Jupiter Conjunct Uranus – The Prism

Jupiter and Uranus are currently dancing together in the skies. Around 2am tomorrow morning (UK time)  they join up for the second time in this cycle with a conjunction at 28PIS42.

The cycle began back in June with the first conjunction occuring at the feisty Aries point and will end with a final conjunction at 27PIS02 on the 4th January 2011. This beginning and end is of course far more subtle than this as the energy eases in and out of orb but I always feel it is important to note the dates when the exact aspect takes place and the energy is at its strongest.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion. He is known as the Great Benefic. In Vedic astrology he is called ‘Guru’. Where he is situated in the birth chart shows where we find joy and meaning and where we seek to develop our understanding.

Uranus is the Awakener, the quirky planet who spins on his back has the power to shock us into a new vision, tingle our nerves with flashes of inspiration and shatter our illusions. In the birth chart he shows where we need to express our uniqueness and savour independence.

Put Jupiter and  Uranus to work together and we are likely to get big awakenings, shocking understanding, new meaning, paradigm shifts, conscience change, enthusiastic innovation, meaning in individuality, wisdom and sudden awareness, problem solving technology and lucky breaks.

Or we could get the arrogant breaking of rules, religious radicalism, legal irresponsibility, inflation of feelings of alienation, sudden changes of fortune, downright stubborn dogma and exaggerated promises of a brave new world.

Where these possible manifestations will occur are indicated by which house the conjunction takes place in and also any aspects it makes to natal planets and angles.

The conjunction occurs on the Sabian Symbol:-


Light Breaking Into Many Colors As It Passes Through A Prism

 I love this symbol because it seems to contain many layers of meaning. It immediately made me think of a rainbow which is interesting seeing as the tarot card which corresponds to this position in the zodiac is the 10 of cups which often depicts a rainbow over a happy scene.

Pondering further, the image of the prism cast me back to science lessons at school. I was an arty child never much interested in how combustion engines worked or why certain chemicals explode when you mix them. Beyond sprinkling iron filings into a flame (oooh pretty!), my interest in science was sorely limited (unless of course the teacher said something about planets and space and then my ears pricked up!).

But the demonstration that pure light was infact composed of many different colours fascinated me. Ok, so yes it was another ‘pretty’ experiment but it went deeper than that. It showed me that things are not always as they seem, that there is another world layered beneath the everyday and that rainbows were hidden everywhere. Where there is light, there is hope…

So the prism in this sabian symbol reminds us that we sometimes need to take an analytical look in order to see what is truly there. In order for us to see the full spectrum of colours, we need to place the lens at just the right angle. In other words, to gain the full potential of this Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, we need to analyse how we look at things, come at it from the right angle. If our vision isn’t clear then we are unlikely to witness the full spectrum of energy available to us. The cosmos is reminding us that everything we see *was once just a dream in somebody’s head* (see note at end). We are called to explore what our dreams truly are. We must dive deep into the unconscious and clearly see what is there. The rainbow is used as both a symbol of hope and peace. We need to make peace with our inner light, find hope within.

Jupiter is the old ruler of Pisces and is therefore connected to dreams and visions. Uranus is The Awakener. Take note of your dreams during this period because they may have great significance. Have a paper and pen at the ready by your bedside ready to record your nightly adventures. They may help you to dicipher how this energy is working specifically for you.

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones said of this symbol:-

“This is the symbol of the world’s stability and of the refusal of nature to change any aspect of herself unnecessarily”

Let your individuality shine. Accept who you truly are. You are a perfect soul with a unique connection to everyone else. What necessary changes do you need to make in order to be truly yourself in this world? What inside you brings stability and an unbending sense of self?

Let these two planets take you on a new journey, an inward journey of discovery where blessings are found. There is an abundance of ideas within each and every one of us and these ideas can eventually have an impact on the world at large. Renew your vision, change your stance and you may just find you have discovered the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…

Prism photo by sburke2478 on Flickr

*Whilst writing this article I found myself singing Peter Gabriel’s ‘Mercy Street’. This line is taken directly from it. Something about both the lyrics and the video seemed to capture the essence of this conjunction for me so here’s the video…enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Jupiter Conjunct Uranus – The Prism”

  1. Hi

    I was born on 20 march 71 at 1.55am in London. My sun is pisces 29 degrees and both my moon and ascendant are sagg. How will this conjunction most likely affect me?

  2. Hi Sara
    Thanks for your question. Looking at your chart I see that this big conjunction is conjunct your Sun which is located in the 4th house (equal house). This means that you have the opportunity to feel this energy very personally. Possible manifestations of Jupiter-Uranus conjunct Sun is feeling like you just woke up from a long sleep, a sudden awakening to who you really are and who you want to be (Jupiter has a long range eye on the future). Your Sun rules your 9th house so it may be that you want to express your new found ideas by travelling overseas or studying or simply by feeling stronger about who you are and what you believe in. Sometimes with Jupiter and Uranus travelling through the 4th house, it can bring changes in where you live to support your new found world view. Uranus can make things feel a little chaotic but his energy is trying to free you from any restrictions that hold you back from being you.
    Generally this conjunction offers you an opportunity to broaden your vision and let your own unique individuality shine.

  3. Hey Leah thanks for that!
    You are right in that i am currently trying to completely change career and broaden horizon and redefine myself in the world. Am feeling very restless,bored and impatient and feel like i am just waiting for a huge bubble to burst. I keep getting that feeling that something is about to happen and i seem to be be waking up in the early hours with what seems like very clear insights into my life.

    Thanks for such a fab and informative website!

    Please let me know if you have any further info about what i can expect from this conjunction?


    Sara. xxx

  4. Hi Sara
    Glad it made sense to you. Just keep making a note of those intuitive flashes and take action when you feel the time is right.
    If you would like a full consultation, please feel free to check out my services page https://www.leahwhitehorse.com/

    Alternatively, you can get quite a lot of free info over at http://www.astro.com You just need to enter your birth details and register with the site (free) and you get some access to computerised reports. Whilst these don’t have the human touch, the interpretations are taken from well known astrology writers and are quite inciteful.
    With love and stars

  5. Gabriella Hunter

    Hi Leah,

    I was born April 9, 1980 at 12:00 (noon). My sun sign is aries, my moon sign is aquarius and my ascendant is leo. How will this conjunction most likely to affect me?

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