Full Moon in Aquarius – August 2011 – Bad Blood

The Full Moon occurs at 18:57 (UT time) on the 13th August at 20AQU41. The Moon is conjunct asteroid Nessus, fixed star Castra, trine Saturn and semi-square both Uranus and Pluto.

Nessus is a centaurs with a rather nasty reputation. His most famous part in the myths is that of the killer of Heracles. Nessus attempted to rape Deianira who was the wife of Heracles. Understandably outraged, Heracles shot Nessus with a poisoned arrow. As Nessus lay dying, he told Deianira that his blood would stop Heracles being unfaithful. Naively believing him, Deianira put the blood of Nessus onto a shirt belonging to her husband to cure his wandering eye.

But the blood of Nessus was bad blood. It burned Heracles alive, driving him to his own funeral pyre to put out the pain of burning.

Nessus StatueThis ‘bad blood’ is what we are currently contemplating. We talk of ‘bad blood’ between people, families and larger groups. In England we have recently seen how ‘bad blood’ can turn savage, how it can twist and burn people from all sides of the fence. With the Full Moon in Aquarius the ‘bad blood’ between different sections of society is highlighted.

The Moon is also on fixed star Castra. Robson suggests that this star gives ‘malevolence, destructiveness, an uncontrollable temper’ yet on Constellation of Words website it notes that this is incorrect and that this star is actually beneficial in its nature.

This misunderstanding is interesting. Perhaps those we see as ‘malevolent, destructive and uncontrollable’ are actually something or rather
someone else entirely. Like the star, they have been displaced and therefore their nature has been entirely misunderstood.

The Moon sits on the Sabian

A Disappointed And Disillusioned Woman Courageously Faces A Seemingly Empty Life

The keyword to me here is ‘seemingly’. This woman is courageous because despite how she feels, she is willing to look at her life and what it does and doesn’t have. Maybe it is only her mood, her disappointment with things so far that makes her life seem empty. Maybe once she begins to really look at what she has, she will discover that there are things to be grateful for; be it as small as a pretty flower growing on a patch of wasteland or the smile from her local shop-keeper as she buys apples. Sometimes reality is stark. Sometimes we are disappointed and don’t have enough of what we need. But the only way to change it is to recognise it. Only then can we be clear about what needs to change.

The Sun is on the Sabian

Intoxicated Chickens Dizzily Flap Their Wings Trying To Fly

On the opposing side of things, the Sun highlights what we are up against. These chickens really can’t fly if they are drunk, in the same way that you or I cannot achieve our dreams if we are drugged by alcohol, play station games, reality tv or Facebook addiction.

When life feels empty, when we become disillusioned, it’s easy to ‘check out’ and lose ourselves in whatever the drug of choice is, be it a bottle of cider or shopping on credit. With the Sun conjunct Venus in Leo with retrograde Mercury nearby, hedonistic tendencies are emphasised but must be held in check (Sun-Venus semi-square Mars and Saturn). It’s also important to note that pride is more easily hurt during this Moon and it’s wise to keep an eye on the bigger picture.

The trine to Saturn offers us a reality check, much like the Moon’s Sabian. Yes we need to face up to the truth but it doesn’t have to make us depressed! There is the possibility that in time (Saturn), our collective group can be stabilised as we learn to relate to each other in better and more positive ways.

The semi-square to outer generational planets Uranus and Pluto is forcing us to recognise the transformative changes that are happening in society. It’s like a low level itch which irritates until you finally face up to the cause.

The sesquiquadrate from the Moon to Mars shows how we must make adjustments to deal with our anger and frustrations, how we defend ourselves, how we motivate ourselves – as a group as well as individually. Mars is still opposite Pluto under this Moon so it’s tempting to blow up without looking at where your shrapnel will land.

This Moon may feel a little flat, like someone has let the air out of your balloon. You may want to throw your toys out the pram but it’ll only leave you without any toys! It’s time to get beyond the bad blood and bad feeling and find a way to common ground. Don’t forget that Aquarius is the sign of the new and innovative. By finding a new way to tackle old problems, you may just find that those ‘problems’ aren’t as insolvable as you thought – and you may make a few friends along the way.

Original Nessus photo by rjhuttondfw on Flickr [edited]

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  1. Most of us think that it is easier to ignore or escape our problems. But actually it is much better facing them. I liked what is stated about the courageous woman, she accepted the state she is in and is willing to make things right.

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