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Whilst Mars blisters his way through my 7th house and Saturn is besieging my 9th house Aries stellium, a gentle Pisces Moon transit through my 8th today seemed to be the perfect opportunity¬†to curl up in the armchair and read the latest edition of The Mountain Astrologer. Of course said Moon also provided me with a drenching as I walked home from the weekly supermarket shop this morning under a deluge from the heavens without a hand free for an umbrella. The¬†cosmos is just giving me a full expression of the archetype I have chosen to indulge myself in today ūüôā

The Mountain Astrologer (or TMA as it’s affectionately known) began life as “an 8 page newsletter in late 1987…”. I came to it very late on in my astrological¬†studies, only a¬†few years ago in fact and now I feel like I need to purchase the entire back catalogue!

TMA is a magazine for practitioners of astrology, students and serious amateurs. Articles come from highly regarded astrologers across the globe and cover all aspects of astrology from theory, academic study, philosophy, business practice, evolving astrology, psychology and beyond. There is a great student section for those still learning as well a detailed analysis of up and coming astrology patterns, trends and aspects. The news section keeps us abreast of current topics, there is poetry for the soul and for light relief, a little humour. Advertising is strictly on topic.

What I love about TMA is that it constantly pushes my level of knowledge and understanding. The latest issue is a special edition exploring The Archetypal Roots of Astrology. Through astrologers such as Jodie Forrest, Dena DeCastro, Arielle Guttman and Glenn Perry, we are taken on a journey into the very foundations of astrology itself Рthe archetypes that live and breathe within and without.

Jodie Forrest eloquently plunges the depths of the water houses, Dena DeCastro explores how to¬†approach Pluto transits with clients, Arielle Guttman discusses a passion of mine – dreams and¬† astrology, Glenn Perry offers ‘The Emerging Field of Archetypal Cosmology” (which pretty much blew my mind and I definitely want to research further). These are just some of the dishes served¬†in a sumptuous astrological meal.

Astrology to me is a multifaceted discipline, a system of thought that crosses space and time, philosophy, religion, science and art. It is bound into the fabric of my being and stretches out¬†across the cosmos. The archetypes of the great stage play out and I hear them whispering,¬† shouting, calling, antagonising, challenging and greeting in the synchronicities that I perceive in life. It stretches my mind and intellect, puts me in touch with my soul and gives voice to things¬†that I can’t explain in any other way. This particular issue leaves me with so much food for thought that even Saturn currently transiting my third house has a gentle smile on his face.

The Mountain Astrologer is an apt title for the magazine as it strives to bring us to higher levels of understanding about the discipline we are so passionate about. It honours astrology as an evolving art and encourages us to develop new perspectives on our own practice. It keeps us abreast of current trends and important developments and actively engages us in a dialogue.

TMA has a huge back catalogue which you can search at their website. You can request a free issue if you would like to dip your toe in the water or you can subscribe to the 6 issues a year. Note that for those like myself in the UK, you can purchase the magazine from Midheaven Bookshop and The Wessex Astrologer. UK subscriptions are handled through Wessex Astrologer as they are the European distributor for TMA.

As so as the rain falls relentlessly outside, The current Pisces Moon directs me to my comfy chair and the latest Star Trek movie waiting to be watched. It is only fair that I continue to embrace the archetype of the day after all. In the meantime, I hope I have wet your appetite for TMA!

The Mountain Astrologer

The Wessex Astrologer

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