holding” then one before that, “burner phone.” I obviously think nothing of it at the time, but then later, often the same day, I’ll be reading a book or watching a tv program, and the exact same term will be mentioned by the book/program. The terms never really mean much to me, but the experience of it re occurring startles me greatly!

  29. Hi Oliver – Ah yes, those little synchronicities can be quite strange can’t they but very noticible! When they come, I think it’s just like a quiet whisper from the universe saying ‘pay attention’. The more you notice them, the more tuned in you are 🙂

  30. Hi L – It could depend on a lot of things. There may be a connection between you, a recognition of a soul friend. It could be useful to look up the meaning of his name to see if that has any relevance in your life right now. It could also mean that he is a symbol for you going to the gym and to work at ways to be able to afford membership 🙂

  31. Hi Leah, I know you must receive a lot of these messages but I have experienced a name repetition over period of time. All these unexpected events have all pointed to the same situation. Could you give any advice I would appreciate thank you.

  32. Hi Tim
    With names, it can be many things – perhaps the meaning of the name itself can contain a message or maybe it’s connected to a specific person who has that name in your life or someone you once knew with that name. If it’s pointing to a specific situation then it’s thinking about what the name might mean in relation to that situation. Without knowing your situation it’s difficult to analyse further. If you would like to explore it, I offer readings here https://www.leahwhitehorse.com/readings

  33. Hi Leah, my apologies it is referring all the signs ive recived have all without question related back to a specific situation.Ive received between 6-10 of these signs which have all been the same situation and person

  34. Hey there if i see someones name alot
    is there any chance they would be seeing my name alot to
    i dont know this person well,but the name keeps appearing, even that persons partners names been appearing.
    on comments,films,billboardsetc

    and i cant seem to stop thinking about that person either.i try to get it out of my head but its hard.

    i have also feel like this person is watching me every late 20th of the month,i tend to see them randomly walk past me or sitting far corner etc

  35. Hi Leah!

    For the last month or so (maybe even a little longer) I’ve been hearing people say “Texas”. It’s now to the point where I hear or see “Texas” at least once a day. I don’t live near Texas. I assume that I’m receiving a message but for the life of me, I cannot figure out what the message could be. Any insight as to what this could mean would be greatly appreciated.

    By the way, I loved your article.

  36. Hi Sheri – With synchronicity, it’s best to start with the most obvious and work back from there i.e. do you want to go to Texas or do you have friends or family there for example? Is someone you just met from Texas and so on…The sychronicity could mean there’s something to investigate there. Out of interest, I looked up to etymology of Texas and it is derived from a Caddo word meaning ‘friends’ or ‘allies’. So perhaps it’s referring to friends from afar or perhaps it means expanding your circle of friends. Perhaps the issue of friends and friendships is important right now. It would all depend on your own personal associations and circumstances.

    Sometimes too, things like this happen simply to get your attention so that you start tuning in to other important messages.

  37. How I found this webpage was sychronicity personified. I was doing some breathing exercises, and imagining my “body” to gradually expand, to encompass our solar system, galaxy, the universe and to draw divine light into my body. In the earlier phase, during contemplation of our own solar system, i thought of how recently certain meteors and asteriods have been included in astrology. AS I AM THINKING THIS, my fiance sends a message which for some reason i stop my meditation to read. It was a message telling me that tomorrow through the week there will be meteor showers. I noted the sychronicity and looked it up. The second page had a link at the bottom “Understanding and Recognizing Sychronicity”

  38. Hi. Im so glad i came across this. Ive had many experiences with this. This last one i cant seem to understand. My husband can back me because when it happens i point it out to him. When i turn tv on or ill say a certain word/phrase its repeated back from the television. Its happening so much i thought I’d look into it. At least 5 to 6 times a week il be talking and that exact phrase just seconds after i say it , the words or phrase will be repeated back at me. I tried to ignore this but now it gas become a constant occurance. Random words but the most noticeable fact is the timing. Immediately after ill say something its repeated on television. Any thoughts on this?

