A Visualization to Remember Your Dreams


It is best if you can read this meditation onto a tape or perhaps have a friend read it for you as you visualize. Read in a slow, calm voice and leave enough space for observation. Alternatively you could read through the visualization several times and do it from memory. It is handy to have a notebook and pen beside you so that afterwards you can immediately note down any thoughts or impressions you had during your journey.

If you have not done this kind of visualization before, think of it as a guided daydream. Follow the words and try to imagine the scene. Sometimes you will clearly see places or figures in your mind and sometimes your attention might wander. Don’t worry about this – just bring your attention back to the visualization. If you must break your visualization, just take a moment to imagine you are back at the garden gate and close it firmly behind you.

Sit or lie down and make yourself comfortable. Make sure that you feel warm enough and that you will not be disturbed for the next 15 minutes.

Become aware of your breathing… Focus on your breath… You feel calm and relaxed… As you focus on your breathing allow your mind to become still. As you become more aware of your breath, allow yourself to breathe deeper. Take a long slow deep breathe and let it out gently…You are calm and relaxed and safe…Your breathing is relaxed and calm. Your mind is calm. Calm and relaxed.

Become aware of your feet. Be aware of your feet and the ground beneath. Imagine that you are a tree and the roots of the tree grow through the soles of your feet…deep…deep…into the Earth. Feel the earth energy rising through the roots…through the bottom of your feet…through your calves…through your thighs…through your pelvis…through your stomach…through your chest…up to your shoulders. From each shoulder imagine branches growing. There are green leaves and new shoots on the branches. All is given energy from the Earth beneath your feet. You feel perfectly balanced and energised.

*Pause for 1 minute*

Imagine you are walking around a walled garden. The wall is taller than you so that you cannot see over it. Eventually you come across a gate leading into the garden. There is a number on the gate, which you will remember. You push open the gate and walk into the garden…You feel safe and relaxed in this place. The garden is a beautiful place full of colour and scent. You can hear birds singing in the trees and feel the crunch of the pebbled path beneath your feet. This garden is waiting to be explored but today you need to find your way to the well. Your feet seem to know their way along the path and soon you find yourself approaching the well.

Beside the well stand a Guardian. This Guardian may appear as an animal, human or otherworldly being. You feel safe with this Guardian and know that it is there to help and protect you.

You peer over to look into the well and see that there is a spiral staircase leading downwards. Knowing that you are protected and safe you begin to climb down the stairway. From below you can hear the trickling of water and light is coming from somewhere. The staircase leads you down to an underground cave and stream. Follow the stream until you reach the opening of the cave.

As you look out from the cave you are awed by the sight of the most beautiful beach and bluest sea you have ever seen. This is the Sea of Dreams. This is the source of every dream you have ever had or will have. Notice how you feel as you stand in this place. Now slowly walk down to the edge of the water. Stop wherever you feel comfortable and gaze at the sea. Know that you will never forget this place exists. This is the source of all your inspiration and the answer to every question you have lies here. Visualize yourself saying to the Sea of Dreams

I remember my dreams

I remember my dreams

I remember my dreams

Stay with this thought for a few moments then release it to the sea.


The tide is now coming in and the sea offers you a gift at your feet in return for your promise. Pick up the gift and examine in closely. What does it look like? How does it feel? Thank the sea for your gift.


Now it is time to return home. You come back to the cave and follow the stream to the spiral staircase. Make your way up the staircase to the top of the well. The Guardian will be waiting for you. Thank the Guardian then bid them farewell. Turn and make your way back to the garden gate. Once you have passed through the gate, close it firmly behind you.

Now bring your awareness back to your body and the room you are in. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Let yourself come gently back to this reality. When you are ready, open your eyes.

* * *

Afterwards: note down the number that was on the gate. Think about what this number means. Describe the garden. What did you see, hear, feel, touch or taste? What did the Guardian of the Well look like? How did you feel as you looked into the well? What gift did the Sea of Dreams give you? What do you think this means? Write down any thoughts and impressions in your notebook. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments box.

2 thoughts on “A Visualization to Remember Your Dreams”

  1. Thanks for this Leah, it has been so long since I did a guided meditation like this – I really enjoyed it.

    As soon as I got to the underground cave and stream I knew that the beach and ocean would be there before I read it – all very vivid.

    (I look forward to remembering my dreams.)

    Thanks again! 🙂

  2. Leah Whitehorse

    Hi Susannah
    Glad you enjoyed it. I wrote this a few years ago when I ran a spirituality group and it always used to evoke some interesting experiences.

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