Mars in Aquarius – January 2011

Mars entered Aquarius at 15th January and will remain there until 1.06am 23rd February (UK times).

After the productive if slow-going phase of Capricorn, the energy lifts as Mars moves into Aquarius. Ice skates come to mind with this combination; hard metal drawing circles┬áin the┬áice, moving faster than normal. It’s slippy underfoot, your feet may not go in the direction you expect them too.

Mars governs how energy is channeled, passions, anger, fight or flight. In Aquarius, Mars is unpredictable and wild. Fast moving and free one moment, inflexibly stubborn the next. When Mars is in Aquarius it is good to remain open to change and expect surprises. Things may not go the way the way you think. People tend to be more aware of their individuality during this phase and protect their freedom fiercely. If you feel hemmed in, you may find yourself getting uncharacteristically angry.

During this time it can be productive to channel the energy into fighting for a cause close to your heart, working within a group (though watch for disagreements) and motivating yourself to complete unusual projects that show off your unique talents.

With Aquarius ruling the group, people may join together to defend their rights. Demonstrations or strikes are possible at this time. Mars in Aquarius can bring out a rebellious side and a desire to find a new way of doing things. The Capricorn conventions no longer appeal.

It is a time to protect each other’s space, give yourself room to move and room to breathe. Use the energy to walk up a hillside and see the view from above. Seeing the world from a different perspective, life can suddenly look very different.

Photo ‘on your toes’ by Siri B. L. on Flickr