  39. Hi Karen – My immediate first thought was this – when someone repeats something back to you, you get to hear your own words. Perhaps you are being asked to listen to what you are saying at the moment. Words have power. What we say has a habit of becoming real in the world. It could be a head’s up to be aware of what you are vocalising as this carries certain energies. Hope that helps.

  40. The only thing about words coming back is they are random and don’t blend. I will start paying closer attention for sure it can be any tv shiw, commercial etc. The timing is unbelievable. My hysband says , “its just a coincidence. Im like , ya right ! Thank you for your time. Karen

  41. Hi Karen – Sorry if I wasn’t clear – I meant that rather than listening to the specific words being said back to you in those exact moments, it may be symbolic of listening to what you are saying in life generally. It’s like an overall life message rather than the actual words you are hearing in these moments of synchronicity 🙂

  42. Hi
    I am not sure that mine counts as synchronicity? I keep seeing the upmarket car my ex drives, which always brings him to my mind. The car is a jaguar and sometimes it reaches me as an image of the animal too. I see this type of car everywhere. Outside my house, parked near me in a carpark or I end up behind a jaguar as I drive. My friend says it is just that it is not a car that is that unusual. The thing is it gives me a jolt each time and I don’t know, just a funny feeling. I was told by a medium he needed six months to sort himself out, it is now six months and I have been noticing this type of car (or animal) for about two months. However, I do really want him back but we have had no actual communication for 6 months. Is this just wishful thinking on my part?

  43. Hi Linda – thanks for your comment. Symbols like this are multifaceted and have many layers of meaning so it’s about finding the message that you need to hear. As it is you that is seeing both the car and the animal it may be less about what your ex might do and more about what this message means for you. I would recommend Googling ‘animal symbolism Jaguar’ to see if you can relate to the information that comes up. Blessings.

  44. Hi
    Im so glad to have come across your website. Up until recently i had no idea what synchronicity was and only began to research it after I noticed some things in my life.
    I was seeing this guy and I ended it because he didnt want a relationship. Even though we cut contact months ago I have been seeing his name everywhere and hearing it too! In movies and on the radio his name is not common in my area.

    At first I dismissed it as coincidence but now I see or hear his name up to 4 times daily and we are not in contact. Its a mixed signal on my end because I feel like we have a connection but he wont reach out. As I sit here typing I just saw his name in another article in my other tabs.
    Yesterday the waiter had the same name as him and as I opened the newspaper his name was in one of the articles. Im desperate for answers because I feel as if Im going insane? What should I do?

    Thank you

  45. Hi Lisa – I understand how difficult this is when you still have feelings for this person. On a psychological level, it’s possible that you are sensitized to the appearance of this man’s name because emotionally you are still attached. On a spiritual level, you may have a karmic connection but I want to stress that this does not necessarily mean ‘destined to be in a relationship’. It can mean that you met this person for a reason. I would recommend journalling your feelings, considering how his presence in your life changed you or what it made you feel and what that could mean for your life now. I would also recommend looking up the meaning of his name to see if that has any meaning to you.
    On a very practical level, if you still like this man, are seeing signs and feel a connection then I would recommend contacting him to see how the land lies. But only do so if you are prepared for the conversation to go either way and only if he is open to contact.
    If contact is not an option, I would recommend creating a ritual to bring closure for yourself – bless his path and your own and give the matter over to the universe so that if you are meant to be together, that situation will be brought about of its own accord. That way you can move forward in your life and release the attachment. It is the attachment to what may or may not happen in the future that brings about anxiety.

  46. Thank you for your response Leah.

    He last contacted me weeks ago to find out if I was okay and if I was with anyone else after him. He since has not made contact, the synchronicity started. In terms of a karmic connection are they one sided? Can he feel what I do?

    The synchronicity continues is there anything that I can do to see what this all means and why the universe is sending me these signs?

    Thanks Lisa

  47. I know someone with this name but we aren’t friends or anything. I keep seeing his name like on the Internet, on paper, I even hear his name in conversations. It’ll just come up out of nowhere. Why do I keep seeing and hearing his name.

  48. Hi Leah … over the past month or so I’ve been hearing – daily – 2 songs that are strongly connected to my ex; songs he chose for our wedding and, yes, I’ve changed stations! Is this coincidence? If not, then what?
    Frankly it’s making me a little nuts….

