New Moon in Pisces – March 2011 – Grace

The New Moon in Pisces occured at 20:45 (Universal Time) on the 4th March.

With 6 planets in Pisces and 9 bodies in conjunction one after the other, this New Moon has an incredibly intense feel to it. I sense it under my skin. The dreaminess of this New Moon has left me feeling like I’ve been wrapped up in a warm blanket. My heart feels open. I feel loving and kind and like I can trust that things will be ok. It’s like someone whispering quietly in my ear the things I need to hear most.

And as with Pisces, time seems to have slipped away like toy boats on a stream. I find myself writing this post minutes before the New Moon is exact, aware that I should have written it earlier but I needed to unwind and relax, lose myself in music before coming back down to earth. My fingers tingle from the guitar strings. It comforts me.

I am watching the big players Uranus and Neptune about the change signs. The New Moon is like a cosmic blink where you shut your eyes momentarily and clearly see a picture flash behind your closed eyelids. It’s a snapshot in space and time.

The Sabian Symbol for thisย New Moon is :-

A Lady Wrapped In A Large Stole Of Fox Fur

This is a complex symbol. I recoil as I read it because I intensely dislike the use of fur in the fashion industry but I also must remember to place the context of the Sabian in the time it was written. The image conjures up stories of well-to-do folk dressed up for a night at the theatre. In times past (and perhaps in upper class circles now), certain items of clothing were seen as status symbols – a beacon to others of similar standing that you are ‘one of them’ and belong in that social circle.

Whilst today it isn’t (hopefully) a fox fur, advertising has worked its mysterious ways, glamourised us into the must have feature of the moment – an iphone, a kindle, an imac, an ipad. I’m sure those with teenagers may be feeling the pinch of peer pressure. Even though I am very resistant to advertising (rarely watching enough normal tv to ever know what the current advert is), even I found myself cooing over an ipad.

We like to be unique yet we want to belong. We want others to respect us and recognise us as equal. Somewhere along the line the messages got mixed up and we forgot that if just live authentically from the heart we will connect with others like us.

As Jupiter and Pluto draw away from the square, we are perhaps being asked to look closely at what we perceive as ‘rich’. Both Jupiter and Pluto are connected to wealth and the power that comes from it – the power that we have given it. The square between the two suggests the balance of power must shift, the wealth be redistributed.

But we know this don’t we? We know that 80% of the world’s wealth is owned by 20% of the world’s population. We know it and the tide is beginning to turn but it is a slow process much like the sea eroding the coastline.

And just touching the orb, Jupiter moves to oppose Saturn reminding us to structure our dreams. The New Moon captures the essence, whispers a bedtime story of what is to come. The Jupiter-Saturn opposition is like the push-pull of the tide, the in and out breath. The mermaids sing “Me or You” over and over. But the New Moon reminds us we are all one anyway.

It isn’t about giving up what you have (unless you want to), it isn’t about sacrificing yourself or another. It’s about absolute trust.

Because when we live authentically, when we let another truly see our soul, it doesn’t matter whether you are wearing Prada or Primarks. The beauty comes from the curve of your smile and the soft lilt of your voice. The bling comes from the twinkle in your eye.

It’s not about having nothing, it’s about having what is absolutely essential and fundamental to self first beyond everything else. Because when we have that, we can swim through life like a school of dolphins sweeping along with the tide, bending with the waves, communicating the complexity of our lives simply and with grace. We can become the tide and together we can shape the land.

Dolphin picture by LaPrimaDonna on Flickr

6 thoughts on “New Moon in Pisces – March 2011 – Grace”

  1. Leah, I love the dolphin imagery … and I had the same response to the fox fur Sabian. What you say about absolute trust and focusing on essentials is so now–and how the 80% wealth is shifting slowly.

    These are indeed interesting times, and it’s wonderful to have a New Moon that puts us in the flow of the goal of this turmoil–to feel joined in the deep blue sea of one humanity.

  2. Leah Whitehorse

    Thanks Joyce. I agree, these are very interesting times. It’s like the waters have been stirred up and things from the depths that we don’t usually see become visible. This New Moon for me has been oddly energising – the Martian influence do doubt.
    I loved your New Moon post and for the benefit of my visitors, I’m going to link here ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi Leah

    how’s this for the literal manifestation of four planets in Pisces around my Desc/ 7th House? Our upstairs neighbour flooded our dressing room just before the New Moon on Fri 4th -the communal water supply in our building was turned off, then on, without warning, and he had left an open tap then gone off to do something else. We have spent the weekend with piles of drying clothes draped around the bedroom….with Mars also in Pisces, our anger has been diluted by the knowledge that he is a really nice guy and we don’t want to be unduly harsh in our response. So what did we do? Climbed into bed with a bottle of emergency champagne. Wall-to-wall Pisces, or what?!

  4. Leah Whitehorse

    Oh Anne – gosh, what a Pisces experience! I laughed when I read your final solution – brilliant ๐Ÿ™‚
    I hope it’s all sorted out now x
    My New Moon in Pisces experience was that we were supposed to be performing at a poetry/music night. When we turned up, the pub had been unexpectedly closed down so we were without a venue! Our solution? Go to another pub to have a drink ๐Ÿ™‚

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