Full Moon February 2011 – An Unsealed Letter

The Full Moon occurs at 9.36am UK time on the 18th February 2011 at 29.20 degrees Leo. The Moon is conjunct fixed star Regulus, opposite the Chiron, Sun, Neptune, Mars, Mercury conjunctions, quincunx Uranus and sesquiquadrate Venus. Saturn and Venus are in a tight square. This is the last of the recent anaretic lunations.

The last New Moon seemed to signify an explosive build up of tension and intense focus. Since writing that post, the Egyptian protestors have won their battle, sending out a message of hope across the world. There are also significant ripples of discord in the Middle East as country by country, people begin to believe they may have the power to change things. This will be the last conjunction between the Sun and Neptune in Aquarius. Perhaps this is why there has been so much focus on the vision of the collective as Neptune prepares to move into Pisces.

The stellium of planets in Aquarius (not forgetting Chiron at the stellium edge in Pisces) puts the emphasis squarely in the lap of the group mind but things are not clear. With Neptune in the mix there could be lies, subterfuge and sleight of hand. A Sun-Neptune conjunction can be very seductive; someone that can cast a film star glamour so that we don’t quite see their true identity. Mars, Mercury and Neptune in conjunction may bring heated debates about ideals or even powerful seduction by the words of another.

The Moon’s aspects to Uranus and Venus suggests that we may need to step back from the crowd in order to get in touch with the inner self, to tap into our intuition and reconnect with what we truly value. The tight square between Venus and Saturn indicates restraint is needed. In our relationships we must remain grounded and not allow ourselves to be swayed by what we want to believe.

With the Moon in conjunction to kingly fixed star Regulus, there is an immediate association with powerful figures – kings, presidents leaders. As one leader (Mubarak) falls, another is called into question. The alleged scandalous philandering of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has also triggered protestors in their millions to group together in the streets calling for his resignation. It remains to be seen whether this leader with a dubious history at best, follows in the footsteps of Mubarak.

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon is :-
“An Unsealed Letter”

This is such an evocative symbol. There is a sense that secrets are coming to light, that what was once personal has now been made public. On a personal level there is a caution as to whom you share your personal life issues with. This isn’t in itself a bad thing. Marc Edmund Jones notes that the keyword for this Sabian is ‘confidence’. When we are truly confident of who we are, we tend to pick good friends who guard our confidential information and protect our backs. The Moon with Regulus (and in opposition to Neptune) however does also suggest that we must guard against false friends. This Full Moon is likely to bring our own secrets out into the open but this is necessary because secrets tend to weigh heavy on the heart.


4 thoughts on “Full Moon February 2011 – An Unsealed Letter”

  1. Hello. This FM on Regulus has me all in a tither wondering what it will bring. It hits on my Pluto (26 Leo) which also conjuncts my Jupiter (21 Leo) in my 7th house, which by the way opposes my 18 Aquarius Moon in the first. Now I am seeing a man who has this exact degree 29 Leo on his MC, he also has his Saturn in the 3rd 18 Aquarius, a wide orb I know but that also conjuncts exact my Moon. I feel as if this is the end. The unsealed letter is of interest, too..many old love letters from him, we rekindled our relationship after 25 years, which was so beautiful to begin but that was back at the August New Moon in Leo 2010, all good for many months but now he is hardly communicating… so many obstacles, distance is only one. Neptune worries me too in opposition to this FM which exactly trines mine in my 9th in Libra 29…any ideas, please?? Thank you Lua. A grateful Aries!

  2. Hi Shawn
    I’m sorry to hear things are currently difficult in your relationship.

    With the Full Moon occuring in your 7th conjunct Pluto the focus is on unearthing treasure within your intimate relationships (which may involve digging through the dirt first!). From what you say, you are looking for a little clarity – perhaps a challenge with this Full Moon. I would suggest that anything revealed at this time needs to be revealed but the meaning of it may not be clear until the next New Moon.

    With most of the planets currently in the eastern Hemisphere of your chart there is a need to remain grounded and focus on yourself.

    Mars is in opposition to natal Pluto which can cause considerable frustration and sometimes anger. Allow the influence to pass before acting on any feelings such as these as you may meet with a lot of resistance otherwise. Combined with Mercury it can produce ‘all or nothing’ thoughts. On the plus side, it offers you an enormous amount of energy at your disposal to do what you need to do!

    As you partner has Leo 29 MC, then the current Neptune transit to his IC can perhaps bring a sense of instability – a challenge between his personal and professional life. Sometimes the Neptune-IC conjunction can bring a sense of feeling quite lost. The strength of this transit comes in discovering there is more to life, discovering an inner faith previously unrecognised. The Full Moon conjunct the MC for him could bring these issues to the foreground.

    The Full Moon creates a sextile to your natal Neptune. With transitting Neptune already trining natal Neptune this may bring magical opportunities. I have a strong sense that if you don’t know what to do, stand still and listen to the universe. Neptune in the 9th suggests you have an affinity for symbolic language and spirit may speak to you through this language (in sychronicity for example). As I type I hear the words “Listen to the wind” repeatedly in my mind.

    I do hope things become clearer for you in the near future.

  3. Thank you Leah, for taking the time to write back and answer me. I have not heard a word since Valentine’s day from him. He lives abroad, has not answered any of my texts and besides that I am feeling kind of lost myself. Neptune and magical thinking, symbolism, all know it very well and a “message on the wind” is a good analogy of this..as I am also a psychic medium but as most will tell you, hard to tune in when we are involved emotionally ourselves! I will try, and wait and just see what Pluto throws up…meanwhile he is also coming into a Chiron return (his 4th house at 10 Pisces) and a Jupiter return (his 5th house at 9 Aries) and I know that FM on regulus and his MC would have to do something big.He has had a very traditional job for the past 20 years, so I just don’t think it is the job…maybe. By the end of this year I will be coming into my nodal returns of 10 Sag in the 11th…he is a Sag, 16 degrees. Heavens above! Thank you!!

  4. Hi Shawn
    You’re welcome. Glad it made some sense to you. Ah, so you are psychic medium – that explains my sense that that the universe/spirit will guide you. But oh yes I understand how hard it is when it’s such an emotional issues!
    Chiron return in the 4th plus Neptune conjunct IC – gosh a great deal of emphasis on his roots and foundations. I think at the Chiron return we are given the opportunity to recognise and heal deep rooted wounds.
    I’m sure that with your nodal return and help from spirit, you will be guided to the best possible for you. x

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