Weekly Cosmic Tides – Astrology for the 12th – 18th September 2011

Whilst Mars, Venus and Neptune spend most of the week in a yod formation, Venus is also having an affair with Pluto and Uranus in a rather stressful t-square. These patterns hang in the sky as our relationships hang in the balance, tipping between romantic interludes that leave you starry eyed and behaviour that could scare a bunny boiler. The trick this week is to stay centred even if your loved one seems to have drunk a pint of absinthe whilst you were out shopping. The more you try to hold on to what you have, the more it’s likely to slip through your fingers. Stand back, stay true to yourself and what your relationships stands for.

Monday 12th September
The beginning of the week sets an emotional tone with the Pisces Full Moon creating a trine to Mars. Just before the Full Moon occurs, Mercury perfects a trine to Pluto.

For the full scoop on this Pisces Moon, check my post.

The trine between Mercury and Pluto suggests that added to the nebulous feel of the Full Moon, there is an intense desire to communicate. Deep conversations centre around the concept of work and service. Or perhaps you may finally get to grips with what structures to put in place to make your daily life run more smoothly. Watch the tendency to obsess over fine details.

Saturn makes a conjunction to Terpsichore, the muse of dance and choral song. As I visualise this aspect it’s like watching a dance in slow motion where every move becomes a meditation on perfect balance. Saturn conjunct Terpsichore reminds us of the discipline that is needed to create such a thing of beauty. Saturn is the pulse of a metronome which keeps each voice in a choir singing in time with another. To move with grace requires structure and hard work. If you feel like you are dancing through life on two left feet, it may be time to go back to basics, re-learning the steps that make you stumble.

Asteroid Hygeia moves into Sagittarius today. As Goddess of health, in this sign she promotes educating yourself about your body. Explore healing methods from far off places, read books about any health conditions you have including those that investigate alternatives to western medicine. How does your health fit into the big picture of your life? Practice positive visualisation to combat problems.

Tuesday 13th September
Lovely Lua is all frowns for much of the day. The Moon makes an opposition to Venus in the small hours. It’s hard to get comfy and sleep. Any money/job worries are likely to play on your mind as everyone else around you snores. Release your fears to the universe, let your dreams aid resolution.

By early morning, we come gasping out of the waters of Pisces as the Moon moves into Aries. After a rough nights sleep, people may act rather like a bear with a sore head. Try not to take it personally. Just after lunchtime, we might all perk up a bit as the Moon conjuncts Uranus. This feisty energy is just what we need to wake us all up and shake off the gloom of the morning. Dreams may come back to you in a flash. Make sure you write them down because they are offering the inspiration you need to push on. Be prepared to be surprised.

After a few inspirational hours, the Moon squares up to Pluto just daring him to defy her. This aspect is perfect for ruthlessly pursing a personal enterprise. Don’t let the daisies grow under your feet. This compulsive energy softens with a Moon sextile to Vesta at the end of the day bringing a sense of renewed commitment and emotional fulfilment.

Wednesday 14th September
A sulky Moon doesn’t want to play nice as she opposes Saturn. Nor is she likely to want to play by somebody else’s rules. The trick with this aspect is to put yourself in another’s shoes and see whether what they are asking you to do is really so difficult. At the same time, Venus is conjunct fixed star Markeb situated in the sail of the great starry ship Argo Navis. Things work best today if you go with the flow rather than trying to battle against the wind and tide.

Thursday 15th September
Mercury quicksteps into a delightful trine to Jupiter today. If you are waiting for news, today could be the day! The two together favour all aspects of learning, interviews and taking tests – driving tests included. This is also an aspect which favours writers so those hoping to pen a masterpiece could do no better than making a start on their epic today.

An energy shift occurs as Venus moves into Libra. Generally speaking Venus is at home in this sign and she’ll do her best to make sure everyone is at ease. But our lovely lady is not quite as settled as she finds herself in the midst of two yod formations and a t-square. The finger is still pointed at her and she not altogether comfortable with this much attention. It’s rather like organising a social function where the cliques refuse to mingle and Venus is running herself ragged trying to keep everyone happy. Luckily Mars is still on her side so if it all gets too much, he’s offering to take some of the weight. Don’t try to keep the peace all by yourself, enlist the help of another if possible.

Friday 16th September
There’s a mysterious feel to the day as Mercury conjuncts Isis, Saturn conjuncts Atlantis and Pluto turns direct.

Having suffered his yearly retrograde in silence, Pluto now turns to relentlessly crawl through Capricorn. The banks and financial institutions have had a bit of a reprieve for the past few months but they’d better not get too complacent.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised if a mystery is resolved or new ideas regarding old mysteries surface. Mercury and Isis are piecing things together, Pluto is doing some digging and Saturn is trying to figure out how the master builders of such an advanced society as Atlantis could have fallen so far. But the mighty do fall and whether Atlantis ever existed is a moot point. Its meaning comes from the myth. Structures crumble and change, as ours will in time. The hope however is to see that structure replaced by something more substantial and life affirming.

In our own lives, we may find ourselves intrigued by mystery and magic, involved in a puzzling dilemma, obsessed with finding an answer. Stick to the truth.

Saturday 17th September
Following on from yesterday’s oddly mysterious vibe, asteroid Chaos turns retrograde in Gemini. It’s almost like anything raised by yesterday’s aspects is in danger of being silenced. But Chaos can raise all kinds of merry hell and may well throw us some teasing one-liners and leaked information.

Meanwhile Venus is opposing Uranus offering a kick to the complacent. People need their space today and you’d be wise to give it to them. On the other hand, it might be the perfect time to try something new and kinky, surprise your friends, shock your lover. This doesn’t have to be a conflicting energy but be sure that the same old, same old will be in for a rude awakening. Might as well be the early bird!

Sunday 18th September
The week ends on a rather quiet note although the Moon in Gemini will fancy a chat. Ring a friend or sibling for a long natter on Sunday afternoon to catch up on all the gossip. The Sunday papers may prove extra interesting.

Saturn is conjunct Juno today. The institution of marriage is highlighted. It’s the perfect time to discuss what structures need to be put in place to make partnerships function better. Whilst not a wildly romantic aspect, these
serious conversations can help to build a better future. The Moon’s trine to Venus brings a little emotional warmth whilst the air signs ensure everyone stays on the same page without getting over-wrought.