Jupiter in Taurus – Lush

I have to confess, I’m quite partial to a bit of Jupiter in Taurus action, especially as today he is conjunct my Sun in the 9th house (exact on Monday). Hurrah! Writing ideas abound, helping me unblock and unlock that pesky Saturn transit through my 3rd. Today, Jupiter makes me feel like anything is possible. I only need to imagine it then build it.

Jupiter traditionally expands what it touches. He encourages us to explore in order to find meaning. Through philosophy, minds expand and lead us to far horizons. He is our joy, luck and abundance – the celestial guru enthusing us to grow. He is optimism and generosity. He faces the world with a hearty smile on his face and an insatiable appetite for higher knowledge. He urges humankind to keep learning. He probably has a ton of personal growth books…

Jupiter in Taurus has a comfortable feel to it. Whenever I visualise it, I see a stout man lazing in a field in the afternoon sun. There’s a golden light, the laughter of children playing, the rich smell of earth. His body is relaxed. Occasionally he snoozes whilst chewing on a piece of grass. He’s enjoying the moment so that he can appreciate all the hard work he’s put in. His mind is full of big plans; building his dreams one moment at a time. But he isn’t a dreamer: he has the ability to create something tangible. His patience is one of his greatest virtues. After his rest he will get up and do the work that needs to be done whilst whistling a jovial tune.

Jupiter in Taurus shows us that there is joy in simplicity. Food, warmth, love and intimacy; these sensual pleasures are the foundation to basic happiness. There is nothing wrong in a little financial security and on the flip side, a little bit of splashing out should the occasion warrant it. The difficulty of Jupiter comes when he doesn’t quite know where to stop. In Taurus this can manifest as excessive spending and greed in all its ugly forms.

Jupiter represents the clergy and religious leaders of the world and the law makers. Religion and law can either give us a sense of mutual understanding or it can be used as a form of control (throwing one’s weight around!). It’s possible that whilst Jupiter is in Taurus, issues to do with food shortages, the price of food/inflation and the ownership of land may come into play as well as general issues of protecting [Jupiter] the earth [Taurus]. Religious conservatism may also come into focus. It’s also worth remembering that Taurus also represents financial institutions. It may be that the stock market sees a little more stability or alternatively over-optimistic investments that deflate as soon as Jupiter leaves this sign (leaving us all talking about it as Jupiter moves into Gemini!).

But lets keep it optimistic. It’s Jupiter afterall. Now’s the time to consider your own personal wealth. Savings and saving plans all come under review here with a careful eye on increasing your financial base. Don’t forget to include your other resources like your skills and talents. These too can come under review.

In one way Jupiter in Taurus can make us simply feel better off. This transit helps us to become grateful for what we have, not what we haven’t got. Even if things are tight, it’s likely that we’ll find ourselves getting a better understanding of why things are the way they are and a wave of opportunities to make things better. But opportunities are only such when we act upon them, work with them, tend them like a garden. Opportunities are seeds through which we can enrich our lives helping us to grow roots, shoots and eventually branches.

One can revel in the physical world during this transit, the material things around you that make you feel good. Don’t forget the one physical to thing closest to home: your body! Explore your body much as you explore the planet. Look down at the lines on your hands, a criss-cross map of life. The scars you bear, the wrinkles on your face which tell a story. This transit can be interpreted as ‘joy in the body’. Breathe in the scent of the one you love – makes you smile doesn’t it? Wrapped in their arms, everything suddenly makes sense.

Due to the retrograde motion of Jupiter, this transit will be in operation for around a year offering us a good window of time in which to embrace the teachings of the Guru. All we need to do is work with it.

“Live long and prosper” 🙂