New Kid on the Block

Some would think that perhaps we astrologers have enough on our minds synthesising a chart composed of the traditional elements without adding more. But in recent years the many asteroids in our solar system have increasingly appeared in interpretations and analysis. Initially I found myself avoiding the whole subject but with my eyes always drawn to the sky, I became more and more curious. My research on my own chart into Chiron produced such enlightening symbolic information that I began to investigate the asteroids further.

A new kid on the block is Haumea, discovered by astronomer Mike Brown in December 2004 she was nicknamed ‘Santa’ before being given her official title on 17th September 2008. The asteroid appeared as a brighter pinpoint of light in the Kuiper Belt beyond Neptune and is the third brightest object in the area after Pluto and Eris. Haumea is particularly unusual as she is elongated and spins rapidly head over tail every 4 hours making her the fastest object in the solar system. She also is composed mostly of rock whereas other asteroids tend to be mostly composed of ice.

Haumea is the Hawaiian Goddess of fertility and childbirth so it’s fascinating that her announcement to the world was delayed due to the birth of a child. In the myths, Haumea produced many children who sprang from all parts of her body. In some tales it is said that she had the capacity to make herself young again so would renew herself, mate with her children and grandchildren and produce further off-spring.The name was chose by a colleague of Brown’s primarily because it is associated with stone fitting rock-filled Haumea perfectly. I was particularly interested in the section where Mike Brown writes about why he slightly delayed his discovery announcement to the scientific community – because his wife gave birth.

It will perhaps be some time yet before we fully understand the meaning of the Haumea in the chart however I have already found that in my own chart she lies in the barren sign of Virgo in quincunx to my Moon in Aquarius. Interestingly I have never felt the desire to have children. Haumea confirms what is already shown in my chart through other aspects.

If you wish to discover where Haumea lies in your own chart go to Astrodienst and use the ‘extended chart selection’ to draw up a chart. In the asteroid option put in the number 136108. This will give you Haumea’s place in your chart.


4 thoughts on “New Kid on the Block”

  1. I know you wrote this years ago, but I have only just found it, and it was really helpful, thank you. Love all your posts on asteroids – really, really good.

  2. “In some tales it is said that she had the capacity to make herself young again so would renew herself, mate with her children and grandchildren….”

    Does it indicate incest?

  3. Many gods of many mythologies mate with their relatives. So Haumea doesn’t indicate incest, at least not more than other planets. For people, who live on islands, it is more difficult to mix with people from other places of the world. So people from the same island are more likely related with each other. So it is likely that they see only mating with close relatives as incest, which means the idea of incest is even less likely to be found in their mythology.

    Haumea means “sacred birth” and all of the islands of Hawaii belong to her children. The dwarf planet Haumea has the shape of an egg. So Haumea must have a lot to do with fertility. But rather not on a physical level because their births and fertility are the realm of the Moon. Perhaps Haumea is a very high octave of the Moon?

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