Weekly Cosmic Tides – Astrology for the 1st – 4th September 2011

The Cosmic Tides are moving to a weekly event! I had the idea to start this from September onwards. Now of course Mercury had the last laugh by forgetting to tell me that September started right in the middle of a week so this week we only get four days – oops. Check back each Sunday for the coming week’s astrological events including asteroid action 🙂

This week we have already had two major events with the New Moon on the 29th August and Jupiter turning retrograde on the 30th. It feels generally calmer than last week as the Mars-Saturn square wanes and Mercury flicks into forward motion. Jupiter trundling backwards in Taurus gives us time to reassess our physical needs, the opportunities we have had and passed up, the meaning we assign to it all. Inner wealth and security are what counts now. Sometimes it may feel like plans come to nothing, big ideas whither away. In my experience however, Jupiter returns what was lost in a form which differs from the original, one which ‘fits’ the individual better.

1st September
There is a distinctly watery feel to the day which could either manifest as the pleasure of a warm relaxing bath or the panic of losing your footing at the deep end of the pool.

Firstly the Moon conjuncts asteroid Orpheus who to me has an affinity to the high side of Neptune. His divine music sings out, lulling us like the waves of the sea. His song is more beautiful than that of the sirens who lure men to their death. You may be drawn to someone or something which seems magical.

Meanwhile the Sun is creating a sextile to asteroid Deucalion who, much like Noah, was saved from a great flood when Zeus decided to cleanse the earth of humans. Deucalion survived the flood after his Father Prometheus warned him of what was to come.

Deucalion then seems to speak of listening to your intuition, spirit ruling emotions and being magically connected to the natural world. The Sun sextile calls on us to play our part, to follow our instincts and not to be afraid to be the last one standing.

The Moon then trines Neptune bringing a flood of emotion, maybe gratitude, maybe a feeling of being overwhelmed. The silver lady then slips into the depths of Scorpio. The water is so deep the bottom is black. You may need to hold your breath and risk opening your eyes under water to see what lies beneath.

Late tonight, the Moon passes fixed star Miaplacidus, the keel in the starry ship Argo Navis. Even when the surface of the water rages, down below there is only stillness. Travel deep enough and you will find your balance.

2nd September
Sisyphus was the Greek king whose Godly punishment was to roll a giant rock up a hill everyday only to watch it roll back down again as the day ended. Both the Sun and Moon aspect asteroid Sisyphus today. With the Moon deep in Scorpio, squaring Vesta, it may feel like an uphill battle. Devotions are tested. A tense but juicy opposition between the Moon and Jupiter around midday can exaggerate tensions. You could cry “Woe is me!” but with sexy Scorpio and Taurus energies in play, there are certainly more productive ways to work off any stress!

Later, with sextiles from the Moon to Venus and the Sun to Sisyphus. The day ends with a soft warm ache of a job well done.

3rd September
Sun trine Jupiter. With Jupiter in retrograde motion, energy flows within. Inner joy bubbles up from nowhere. Even with the Moon in the late degrees of Scorpio, shadows are more like puppet play than monstrous omens. By late afternoon, Jupiter opposes Sisyphus so unlike yesterdays uphill struggle, the feeling is that joy can make your load lighter. It’s what you believe that counts. If you think it’s heavy, it is! By late evening, the Moon bounces into Sagittarius and you realise that it’s all just a game anyway.

4th September
The quarter Moon sits on the sabian “A flag turns into an eagle; the eagle into a chanticleer saluting the dawn”. With this Sun-Moon square it’s time to push forward with plans seeded at the New Moon. This symbol says something of being the best you can be. Aim high. Dane Rudhyar said “It urges us to bring our noble ideals to actual life through the power of the spiritual will.”

With Sagitarrius and Virgo in play, there’s a need to know and understand the rules of the game.

Bear in mind that Bacchus moves into Leo today; the cosmic equivalent of drunken karaoke. Before you proclaim your anything, consider the mood of your audience.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Cosmic Tides – Astrology for the 1st – 4th September 2011”

  1. You’re back and in form! Huzzah, Huzzah!
    I missed the dailies but here in Canada it’s easy to remember how much one wants to seriously enjoy Summer while She lasts so hope yours, tho brief, was brillo!
    This column is wonderful!
    Let me observe that ‘seriously’ DOES split the infinitive but this is an example of where not only is the split infintive a ‘natural’, but there is no other way to do it that doesn’t sound awkward. (Dbl Virgo here, Gemini Midheaven, Pallas cj Mercury at 12 Libra 1st House – just jammin’ ….)
    Loveya LUA – keep on groovin’

  2. Hi Sabina – Thanks! Glad you liked it 🙂 Yes, Summer is coming to an end, the trees are starting to change colour. It was very very brief but then I live in England!

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