Mercury in Capricorn 2011

Mercury will move into Capricorn at 11.25am on the 13th January (UK time) and remain there until the 3rd February 2011.

This is the time of year to think seriously about where you are headed. Normally Mercury is flighty and worry free, in Capricorn however he comes down to earth with a bump, ensuring that we are being realistic when it comes to our plans and decisions.

Movement during this time may feel slow, the going tough. We may feel rudely jolted by every bump in the road yet somehow along the way we learn to be patient, to drive a little slower so that the bumps aren’t quite so jarring.

During this time it is good to just get your head down and work, stick to your schedule and concentrate on the task at hand. Mental discipline is a benefit of this transit. This is a perfect time towards becoming an authority on a subject dear to your heart and psychologically getting in touch which your own inner authority.

Listen to the critical voice within and ask where does this really come from? As a child we receive all kinds of messages about what we should and shouldn’t do, what is acceptable and what isn’t. These voices of important childhood figures tend to become internalised.  The original purpose of this is for us to be able to reflect on our behaviour, adapt our responses so that we are able to act in a way that doesn’t bring disapproval from our parents or caregivers – the authority outside. Unfortunately if the guidance we receive is abusive or brings shame, the inner voice can become separated from the ego and seemingly take on a child-like life of it’s own. It badgers, berates and tries to ‘teach us a lesson’. Our own inner authority becomes drowned out by the screaming voice of a hurt child desperate to be good enough.

Mercury in Capricorn offers us the opportunity to reconnect with the part of us that knows what is best for us. It puts the mind to work and encourages us to walk the talk. You may be inclined to speak more slowly, favour serious discussion than gossip and generally adopt a more cautious attitude.