Jupiter Enters Aquarius

This morning Jupiter majestically swept into the sign of Aquarius setting one of the major themes of 2009. Jupiter is the planet of joy, warmth and enthusiasm and is likely to enjoy its time in innovative Aquarius. This is a year when we are encouraged to put our faith (Jupiter) into humanity (Aquarius) and find new meaning to our experience of the world. It’s a time of higher mind and increasing our thinking and rational functions whilst allowing the spark of inspiration to shine through. Cool detached Aquarius is warmed by Jupiter. Compassion and confidence inspired to action can be a recipe for incredible change. It is the opportunity to do something different.

On a personal level it’s a wonderful time to taste the unknown:- visit different destinations, expand your circle of friends, take up an humanitarian cause.

On a wider level this is a time for us to embrace those things that bring us different experiences and open our eyes to new horizons and new possibilities. I think that in the current climate where there is so much distrust, hatred and war shown by the media, it is profoundly important that the energy of the cosmos is reminding us to have a little more faith in each other.

Past Jupiter in Aquarius periods have brought us everything from the death of Diana and Mother Teresa (1997) to the first man in space (Yuri Gagarin in 1961) and the first live television transmission to cross the channel (1950). All of these experiences were essentially about ‘connection’; from the united grief at the death of loved public figures to the world watching a man orbit the earth. We became united in a different vision – a different version of humankind’s experience of each other. As I write this I think I understand now why I enjoy New Year’s Eve so much, because it seems to be the only time of the year where we allow ourselves to connect selflessly to others en masse. We hug strangers and wish them happy new year and watch the rest of the planet repeat the experience. Imagine what the world would be like if we could carry that spontaneous expression of happiness and celebration in every moment? I guess that’s my Moon in Aquarius talking 🙂

It’s interesting that in the lead up to Jupiter crossing into Aquarius a new TV series began called Around the World in 80 Faiths. Anglican Minister Peter Owen-Jones has taken the mother of all trips across 6 continents to explore the diverse ways humans express their connection to the divine. For the UK at least, television (Aquarius) will bring us all manner of religions (Jupiter) right into our living rooms for a while to come.

Last Saturday afternoon I was on my way home to find the road blocked with a huge demonstration against the conflict in Gaza. Part of a global outrage at what is happening. In truth I wanted to get home as I had things I needed to do but I also felt like I needed to show some respect to the marchers. I stood back as they passed, a witness to Jupiter in Aquarius in action. Thousands of people of different ages and cultural background drawn together in one voice. Eventually I made my way through the throng making sure I looked into the eyes of those I passed and smiling to them. A little girl who looked to be perhaps of Palestinian descent grinned down at me from the shoulders of her father. I can’t pretend to know the ins and outs of this conflict as politics has never been my strong point but I know that deep in my soul I just want the fighting to end. Humans need to stop killing each other.

This morning’s headlines included scientist’s dismissal of ‘detox’ products which was an interesting expression of the negative side to Jupiter. Whilst the planet is generally a bundle of fun, he can also sometimes become a little over enthusiastic and in Aquarius can lead to a blind optimism in anything that’s a bit different wearing the tag ‘innovative’. During this year we need to be wary of blowing new ideas out of proportion.

Cern plans to restart it’s large Hadron Particle Collider sometime in 2009 after the disastrous initial run which mangled some of the giant magnets inside. This experiment is in everyway expressive of the Jupiter in Aquarius energy and it both fascinates and terrifies me. Those who have read Angels and Demons by Dan Brown may also share that view! As an interesting aside, Dolly the Sheep was born under Jupiter in Aquarius.

At 12:00 noon on January 20th Barack Obama will become the 44th President of the United States. His election run seemed to epitomise the struggle between the current Saturn – Uranus opposition. With Uranus ruling Aquarius, Jupiter stepping into the field is a wonderful symbolic representation of faith in the new being favoured, especially as Saturn is currently retrograde. The internal mutterings on the more conservative voice may become more vocal again once he turns direct in May.

The day before inauguration sees the Sun also stepping into Aquarius and on the 26th January there is a solar eclipse at 6.29 degrees of Aquarius. Jupiter is there along for the ride in conjunction to the eclipse so it’s message is further emphasised. More on the solar eclipse nearer the time.

Perhaps the message is this…when we put faith in ourselves as a human race then what was once hidden can now become visible. Maybe we can see new solutions to old problems? I can only hope so.

Jupiter’s entry into Aquarius occurs in my 6th house. In the past few days I have been making lists and planning what I’m going to be writing for this site during the year ahead with daily actions to complete goals. As astrology comes under the domain of Aquarius, this is certainly a productive time for me and I have been thinking a lot about how to expand my work. In two days time Jupiter will make an exact square to my Sun so the feeling of needing to act to pursue my life path has been a growing frustration. Jupiter quietly suggests I need a little faith in myself sometimes too!

Here are some suggestions of things you could do to tap into the Jupiter in Aquarius energy

Study astrology!
Join or support an humanitarian cause
Learn to speak another language
Expand your circle of friends and acquaintances
Throw a party for your long-term friends – celebrate!
Go somewhere you’ve never been before – take a camera. It doesn’t matter if it’s a town 10 miles away or an island in the Indian ocean. Find the explorer in you.
Explore a new faith, religion or spiritual path.
Take a balloon ride, get a different perspective.

Fingers crossed that we tap into this abundant progressive energy and start to create a new future for ourselves.