Celebrate Your Sun

the-sun-1916I haven’t seen a great deal of the sun recently. Over the past few years it seems that England has slipped into a pattern where we have glorious sunshine for a couple of weeks in April/May then we head straight into monsoon season until sometime in September! Grey skies are occasionally split to reveal the blue beyond. Despite it being the supposed height of summer, most nights I still sleep with two quilts, a blanket and a hot water bottle. Even as I sat thinking about this article, the heavens opened and mocked my desire to write about the solstice. [and even now, in 2016, it’s currently bucketing down on this solstice day!]

But the Sun is there regardless, radiating heat and light. We revolve around our beautiful star. Amongst a billion others in the universe, this is the only one that matters to us. This star is life.

The Sun is the centre of our solar system. Earth and her neighbours are captured in orbits that are exquisitely balanced. Any disturbance of the Sun directly affects us. Sun storms are connected to atmospheric changes and earth tremors. The Sun is the life force without which we could not exist but it has its dark side too. On a bright summer’s day, we feel full of life but too much sunbathing brings painful burns! As a microcosm of the solar system, we too have to learn to balance our relationship with our own inner star.

Likewise in astrology, the Sun is the life force – the ego and the essential inner spark at the heart of us. It is our conscious mind and creativity. Wherever the Sun is placed in the chart it shows the area of life in which we literally shine and where we need to be visible. However, if we focus too strongly on our Sun, we deny ourselves the lessons of the other planets in our chart. The light of the Sun can show us the way but if we fix our eyes on it we become blinded. The house position shows the area of life in which we can find our identity – our true self and we often feel a strong pull to experience whatever area of life that house indicates. Aspects to the Sun show us other facets that we need to incorporate into our identity.

When we have ignored the lessons of our Sun and its energy is not flowing freely, we feel as if the light has gone out of our life. When the Sun works well in the chart it becomes the unifying element of our personal horoscope.

I remember taking part in a druid camp over a decade ago. We were awoken at dawn every morning by a flute honouring the song of the sun. Then we performed a Hopi Sun dance, each of us spinning and turning within a greater circle. The sound of our accompanying chant flowed across the hills much like the light. I still remember the dance and the song.  I feel healing flow from my hands like rays when I perform it.

Celebrate the solstice by connecting to the Sun in your own chart. Read about its sign, house and the aspects it makes. Look up the Sabian symbol. Can you take one action today that is an expression of your own Sun? Visualise bringing the Sun down into your crown chakra. It is your connection to the world of Spirit, Father sky, God, The Sky People, Heaven. Imagine being filled with light. Wake up at dawn, sing to the Sun.

Solstice Blessings to you all 🙂

Solstice (the Sun’s entry into Cancer) occurs at 22:34 (UT) 20th June 2016

Painting ‘The Sun’ by Edvard Munch