  49. Hi Andrea
    Sometimes with songs, the words of the songs themselves may be a clue or maybe this is a subtle message about looking at what you are committing yourself to at the moment and whether that feels right for you. It will all depend on your situation but think about the song words and see if they spark any ideas.

  50. Just like Linda I too see my ex’s car (old and new) everywhere! Sometimes it makes me happy and sometimes it becomes annoying to constantly think about someone not knowing if they feel the same way! I was told by a Psyhic that my ex will contact me this month. They still haven’t even though the month isn’t quit over. Actually I went to 3 and all 3 of them said my ex will contact me soon. Being an Aries, I’m very impatient that’s why I went to 3 different ones. Am I seeing their car because I want them to contact me or is this a sign that they will soon? Also I started seeing my ex car everywhere before I even went to seek advice.

  51. Hey leah wats up…
    I have a strange problem i hope you can help me
    I m 27 years old i had a gf she is not from my country we met on the internet…she got engaged in may n since den havnt talked to me…in aug she talkrd to my sis n adkd fr my no..after a few days i got a email which stated dat sumbody from herr country had checked for my no. On true caller after a few days i saved dat no. And checked it out so on viber i found dat no. N it was her fiance pic on datno.ni think its his no…and since dat everyday i see his atleast once here and dere..in videogames..tv.music everywhere newspapers….im a law student in 2008 i was given my first case and d name in dat case was also of dis guy likr mr.a vs mr.x and his name is mr.a for examplr…..i even see her name bt its v v few times the guys name keeps on coming up…
    One day i my coaching my teacher wrote a random date on d board dat wwas dat guys bdays beneath it he wrote a date it was d bday of my another frnd…den he rubbed it off n second date which he wrote was d day when dey got engaged….like i have so many sooo many coincidences of dis sort bt cant write all..if u wish to hear dem den i willl…and one more thing dat whenever i tjink that ok dis is over for me…my gf will become the wife of sumone else and alll den all dese things start to happpen even more…plzzz tellll meer watt does dis mean??

  52. Hi Leah,

    I really enjoyed your post and your comments. I found your website in my curiosity of recent events. I recently separated from a man that has been a big part of my life for many years. I am still in the process of healing from the separation, and have been practicing energy healing. I have only known one Joseph in my lifetime and within a few months of the separation, my two clients (managers) have been named Joseph. Why now? Any insight into what this means?

  53. Hi Leah. I have had a couple of amazing experiences regarding names. I split with an ex in 2012 and we ended on very bad terms due to him cheating. However, whilst this man was not the man I was going to spend my life with, we knew from the moment we met that we had a karmic connection. After we split, for a good 2 and a bit years, i saw his name everywhere. Clients at work with the same name, bottled water, shops, jewelery companies. The name is fairly unusual as well. In the end I made contact with him and although we never reconciled, we made up. Since then it has stopped! Apart from the odd occasion like yesterday when I saw it. However, now it doesnt feel like it means so much.

    I recently got in contact with an old friend. We have both discovered a mutual attraction between us and discussed making a go of things together. However, due to some personal problems in his life he has backed off. At first I guessed he wasnt that interested afterall, so I too have started backing off and even arranged a date with someone else. However, he keeps telling me he still wants me, just that he needs to feel better first. As I dont know how long this will take, this is why Ive been talking to other men. But the last few weeks and especially days, I keep seeing his name evereywhere too!! I have tried to get him to communicate but he wont, but it seems like the universe wont let me forget him and move on. I have a lot of feelings for him. Is this a sign I should wait for him maybe?

