The Cosmic Speed Limit – Sun Conjunct Saturn

My grandmother told me ‘Time has no consequence’. These were her words several years after she had passed from this world. She was walking in light in my dream. Professor Stephen Hawkings says that there is a cosmic speed limit. The faster we go, the slower time moves so that we can never achieve the speed of light. Light and the concept of time are uniquely bound in the cosmos.

On Friday 1st October at 1.42am UK time, Old Father Time (Saturn) and light (The Sun) will be united in a conjunction. When the Sun makes a conjunction to one of the heavenly bodies, it’s like shining a torch on the planet concerned, casting the others (momentarily at least) into shadow. This year, Saturn is in Libra which asks us to:-

Formalise our relationships –
Give them new structures –
Break through fears in our relating –
Tear down the barriers to peace –
Recognise and adjust our boundaries between each other if necessary.

The Sun-Saturn conjunction will also be square to the nodal axis indicating that the energy of this conjunction challenges us to push forward using the best of what we have learned in the past. Our own karmic lessons may be heightened now through personal relationships as Saturn and the Sun blend their energy, drawing attention to the fears that hold us back from being truly who we are. The Sun shines a light on where we limit ourselves and also shows the limits we must abide by. Subtly there is a reminder that ‘Time waits for no man’ and that time will pass regardless of what we do. Our time on earth to shine is limited.

But Saturn’s energy is necessary for without him we would not have structure. Saturn gives form. Blended with the Sun, it’s where our inner authority meets outer authority. It represents self discipline, stability of self expression, the hard working hero, patience and perseverence and personal responsibility. Saturn in the natal chart shows both what you fear and what you can master. The Sun highlighting Saturn in Libra tells us that our relationships need work. We can either fall into self-doubt and hide behind our inhibitions or we can release our inner doubts so that we are free to build a bridge to the other.

Slow - Stop Ahead

Transiting Saturn has just entered my 3rd house – the house of communication, language, thinking, learning and information. My natal Saturn (and my Sun) are in the 9th house – the house of visionary language, dreams, philosophy and the house of God. The manifestation of this conjunction for me personally is interesting. The person I am closest to has just begun to follow a new religious path. This challenges my thinking as he now follows a structured patriarchal religion whereas my own faith stems from a Pagan matriacharcal faith. We have been in deep spiritual discussion recently, each of us expressing our point of view. Saturn could make me fearful of this process, yet I choose to embrace it. What is important is for us to find the common unity between us. I recognise that between us we can balance the scales. Each learning from the other as Father Sky and Mother Earth. We have talked of cities of light, life after death, creation and the end of time – each conversation naturally unfolding in an endless ripple of exploration. For me the Sun-Saturn conjunction is asking ‘what do you really think?’ (3rd house). Perhaps my beliefs will change during this time, or perhaps they will become stronger through being challenged by another. I must begin to master my mind – perhaps in order to express my natal Saturn.

For you it may be different. Look to the house which Saturn is transiting and the opposite house (the opposition is an expression of Libran energy). Is the conjunction making any aspects to planets in your chart? These aspects may highlight the issues in your relationships that you currently need to work with. Where is your natal Saturn? What fears do you contend with? How do you limit yourself? How might this manifest in relationships?

The conjunction takes place on the Sabian Symbol Libra 8

A Blazing Fireplace In A Deserted Home

There is a paradox in this image. If the home is deserted, who sees or tends to the fire? To me this image says that even when we feel empty and devoid of life, our inner spirit is there ready to warm us, to sustain us. It is the eternal flame. In the flames we cannot help but see visions of the future, the vestiges of hope. The fire is the centre of the home, waiting to welcome those that return from the cold. However far I roam from myself, the fire awaits. It brings illumination.

The Sun conjunct Saturn in Libra reminds us that the fire needs to be nourished but also controlled. We cannot let it burn the house down. Likewise, whilst we may burn with inner passion for another, we cannot allow ourselves to be consumed by it. During this conjunction we must tend to our own inner fire in order to make space for each other and ourselves.

When I sit with the one I love, I feel the nourishing warmth of his spirit and through it a sense of connection to the vast eternity of space. My own fire burns bright in response, twin flames caught in a moment in time. Our words roam from religion to religion, from concepts to philosophy, testing our thoughts and hearts, testing the limits of our knowledge and belief. Daylight fades and time has no consequence.