New Moon in Aquarius – Tunnel Vision

The New Moon occurs at 2.30am (UK time) on the 3rd February 2011.

Last Full Moon, the Sabian focus explored the concepts of freedom, tyranny and government secrets played out behind hidden walls. Whilst writing the February Cosmic Tides, I noticed that this month would see a lot of Mars action.  I wrote – “I get a sense of unrest and unease. There’s an unpredictable edge.”

The terrible violence that has been happening in Egypt for the past week smacks of the previous Full Moon issues and temperatures are running high. The West has sanctioned the dictator for too long and finally only the people can stand up and say they have had enough. The country has now been cut off as the government panics and sees their power slipping. Without access to phones or the Internet, the Egyptian people are still fighting, demanding they are heard and being killed in cold blood.

The New Moon on the 3rd of February picks up the Martian restless theme and runs with it. The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is:-

A Train Entering A Tunnel

If I close my eyes and imagine I am seated on a train moving at high speed I notice as I enter the tunnel everything is suddenly sharper. My ears sense the change in pressure. Cut of from the rest of the world, all I can see, hear, sense and experience is the journey I am on. This Sabian Symbol speaks of intensifying energies. In archetypal symbolism it is connected to sexual intercourse and birth, both of which are supremely heightened experiences.

Train to KurandaThe New Moon is joined by Mars, energising and inflaming the already volatile air. A trine to Saturn from the triple Sun-Moon-Mars conjunction is a saving grace, giving the ability to constrain and conserve energies.

Mercury sextiles Jupiter and Uranus showing that there is an opportunity to keep the lines of communication open. As I write this, various messages are popping up on the Internet offering a way for the people of Egypt to stay connected. As Jupiter edges towards the square with Pluto later in the month, the issue of  ‘people power’ may well be on our lips.

Sometimes it is important to have razor sharp focus, for the mind to be utterly absorbed by what it needs to do. At the same time, tunnel vision also has its limitations. Aquarius prefers to have some space.

This New Moon will aid you if you need to tackle a project or situation in your own life. Perhaps there is something that you need to stand up for, fight for or defend. Or perhaps it simply requires an expenditure of energy. Look to the house in which the New Moon falls to see which area of life may need your attention but keep your foot on the brake pedal (Saturn)!

When a high speed train enters a tunnel, it can create a sonic boom at the other end if the shape of the train and the exit are not designed correctly in order to decrease the shock waves. Take care in your approach, visualize a positive end and put structures in place to ease your passage.

Train photo by RBerteig on Flick

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