The Lace-Maker’s Daughter


As Saturn finally stations and turns direct, I thought it was time (how Saturn of me) to reflect on my personal relationship with Saturn as he’s been journeying through my second house.

Whilst Venus dances cheek to cheek with my MC (occasionally bordering on pole dancing to get my attention), Saturn’s steely gaze watches from only three degrees away. I adore my Venus, she loves to sing, loves to be in beautiful places, loves to play music and just loves to love. Her goal is a world where everything is in harmony and life is a great choir singing along to the music of the spheres.

“Love makes the world go round you know” says Venus as she wiggles cheekily at Saturn.

He doesn’t bat an eyelid.

It’s true, I’ve cowered under that gaze and Venus has covered herself up and sulked moodily in the corner keeping all the best for herself. She likes to have things her way, loves the sheer up-rushing of life. Whilst not completely at home in Aries, she does try and initiate things when she can and whilst occassionally she can burn herself out, bless her, she keeps trying.

Saturn hovers and lets out a sigh that makes me shiver. There’s goose-bumps on my skin and an ache in my hip.

“Tick, tock” is all his says and taps his ever-present watch.

I have loud ticking clocks in most rooms in my house. I find the sound intensely comforting. I have a grandmother clock which was passed down through the family. A country squire gave it to my great-grandfather and eventually it hung on my grandmothers wall for many years. I used to love it when she said to me that it was time to wind the clock. The tiny metal key was like something from a fairy tale.

“13 and a half turns, no more or less” was my Grandmother’s repeated instruction.

I would turn the key, feel the spring growing tighter and finally I would nudge the pendulum back to life. The soft yet solid sound of the passing of time would begin again.

Time, its passing and its meaning has always haunted me. Perhaps it’s because not only does Saturn conjunct the MC and Venus in my chart but also the North Node as well. Time and destiny all rolled into one.

He gets impatient sometimes does my Saturn. Like Venus, he also struggles to live with the Aries energy and being old, occasionally he topples and falls over. With him goes my confidence and my patience. I’m tempted to use that old walking stick to beat myself around the head as I’ve done on many occassions, especially when I was younger. When I did that though, poor Venus got so  upset she couldn’t sing anymore.

Saturn is currently in my second house. I won’t go into what happened when he crossed my Ascendant a few years back: let’s just leave it at that he decided to take me on a not so merry trip to hell. Natal Saturn found everything his 9th house had ever taught him came crashing down.

Whilst his brother in the sky slogged through my first house, natal Saturn made various attempts to get up and get going again, tried to sort through the rubble of belief and meaning until he had enough pieces to start building a home again. Venus couldn’t help much. Her beautiful world had collapsed around her and everything that had any meaning for the future was gone. Perhaps it was then that Saturn reminded her of their natal embrace. He said

“If you love, then be constant in your love, master your love, be patient in your love, love responsibly. You have the ability to respond with love” and Venus listened and learned to keep her flame alight – not an easy thing in Aries.

Transitting Saturn sat knocking on the door of the second house and I in turn started to feel his presence. It was time to take things seriously. I decided to fulfil a long time ambition which was to study with the Faculty of Astrological Studies and commit myself to becoming a professional astrologer. Whilst I’ve studied for around 20 years alone, Saturn said it was time to get down to business, find a teacher and master the art. It was time to take my abilities seriously.

So as sky Saturn shuffled into the 2nd house, natal Venus turned to watch him. Whilst she isn’t the ruler of that house in my chart, she does of course take an interest in all things of value.

She likes to have enough to buy pretty things (well in her 9th house case that’s books to you and me). Transiting Saturn smiled a wry smile as within days of entering my second house I watched my income fall as my tax credits stopped. Venus stuck her tongue out at him.

“You can stand on your own two feet now” he said and I caught the glimpse of a smile.

Saturn’s transit of the second house is often full of horror stories of financial loss and this certainly concerned my Taurus Sun who likes stability but really this isn’t the case. To me it’s about challenging the fears that keep you from recognizing the inherent gifts within – the value that you can offer the world. Self-worth needs to come from a strong foundation and Saturn shows you how to build this so that the castle will also stand strong in the future. As he plodded his way through, I did find myself questioning my abilities, my strengths and weaknesses and what I had to give to the world. My natal Saturn had inclined me to build a life upon dreams (literally in the 9th house!) and now it was time to bring them into reality – make my dreams manifest.

Pluto and Uranus also sit in my 2nd house natally so as Saturn shook hands with Pluto I felt a deep need to let go of those things that hold me back; to become less self-limiting and discover my own power. I also felt a strong need to submit to divine will (Pluto) which is not always an easy thing to do! Saturn and Pluto both like the dark, they know how to be comfortable with it. In their meeting, I overheard them whisper about how I too needed to be comfortable with my own darkness. Darkness once known becomes light.

