Full Moon in Cancer – Secrets and Lies

The Full Moon takes place on the 19th January at 9.22pm (UK time). The Moon will be at 29CAN27 so we have another anaretic full Moon like the one we had in October, November and December last year.

The Moon is quincunx to the Neptune-Chiron conjunction in Aquarius and quincunx the North Node. A wide yod is formed with Pluto – the finger of God points to the Moon. There is a sense that en masse we need to adjust our position in order to get to where we are going. The vision of the homeland (the trine to Jupiter-Uranus) is there but something is hindering our progress.

The Sun is energised by a conjunction to Mars. As this is Full Moon, Mars therefore sits opposite to the Moon bringing a restless energy, moodiness, even anger if it is not channelled. Emotions can be volatile or overly sensitive. Over-defensiveness can be a problem.

The Sabian Symbols of the Sun and Moon are interesting:-

Sabian Moon
A Daughter of The American Revolution

Sabian Sun

A Secret Meeting Of Men Responsible For Executive Decisions In World Affairs

I notice that each symbol matches the polarity of the planet concerned – the Moon and the daughter, the Sun and the ‘responsible men’. On one hand the daughter is emancipated by her forefathers, living in the free state of America, liberated from the rulership of a far country. The daughter inherits the blessings and the curse of what came before.

When I think of America these days, I think of a nation that pulls together in times of trouble, of people who support and motivate those who have a dream or vision to succeed. But America has also become something like a symbol of the West and with the West as a whole there a sense of misuse of power, secrecy behind walls, the hidden meetings of faceless people with more money than we can comprehend, an unknown agenda, who pulls the levers of political machines with far-reaching consequences.

To me the daughter is the masses, those of us who try to live a good life, who are thankful for what we have and try to make things better for ourselves and others. In a free country we can express our opinions, lobby for change, complain and the law protects us…And yet I feel that whatever we do, those in the secret rooms seek to subvert and control.

VarunaThe Moon is also conjunct asteroid Varuna. Named after an ancient Hindu God, Varuna, rules the waters of the sky and the oceans. In other tales he catches liars as the stars act as a thousand eyes watching over all actions of humankind. Perhaps the lies of those who seek power for it’s own sake may be brought to light.

As I write this post, people’s homes lie destroyed by floods in Australia, Brazil and Sri Lanka. It is a devastating site to witness. In these modern times where we have global internet and television (Uranus and Jupiter) the impact of the floods are brought directly to mass awareness (in Pisces). Often I have noticed that when Jupiter leaves a house or a sign, he seems seems to do so with a final grand flourish. In this case with both rulers of Pisces sitting at the beginning and end of the sign, it has manifested as these terrible floods.

With this Full Moon chart I get the feeling that we have gained great freedom but at great global cost. Perhaps too our ‘freedom’ is an illusion – what exactly have we been freed from? Much it seems was perhaps our own tyranny, prisons of our own making.

Watching the floods, the terrible stories of death and destruction, the heroic tales of rescue, I am reminded that when it comes down to it, nothing matters more than the spark of life. We cannot take for granted what we have. We must treasure every moment. Our ever expanding technology, the secret rooms of power are nothing compared to the mystery and might of nature.

Varuna picture courtesy of Wikipedia

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