July Musings

I’m struggling with a summer cold, sneezing my way through the day but the sunshine is glorious. My marigolds and sunflowers have blossomed and despite my irritating cold and working long hours, I feel quite enthused with life. I listened to a terrific podcast with Kelly Lee Phipps – well two podcasts actually as the interview is split into two. Kelly talks with Benjamin Bernstein about his new e-book on the Jupiter-Saturn great conjunction cycle. I bought the e-book straight-away as I found the whole thing absolutely fascinating. Kelly is an engaging and knowledgeable astrologer. If you want to listen, check out episodes 211 and 212 of This Week in Astrology. I love podcasts and there are some very fine ones out there! Please check my resources page for a list of my favourites. Let me know if you think another should be added.

I’ve also been reading the June/July edition of Mountain Astrologer which has a fantastic interview with Robert Blaschke.  Robert was and is a astrological hero of mine. His meticulous research and palpable compassion for the human condition remains a huge inspiration to me.

In the meantime the cosmos manifests in a myriad of ways. The Solar Eclipse in Gemini in my 11th house brought a succession of visits and communications from friends – some who I haven’t seen for quite some time. Two visits were completely unplanned.

On the Lunar Eclipse on the 15th I found myself frustrated by cloudy skies. That night I dreamed I was stood by an ornate window that looked out over the ocean. A giganitic Moon lay low in the sky. Where the shadow of the Earth should have been, across her face were instead glorious jewels as if they had been sewn into tapestry. It was breathtakingly beautiful. That Lunar Eclipse was exactly conjunct my natal vertex in the 5th house.

Right, well I’m off to take a well earned rest and consume copious amounts of garlic, honey and lemon to chase this cold away. *sneeze*. I’m looking forward to curling up in the armchair and reading Skymates 🙂