  54. I’m hopelessly in love with this guy, he has caused me heartache and i could easily use excuses for him, that he is going through a change in his life, still growing up, but it’s like a roller coaster ride with him, hot and cold the mind games BUT eventually we all reach our limit!…we have this connection but we not together…..but one day I hate him next day i love him, he is always playing games trying to confuse me, it’s like he doesn’t know what he wants….he is hard to read….eventually I got sick of it and decided to move on, but every time, I tell myself I’m done…I see his surname, it appears everywhere and just bam in my face, it’s not a common surname either but when I’m challenging “signs” I’m like right I’m going to see it today and I don’t….but at that moment when I’m upset at him or hurt or adamant i’m done….it appears how many times in different forms and ways….what could this mean? That I mustn’t give up on him yet and that he might come round? why can’t i escape the signs no matter how hard I try…..it’s like the universe is not allowing me to forget him or move on 🙁

  55. Hi,
    Something similar is happening in my life these days. There is a guy I came in touch with through a friends of mine. I have been talking to him almost everyday for three months now. I have not met him as yet as he lives in another city. However, strange things are happening in my life: I dreamed of him five nights in a row and one night it was three dreams of him. Also, his name has started to appear at unexpected random places and it reminds me of him. We have both admitted that we like each other but I really dont know where this is going or what is happening. Please shed a light on this.

  56. Hi Leah, in the last two months I’ve been seeing and hearing my name constantly. On the tv, in news articles, on the radio, in movies, on CDs, social media, books I’ve read. It’s crazy. My birthdates 11th March, my partners an 11, his father an 11, me ex who abused me for years an 11 and I see when I google things I’m interested in, the dates of postings is always 11. I have nightmares every night and an unhappy soul. My father says I’m an empath, it’s horrible. I have ADHD. Things I see in the world hurt me daily and I feel like I’m waiting for something but don’t know what. Could seeing my name and birth date number mean what I’ve been waiting for might finally be arriving? Kind regards, Katie.

  57. Strike 2 for me but I’m already definately alert, I’m a Scorpio and I’ve been seeing 2222’s for the last week, 2 days a go I spilt a drink on my white cardigan and it somehow looked like a scorpion the way it spilt, blotches around it but the pattern was perfect, then today I accidentally dropped my candle and the wax spilt on my bookcase, also in the shape of a scorpion and I’ve noticed multiple sets of 44 and 444’s today..

  58. Thank you for this post!!
    I have been seeing the name of somebody from past experiences who has been on my mind and in my dreams a lot lately. This person has recently told me that they have been thinking of me often, as well. I’m not quite sure the significance of the repetitive showing of the name but I’m sure it has meaning! This article helped me to understand a little more.

  59. Hello! I have parted with my ex for more than a year now. Everything is good with me but lately, it seems like the world has been showing me signs about her. Our anniversary date has been appearing around me and there’s a lot of it. Friends say that I’m just attracted to this number and probably I’m just searching for it but it is everywhere. I am way passed that stage to give meaning to everything little thing I see.

    I get the same number in different diners and restaurants at my table, my que numbers in a bank and in other places, my ticket numbers and a lot more. Let me remind you, this is not a random number that I see in the streets or a time in the clock that I “may” only interpret as a sign but these numbers are given to me specifically to me. Alongside with this, I’ve been dreaming about my ex as well in straight occassions. I was asking myself, what does this all mean? Then a few days, while I was driving in a crazy traffic, after being re-routed many times, a car cut in front of me bearing the name of my ex (which is not a common name). And also, it is unusual here in my country to put a name on a car’s license plate. This made me question more. Is this just me or is something trying to communicate with me? Btw, my ex is living in another country with her new partner. What are your thoughts about this?

  60. My experience witlth synchronicity is: I keep having dreams about 1 man. I also hear and see his name almost everyday like something does not want me to forget this person. He is from my past and his name is unusual yet I see it everywhere. I have beem trying to figure out why.

  61. Hey..
    I have also faced synchronicities a lot more often. I am seeing my boyfriend and my sister’s name together many times on whatsapp chat list. They also has the same initials but on my chatting list also they always appears one after the another. Sometimes I am chatting with both of them at the same times. So, their chat boxes in my phone appear one after the other. My sister is in a very strong relationship with her botfriend from the past 9 years. And I met this guy 4 month before but he love me alot. But I always have this insecurity about my sister as she is more good looking than me, she has everything a guy could look for & I often afraid that if I make my boyfriend meet her, he will probably be attracted towards her. I dont understand why is this happening. What does universe trying to tell me? Does my sis and boyfriend are meant to be together? But my sister is already in a happy relation and even planning to marry her guy. Or I may be seeing it because of my insecurity, which is telling me to make me meet my boyfrined and sister, so that I got to know about my boyfriend character.
    I seriously am not getting it. But everytime I see their name one after the other in my whatsapp chat list, I feel restless. Even right now also their names are one after the other on my whatsapp chat list. Please tell me what it is? What should I do?

