Venus Retrograde Link Love

If you didn’t already know, Venus has really got our attention at the moment by turning retrograde. Deep in seductive mode, Venus descends into the underworld to marry and then be sacrificed by the Sun and to be reborn as a warrior queen and the morning star. Astrologers across the web are blogging about our beautiful lady and I thought I would share some of the best there is to offer in cyber space.

Lynn Koiner has written an excellent exploration of how Venus retrograde may manifest and includes a list of personal experiences dating back to other retrograde cycles.
Venus Retrograde for 2010: How to Constructively Use the Venus Retrograde Period

Stephanie Gailing offers a succinct overview of this curent Venus retrograde and includes two ‘apothecary suggestions’ on how to work with the energy to promote inner love healing
Venus Retrograde

Lynda Hill offers a fantastic exploration of the sabian symbols triggered by retrograde Venus.
Retracing Our Steps Again: Venus Rx – The Prescription? Install New Connections

Boots Hart (DayKeeper Journal) looks back at the last Venus retrograde cycle in Aries in order to come to a fuller understanding of the currently retrograde in Scorpio
Venus Retrograde 2010

Jessica writes about the concept of inner beauty and connecting with what we truly value
Venus Retrograde – The Beauty Within

Rob Tillet over at Astrology on the Web offers a comprehensive article tying in the fixed stars and Venus retrograding through Scorpio back into Libra.
Venus Retrograde 2010


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