Saturn turned retrograde before he met Uranus and as he made an exact conjunction to Pluto for the second time he brought something back into my life which I thought was lost. The loneliness of Saturn’s journey through the first house began to wain. I began to feel that my journey through ‘hell’ that had begun with Saturn crossing my Ascendant was coming to an end. Personal barriers and boundaries were re-marked giving me more room to breathe. In the meantime however, Saturn’s retrograde motion brought about a certain melancholy which sometimes degraded into questioning my worth, feeling worthless, wondering if I was ‘worthy’. And all the time transitting Saturn quietly reminded me that in Virgo he was asking me to be of service, to let go of my fears and see where I can serve others. It was during these first few weeks of retrograde motion that I took my second income loss but this time it was a chosen loss. I realised I valued time over money and that as long as I can keep a roof over my head it was more important to work less in order to dedicate myself to my studies. In Virgo, Saturn was reminding me of the responsibility of being an apprentice.

Saturn in the second will strip away those things that you thought were important – especially on a material level if you have more to offer in other ways. He’s not interested in keeping the status quo. Saturn brings you discipline and the ability to dedicate yourself quietly and humbly. His job in the second house is to teach you to find your true self worth and Venus reminds me that in many ways it’s about sowing the seeds of self love in order that you can give the flowers (or food – I am a Taurus you know!) to others in the future.

Talking of Venus, she’s finding things a bit tough at the moment as transitting Saturn creates a quincunx to her. She wants to burst open into a riot of colour and express her love but Saturn says now is not the right time. She must wait, be patient, sing quietly under her breath and shine that love inwards as well as outwards. There’ll be time enough in the future for her to play, right now Saturn says I must work harder – harder than I ever have done before because by the end of his journey in the 2nd house, I will have built a solid foundation for future endeavours: brought my dreams into reality.

Saturn stationed on the 14th degree of Virgo which in Sabian symbolism is

A Fine Lace Handkerchief, Heirloom From Valorous Ancestors

Lace-making is an intricate art, one that was once passed down as a trade from Grandmother to daughter to grand-daughter. My grandmother wanted me to write and used to tell me stories. Perhaps it is through her that I learned to weave words. The turning of the key in the clock was one story that would remain forever in my mind. My Grandmother knew about time, knew about spirits and sensed when death was coming. She gave me a gift of knowing.

Saturn’s transit of the second house will dig deep inside of you to find your inherent gifts and true worth, the talents you were born with and the resources you have which will sustain you. Sometimes it feels like the mountain is impossibly high and that I’m running out of time. It’s then that I find myself looking deep into those ancient eyes of Saturn and know that behind that stern expression is true wisdom.

“Put your foot there” he says kindly, and he holds out his hand to steady me as I move onwards and upwards. I know there’s more to come as Saturn will soon meet my natal Pluto for the last time then move on to speak with Uranus. But right now he wants me to marvel at his intricate weaving of time and reflect that dedication in my own art. Sometimes he has been the Devil in disguise but these days I notice Venus will occasionally smile sweetly at him as if she has started to love him for who he truly is. I think she’s realised that love is a ‘doing’ word. Beauty reveals the beast but the beast also reveals true beauty.

6 thoughts on “The Lace-Maker’s Daughter”

  1. Hello Leah,

    You wrote about the stars the way it should be written – as creatures with lives of their own which are somehow interconnected with the fabric of fate – our fate. The sky is alive, and we stardust remain connected to it.

    I once received advice on ways to counter the effects of Saturn. This is according to Vedic Astrology and I would like to share them here.

    Saturn is associated with the color black, and Saturdays. A ritual to appease the effects of Satirn is to burn a black object by the seaside and let the waves take it out to sea. Using an ornate tray as a raft and leaves to line it, you can imagine that this can be a very beautiful and moving act.

    For stronger effect, I was advised to donate a black object to a poor family. A colleague from India suggested a buffalo. Acording to him, to a poor family in India, having one buffalo and not having any at all can make a huge difference in living. Buffalo milk can be sold on a daily basis, which can subsidize the cost of living for the family.

    I was told that the bigger the object, the better the effect. the thought of donating an elephant did cross my mind.

    Saturdays I was told, should be spend inactively, meditating on Saturn.

    Hope these help.

  2. Leah Whitehorse

    Hi Firedancer,
    Thanks for your reply and suggestions of rituals. Lol – yes and elephant would be good! I was born on a Saturday so perhaps through that too also connected to saturnian energy. It is fitting then that I spent most of yesterday in the meditative act of writing this piece. The ritual of sending negativity away via the sea is indeed a beautiful one.

  3. Leah Whitehorse

    Thanks Alexander. You’re very welcome. I’ve added you to my links as well and I encourage my visiters to read your book too x

  4. Leah, I really enjoy your writing and the way you weave stories while still telling something important.

    In the last paragraph, where you wrote “Put your foot there” he says kindly, and he holds out his hand to steady me as I move onwards and upwards. – That is such a beautiful expression of recognising and working with Saturns energy.

    And I love. . . these days I notice Venus will occasionally smile sweetly at him as if she has started to love him for who he truly is. I think she’s realised that love is a ‘doing’ word. Beauty reveals the beast but the beast also reveals true beauty. – Wonderful!

    So sensitively written and a joy to read.

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