Jupiter in Aries 2011

Pic73Jupiter enters Aries at 5.10pm (UK time), 22nd January 2011 and will remain there until 1.56pm 4th June  2011.

The Great Benefic increases our sense of adventure as it enters Aries. Jupiter is about  opportunity, luck, optimism, beliefs, faith, expansion and growth, meaning and long distance  travel. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the first fire sign and promotes self confidence, courage, motivation, ambition, action, energy and initiative. Already by simply looking at some  of the keywords for the planet and sign, we get a sense of what this cosmic tide is about.

As Jupiter moves into Aries we are lifted, buoyed up, enthusiastic about what is to come. Jupiter asks us to have faith in ourselves and to trust our impulses. There is a crusading vibe to this placement; the spiritual zeal of Jupiter is engaged in high gear in Aries. Tuning into this energy can bring you a vibrant urgency to get somewhere, to move forwards, to cross the barricades. There is a drive to speculate, to dance along the competitive edge, to take things on faith and try your luck.

Aries is a young sign, sometimes child-like, sometimes childish. Meditating on this mix makes me  think of hours in car as a child and the relentless ‘are we nearly there yet?’ that fell from my lips every 5 minutes. Jupiter in Aries is impatient. It knows that there is so much good in the  world, so much to learn and experience, places to see. It wants them all now and can’t contain the excitement! As a consequence, this combination gives us an excellent push to take a risk.  There is a caution to weigh up the consequences beforehand if at all possible. This heady placement can sometimes expand too far too fast and like an over inflated balloon, pop when you  least expect it. There’s a fine line between confidence and over-confidence.

But negatives aside, Jupiter traditionally brings us new opportunities. On a global level Jupiter is reminding us that each one of us is important. All of us have a unique understanding of the  world and therefore we each have something to offer. It’s time to trust ourselves and take the opportunities that are available to us. The universe rewards taking the lead, taking the initiative, being innovative. You only fail when you don’t try.

I’m looking forward to this transit. Jupiter is currently in my 8th house but will soon slip into  my 9th to join my stellium of planets there. Whilst grumpy old Saturn stalks my 3rd house,  Jupiter will I hope bring me moments of light relief. Having seen this configuration a year ago,  I knew that if ever there was a time to write it would be this year! Travel too is on my agenda  with another trip to Lisbon planned although not yet booked.

The house through which Jupiter is transiting shows you where opportunities are to be had. I believe we make our own luck the vast majority of the time but Jupiter helps you to be in the right place at the right time.

Think back 12 years ago. Jupiter would have been travelling through the same area of your chart.  What opportunities manifested then? What joyful things happened? This may give you a clue to the  current transit.

Unfortunately I can’t remember what happened to me during the last cycle of Jupiter to my 9th house. I have significant gaps in my memory which I can only attempt to fill through dream diaries. After realising this some years back, I now keep an extensive journal which is written everyday as well as my faithful recording of dreams.

But the cycle before that I remember. Back in the late 80’s I was studying for my English degree at college choosing to move as far away from home as I could get – rather apt for a Jupiter transit through the 9th!

I tend to think of Jupiter as the storyteller of the skies rather than Mercury. Jupiter has wisdom and experience to share. As the old ruler of Pisces he can build a dream. Some of you may remember Jackanory, an old TV programme that featured famous actors narrating stories for children. These tales served to enlighten us, gave us an understanding of archetypal  characters and stories which in turn played a part in our development.

Jupiter helps us to build our own story. In Aries he offers you experiences that will find their way into the pages of your autobiography. They are the high points in your tale, the things that got you through, the heroic  moments, the blessed chapters of life.

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  1. hi Leah
    im a leo ,aries rising and love Lisbon too
    you are amazing, Deus te abencoe continua com o bom trabalho.

  2. Leah Whitehorse

    Muito obrigada Emma 🙂 It is good to hear from someone who has fire in her heart and a love of Lisboa. Blessings x

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