Lunar Eclipse 15th June 2011 – Emulation

A total Lunar Eclipse will occur on the 15th June at 20:13 (UT time) at 24SAG23.

The Sabian symbol for the eclipse is: –

A Chubby Boy On A Hobby-Horse

In his book The Sabian Symbols in Astrology: Dr. Marc Edmund Jones cites the keyword ‘Emulation‘ for this symbol.

I can remember playing ‘horses’ when I was a kid. As I was obsessed with riding, I knew the gait of a cantering horse and my legs would carry me across the playground to the beat of the same rhythm. In that moment I was Caroline Bradley flying through the air on Tigre. As I grew older ‘Horses’ became ‘Charlie’s Angels’ (the hit series of 70’s). I was always Kate, running around with my cap gun playing at catching villains. Like Charlie’s Angels, we always got the ‘bad guy’. Bang!

Of course many of us seek to emulate our parents or guardians, especially when we are very young. We learn from them the moral codes of life, how to interact with others, what to think (Gemini), what to believe (Sagittarius). We follow in their footsteps, take a leaf out of their book.

Jupiter, the ruler of the eclipse, trines the Moon in the eclipse chart. Jupiter expands what it touches. Already this eclipse has got big ideas. Trines are often simply interpreted as ‘good’ but in reality they are like a greased track speeding the energy along between the planets or points affected. This can work positively or negatively. The danger with Jupiter trines is that we can get too big for our boots. Once up on the high horse it’s a long way to fall. The eclipse hints that those who think too highly of themselves may be brought down to earth with a bump (Jupiter in Taurus).

Movie characters aside, our heroes are real life people. They laugh, sing, cry, shout and bleed. They stumble just like the rest of us. There is feeling that our heroes need to be seen for what they are, not blown up into a caricature of their true nature.

Maybe that part of your life represented by the house the eclipse falls in needs a boost. Perhaps you need to find a hero to emulate. Whose voice do you hear when you talk to your child (5th house), face an interview (10th house), argue with your partner (7th house)? Who can you learn from? Who has walked this path before you?

But the eclipse reminds us that there is a fine line between emulation and imitation. If we simply copy the actions of another in an effort to gain what they have gained, we lose sight of ourselves. We become a ghost of what could have been, a mere shadow of our true potential.

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5 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse 15th June 2011 – Emulation”

  1. This Lunar eclipse is conjunct my natal Neptune in my third house. Does this indicate possible good news or bad news? I’d really love some good news related to career maters…Thank you very much!

  2. Leah Whitehorse

    Hi Sam
    I can’t really say whether it would be good or bad news. Eclipses can be triggers for other major transits. For career I would look for transits to the 10th house or the ruler of your 10th.
    Generally with a lunar eclipse conjunct Neptune I would say that emotions are heightened and you can be extremely sensitive to psychic undercurrents. Neptune sometimes makes everything seem unclear, foggy or unreal or heavenly, wonderful and full of glamour.
    One way to use this eclipse energy is to see if you can detach yourself from the emotional feelings on whether it is good or bad news. Don’t forget what seems like bad news can sometimes be a blessing in disguise and vice verce. Listen closely to your intuition and to your dreams. The universe has the best in mind for you.

  3. Thank you Leah! I was laid off a few months ago and I’m struggling to find a new job…I really don’t want to relocate, but I’m thinking I might have to for a while.

    There’s nothing transiting my 10th house (MC 25 degree Cancer).

    Love your blog and thank you again!

  4. I’m flabbergasted!

    I’ve read many ‘interpretations’ of the *Lunar Eclipse 15th June 2011 *… and this is the first that’s REALLY touching me!


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