Full Moon and The Mystic Rectangle

The Full Moon at 3.26am this morning (GMT) completed an aspect configuration called a Mystic Rectangle. The Moon and Sun were at 21 degrees of Cancer and Capricorn respectively, Saturn is at 21 degrees Virgo and Uranus (always the outsider!) is at 19 degrees Pisces. These two pairs of oppositions connected by two trines and two sextiles form a Mystic Rectangle.

Currently there is a cosmic battle between old and new. Will the hero stay tied to his mothers apron strings or strike out alone on his quest? It is a time to face our fears, embrace our uniqueness and acknowledge that change is happening in every moment. Nothing stays the same, however hard we work to keep things the way they were – keep things safe.

This Mystic Rectangle occurs in Earth and Water, both feminine polarities that take us on an inward journey.

To me the Full Moon ‘sheds light on’ our basic instinctive nature. It brings to the surface our emotions and insecurities. Full Moon in Cancer is one of the most sensitive Moons of the year and right now as the moon is perigee, everything is even bigger and brighter than normal. I’ve certainly felt incredibly emotional for the past day or so with my mood flipping from joy to despair and back again in the blink of an eye. I’ve cried even more easily than usual!

Cancer Full Moon asks you to nurture yourself as well as others. You need to tend to the inner hearth-fire. What gives you comfort? What gives you security? What is/was your relationship like with your Mother? These are the questions to ponder during this Moon.

Known as Wolf moon, you are drawn deeper into the night, perhaps moved out of your comfort zone to test your limits and encourage you to explore the further reaches of your instinctive self. Sometimes you need to go away from home to understand what home means to you.

Wolf trots ahead in the dark forest through the snow and you follow his tracks. Each time he looks back to check you are still there, the Moon glints in his eyes. This is the night to howl at the Moon if you have experienced loss, to cry, to release. In order to see the wood from the trees you need to understand the forest. Wolf will show you the way if you let him.

The trine between the Moon and Uranus says at this time you can appreciate the lone wolf. The unusual can suddenly seem the norm, the unexpected is welcomed. The sextile between the Moon and Saturn gives us the opportunity to re-examine our defences and our fears and can also help us to hold our ground when we feel threatened. The flowing trine between the Sun and Saturn illuminates our fears and shows how we can master them. It shows how we can accept responsibility. The sextile between the Sun and Uranus suggests we are given the opportunity to embrace change. Flashes of inspiration show us the way. New solutions come to light. My instinctive feeling is on a mundane level, the gifts of this Mystic Rectangle may not be made manifest until later in the year when Saturn turns direct. This is coupled with Mercury becoming stationary today as he turns retrograde: a time for us to turn our thoughts inward and spend some time in deliberation.

The Sabian Symbols associated with this Full Moon are : –

A Young Woman Awaiting A Sailboat Moon

By Accepting Defeat Gracefully, A General Reveals Nobility Of Character

Therefore an underlying theme of this Moon is that we need to look at our expectations and our nobility. Are our expectations realistic or too high? Are we endlessly waiting for our ships to come in? Patience can be a virtue or it can be simple procrastination. Can we admit when we are wrong in order to put things right? Can we give way with grace?

In the midst of the the Mystic Rectangle lies another pattern called a Yod. This is formed by the Moon and Saturn and Neptune. Chiron sits nearby technically in conjunction with Neptune although this aspect won’t be exact until February 2010. Also known as The Finger of God, the Yod points to a resolution of stressful energy. In this instance the loving warmth of the Moon in Cancer combined with the practical care of Saturn in Virgo shows us how we can learn to care for all humanity and recognise the connection between each soul on earth. With Chiron so close to Neptune we are gradually starting to see the deep soul wounds we have inflicted upon each other in our endless squabbling over money, land and religion. Chiron reminds us that we are all wounded on some level.

Mercury is stationary on the Sabian degree : –

Beautifully Gowned Wax Figures On Display

My immediate visual association with this image is Madame Tussauds in London. Characters appear real yet they are not real. This connects to Neptune who asks us to identify what is real and what is illusion. Our differences are our connection to each other. We are millions of unique souls who are paradoxically one.

This morning I dreamed I was riding on a large bus. We were going through the countryside in another country towards a town. To the left of us is open countryside. To the right below us is a country road. Something happens and the bus stops. I am looking down and see that suddenly water has flooded the road below. I watch police rescue a child and an older woman. I’m horrified to see what’s happening. Then all the water is gone and I realise how quickly it was moving. I get out the bus and I see ravens flying over. I’m saying to someone how they represent death. Then I notice that apart from a couple of ravens, all the others are doves – millions of them flying and floating through the air. They look beautiful and I’m saying “look, they are doves and they represent peace”. I am with a close female friend in the dream but not someone I know in waking life. We look up into the sky ahead and see it boiling with clouds from a nuclear bomb. We join hands standing face to face and I kiss her gently knowing we are going to die. The blast melts our hands together making us one. In my last few moments I see others who have done what we have and they are circles of melted bodies floating in the sky. It is grisly but beautiful.

Chiron is currently sitting on the Sabian symbol :-

A Large White Dove Bearing A Message

I can honestly say I had no idea that Chiron was on this degree so I felt a flood of connection as I read this today. My dream emphasised qualities of Neptune with the flood and the compassion and the joining of hands with another. I also cannot help but to note that the circle is represented by the World card in the Tarot – number 21. The Sun, Moon and Saturn all sat at 21 degrees of their respective signs at the moment the Sun-Moon opposition became exact.

Sometimes through great opposition comes great unity. Our personal wounds lead to compassion for others. Our compassion leads us to realise that we are all connected under a starry sky and that peace is a choice we can all make.