Mars in Taurus 2011 – Let’s Get to Work

Mars enters Taurus at 7:03am UT on the 11th May 2011.

I know a little something of Mars in Taurus as this is my own natal position. I know how hard it is sometimes to just get moving. I procrastinate, twiddle my thumbs, ponder the hard work ahead. Then my comfy body sighs, shifts slowly into gear and then I start.

Once I start I don’t stop. Mars in Taurus is like a Duracell battery which just keeps going. Imagine a bull all fired up – seeing red! Mars in Taurus can be a little like this. It may take a while to get his attention and interest but once captured, the bull is not going to back down!

In Taurus, Mars fires up sensuality. You may want to sleep more, eat more, canoodle more. This Mars has a voracious appetite for the good things in life and a lusty laugh. On another level, he encourages us to plough the field, sow the seeds and get things growing. This is a fertile sign and Mars is an indicator of virility. If you tend to the seeds you are growing, expect them to flourish.

With Taurus presiding over late spring/early summer, this configuration has a strong pull to the land. It may benefit you to get out into the countryside. Walking in the open air in nature is known to benefit us psychologically as well as physically. Being amongst the verdant green gives our eyes something to feast upon and unconsciously motivates us also to ‘grow’. Blossom is pleasurable to look at and reminds us of the harvest to come later in the year but in order for that to be fulfilled we must work hard. Mars in Taurus enjoys the physical exertion, the sense of a task well done. This can be a productive time once you get going.

Aim to bring a sense of rhythm to your life during this transit. Cultivate routines that help you stick to the task at hand and leaves time to rest. Jupiter, Mercury and Venus will all be conjunct in fiery Aries as Mars moves into Taurus. This helps ground inspired energy and motivates us to do something practical with all those ideas that Aries has sprouted.

During this time we are geared to find some security. With this position natally I find much of my energy is expended upon making sure I have plans in place which will keep me financially secure. I like my creature comforts yet I’m not extravagant with them. Warmth, food, a roof over my head and enough change in my purse to buy a bottle of milk is enough to make me feel reasonably secure. Taurus likes to cover the basics. You can use this period to explore what security means to you and to figure out what actions you need to take to put your plans into practice.

Bull-headedness may be something you come up against during this transit. The task here is to exert patience and follow through on your tasks but make sure you are open to the input of others. When feeling threatened, Mars in Taurus can tend towards possessiveness in an attempt to feel secure. True security comes from valuing who you are and what you have to give.

Mars in Taurus for the Signs

As your planetary ruler moves into Taurus you may feel on occasion that you are banging your head against a brick wall. Take a breath and remember what resources you have available to you. Put frustrated energy to work and concentrate on sorting out your finances.

The ball or rather the Bull is in your court Taurus. How do you want to play it? You may feel like you’ve just woken up after a long sleep and now you’re bursting with energy! This is a great motivator to get things moving in your life. The only caution is to take care you don’t trample anyone as you stampede ahead.

If you find yourself restless in the middle of the night Gemini, it’s because you need to do some deep thinking. You may not be your usual chatty self because energy needs to go inwards. It may be a good time to reflect upon how you assert yourself and rid yourself of mental chains that bind you. This is a time of preparation for a new lease of life in a month’s time.

Friends may need more of your time during this transit and group projects may keep you busy. You have the energy to deal with the overload but watch out for irritable disputes and arguments. It’s the perfect time to throw yourself into a long held goal or alternatively to fight for a cause you believe in.

Are you passionate about your career? If you are, you could find yourself inundated with new projects, job offers and a sense that things are moving fast. If you don’t enjoy what you do, watch for arguments with the boss or those in authority over you. This may be the perfect time to really consider what gets you fired up. Follow your passion, make it your vocation.

You may feel the need to find new ground to walk on both physically and metaphorically. If you have been feeling at loggerheads with conflicting ideas, get out into the great outdoors and watch for synchronicity – it may come thick and fast! On the other hand if you are studying, this can be a prime time to get your head into your books and get the work done.

There may be some passionate encounters but watch because sparks can also fly in intimate situations. Shared resources may become an issue, conflicts could arise about who owns what. It’s in your nature to share and share alike. Re-assert your power through the art of compromise.

With your co-ruler entering your house of relationships, passions are aroused and energy high. You may fight more with your significant other if this energy isn’t channelled constructively. You realise that relationships take work  and sometimes you need to drop your defences.

It may feel a little like all work and no play during this transit but it’s the perfect time to get organised so that life flows more easily. You may even find yourself enjoying the business of this period and this can be a springboard to making changes in other areas of your life. A health regime started now will bring you more energy.

We know what all work and no play does Capricorn so it’s time to allow yourself a little bit of fun. Make some time to play with the kids or take your partner on a date. A calculated risk may add a little spice to life. You may also have an urge to get more creative – embrace it!

Disagreements over domestic issues may arise and parents may demand more of your time. Be as patient as you can with all concerned but allow grievances to be aired. If you’ve been wanting a big clear-out at home, this is the perfect time to do it. You naturally need space to breathe anyway. By clearing away the unwanted and unnecessarily you open the door to new experiences.

Communication may seem to be coming from all angles – your inbox overflows. Your mind is busy. This is a favourable time to verbally assert yourself but don’t let anger take over. You may find yourself moving around a lot during this period perhaps visiting neighbours or siblings. Watch for transport problems. This transit benefits the taking of tests and examinations.

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  1. I have natal Mars in Taurus also and I perfect understand what you talking about. I love your writings Leah. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights with us.

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    Thank you for your kind comment Corina. There seems to be quite a lot of Taurus Mars people around 🙂

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