Solar Eclipse – July 1st 2011 – Rough Diamond

The Solar Eclipse occurs at 08:53 (UT) on the 1st July at 9CAN12.

This eclipse completes the current eclipse season but also heralds the beginning of a new Saros Cycle, namely Saros Cycle 156. Visible as a tiny partial eclipse off the coast of Antarctica, the story of Saros 156 will conclude long after our demise in the year 3237 as a tiny partial eclipse at the North Pole. The last new Saros Cycle began in 1928 and the next won’t begin until 2058. With this eclipse, we stand at the threshold of a new great cycle on Earth comprising of 1226 years.

The eclipse sits on the Sabian symbol:-

A Large Diamond In The First Stages Of The Cutting Process

“Diamond cutting is the art, skill and, increasingly, science of changing a diamond from a rough stone into a faceted gem. Cutting diamond requires specialized knowledge, tools, equipment, and techniques because of its extreme difficulty.”

A rough diamond doesn’t show its beauty until it has been worked upon. To work upon it one needs knowledge (Jupiter), modern tools and techniques (Uranus) and the patience and skill of a seasoned master (Saturn). Once cut, it is transformed (Pluto) reflecting light from its multifaceted surface; thrilling the observer with its brilliance. This Saros Cycle is associated with transformation that occurs over a long period of time, cutting away that which hides your light.

Looking at the midpoints, the South Node = Moon/Mars and the North Node = Saturn/Chiron. There’s a sense of public outrage and anger that propels humankind into action. The Saturn-Chiron midpoint can indicate the wise old mentor who brings together a time-tested experience of reality with a willingness to face old wounds and fears in order to bridge the gap and create new structures. There’s a feeling that we can’t escape what needs to be done. This is echoed in the Grand Cross of the chart formed by the eclipse opposition to Pluto and squares to Saturn and Uranus.

Diamonds are created deep in the earth under extreme pressures. The Sun-Moon opposition to Pluto is a reminder that we are being asked to transform and yes, we are under extreme pressure. When Pluto is active, he forces us to shed what isn’t necessary, leaving only the brilliance of truth behind. Whilst the Saturn-Pluto square and Saturn-Uranus opposition wane, the force of reality is still playing upon us. As Uranus and Pluto move towards perfecting their waxing square after coming together in the 60’s, the changes that have occured since then now need to be addressed. Action must be taken.

Uranus in Aries wants freedom. It is about the individual fighting for their rights, rebellion, reform. Pluto in Capricorn relates to the power of authority, the establishment, banking and corporate system. Pluto moving through this sign may suggest a systematic and relentless breaking down of these structures that have been built – the monsters in glass towers may inevitably fall from the mountain tops.

Oppositions tend to manifest as situations/people out there putting us in a position where we need to make a decision. The problem with oppositions is that we can choose to change or choose to project that which we don’t like back onto the other. Whilst we are under potent pressure to change, there is also the possibility that we might try to get off the see-saw and refuse to play the game.

But the squares are forcing us to take action. Squares cannot be ignored however much we try. Whilst the Eclipse-Pluto opposition across the Cancer – Capricorn axis suggests we may want to stay within the safety of our nests whilst muttering about them out there who have all the power and control, Uranus isn’t going to let us get away with it that easily. Somewhere deep down we know we need to wake up. The wide trine from the eclipse to the Neptune-Chiron conjunction in Pisces shows that on some level we have a dream of healing. Deep down we know we could be one big happy family.

Cancer as a sign rules over the home – the home you live in and the Great Mother Earth that we live upon. With any change in societal/economic structures, the way we live privately changes. As rents increase and mortgages become ever out of reach to the common person, this Saros Cycle may encourage us to explore new ways of living: how (or even if) the land is divided. Will we continue to stick to our own four walls or will we return to a more communal way of living? Will we make our home on another planet? How do we envisage our children and grandchildren living in the future?  Our political/economic failings now will inevitably be visited upon them. Can we truly afford that?

Jupiter, the ruler of the North Node sextiles the eclipse. Perhaps we can take the opportunity to create a vision of the future which brings hope and optimism. Nothing is impossible. Jupiter sits on the Moon-Neptune/Sun-Neptune midpoint which seems to accentuate the theme of allowing ourselves to dream big.

Perhaps it will come down to the simple fact that we need to have a little faith, both in ourselves and each other. The grand cross of this eclipse may be tough but in the black, there is the gleam of diamonds.

Nasa Catalogue of Solar Eclipse Saros Series

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  1. Hi – I certainly hope not! I do think we are going through changing times and that there may be some strong challenges ahead. Maybe even moving towards the end of our current economical system which is working for the very few.

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