  62. And my sister also look like the actress my boyfriend likes alot. Should I make them meet?

  63. I keep seeing my first, intensifyingly real, love everywhere i go! Even when i was with an other boy in his car on the way to his house, he ended up being the car right in front of us! Sometimes i’ll see him when walking to the bus stop, others its him driving and we see each other while im on the bus; i also just saw him on my way to the nail salon!
    I feel like it’s always me who sees him, but i dont tell him about it so what if he also sees me?
    What could this possibly mean- im not looking for him either!

  64. Such a worthwhile topic, Leah.:) I relate to a lot of what you’ve written! Many of the comments I leave related to astrology are just as much about synchronicity.

    These past few years, and as my willingness to listen has deepened and expanded, my life has become rich in synchronicity and symbolism. Maybe it was all along, only I hadn’t noticed or didn’t yet understand and speak the ‘language’: natal retrograde 9H Mars in Gemini opposite 3H Psyche in Sagittarius and square 12H Pluto in Virgo, ruler of my Jupiter-Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Scorpio on the cusp of my 2H/3H. I’m still learning.

    So yes (!!), life is definitely like a dream, one I’m always open to interpreting to make the most of. Books, animals, birds, TV, radio, billboards on buses, chance encounters (and dreams), all speak to me, usually appearing without my having consciously sought them out.

    Often synchronicity shows up as a form of grace, arriving at a time when I (or someone I’ve encountered) least expects it but needs it most. In that way I believe, like you, synchronicity reminds us we never walk alone ~ in any given moment, any one of us might be called to serve another as an instrument of grace.

    I’ve had random (synchronistic) encounters with strangers who’ve told me they’d been searching (sometimes for years), asking the very same question(s) I’ve just answered without them having to ask. I know it wasn’t me per se, it’s about the ‘message’. I just happened to be the right messenger to show up in the right place at the right time, which doesn’t mean I’m not humbled and awed by these experiences too.

  65. Thanks LB – Synchronicity is extraordinary, beautiful and awe-inspiring! And yes your retro Mars in the 9th could be part of this. I always associate the 9th house with symbolic language and the third house with linear language. I love your expression of synchronicity as being a ‘form of grace’ and have experienced that myself. It’s in those moments, I know I am communing with something vast and incomprehensible and yet somehow loving and personal all at once.

  66. Though I knew (or thought I knew) the 9th (being opposite the 3rd) was somehow connected with languages that are foreign to us, I don’t remember reading about the 9th and symbolic language *or* the 3rd and linear language . . . so I appreciate your response. Thanks, Leah!

    The last sentence of your comment resonates in a big way.:) Although maybe not essential, I think gratitude helps to invite the divine presence you speak of into our lives.

  67. I have a huge crush on this guy & I see & hear his name most of the time what does this mean?

  68. West Kensington

    Somebody please help me solve this mystery. I met someone who I feel a deep, strong connection with, in August, three years back. It was an unexpected, pleasantly surprising, life changing experience. As luck could have it, coincidentally we met again on the same date…without planning it at all! Sadly, we haven’t had a chance to catch up after that.
    Now here’s the weird part. Since we last met, I’ve been seeing “August” EVERYWHERE! I read it written everywhere online, I pick up a random magazine from the trash and it says August; I read a novel and the protagonist’s name is August; in the month of February people start talking about things they’ll be doing in august; i suddenly find old CDs with that date (August 30) written on them!! The strangest thing happened this month, when I saw that very date – August 30 – in my dreams twice!
    I have been waiting to connect with this person again. But I never even thought about August until these coincidences started occurring!

    What could this mean? I waited in anticipation last August, but nothing happened! However the strange appearances of August haven’t stopped! Plz help me decipher the meaning of this!

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