Full Moon in Pisces – September 2011 – Spiritual Hunger

The Full Moon occurs at 09:26 on the 12th September 2011 at 19PISCES17

Jupiter is the old ruler of Pisces and in the Full Moon chart it is part of a Grand Earth trine with Mercury and Pluto. Modern ruler Neptune is still within orb of an opposition to Mercury.

The Pisces Full Moon is dreamy and nebulous. As a time of culmination it can trigger healing dreams or intuitive prompts that allow you to know what you need to let go of and what you need to let flow. With the Moon’s trine to Mars, emotions are likely to run high. Neptune’s opposition to Mercury gently warns that you cannot logic your way through. It’s a time of feeling and response, listening to your gut instincts and sleeping on decisions.

The Sun-Moon opposition sits square to the Sagittarius-Gemini nodal axis. Whilst you may want to gently float on the ocean lulled by the tide, something needles and pulls your attention, saying you need to learn and understand more. With the opposing Sun in Virgo, you know that there’s stuff to sort out but you’re not necessarily in the mood to do it. Often the Full Moon dynamic can play out in our relationships with others. You want to rest (Moon in Pisces) but your boss or partner insists there’s work to be done (Sun in Virgo).

The Full Moon Sabian symbol is :-

A Table Set For An Evening Meal

My Taurus Sun naturally evokes a vision of a farmers table set with chunky bread, homemade jam and hand turned cheeses. The romance of the Pisces moon conjures an image of a romantic French restaurant complete with candlelight and soft music. Either way, the table is set, we are ready to eat.

When I was a child, much of the time we ate as a family round the dinner table although as I got older, aside from Sunday roast, it became commonplace to have dinner on my lap in front of the tv. Whilst I didn’t much enjoy meals around the table as a kid, I thankfully learned the social graces necessary for later life. Living alone now, I still prefer to eat in front of the tv, relishing the short period of time I have to switch off mentally before I go back to my writing. But I love to eat with friends, sharing food and stories across the table. If I lived with another, I would want to share mealtimes.

The table seems such a simple image but it has depth. For example an evening meal normally occurs after a day’s work. People trudge to their 9 – 5 to ensure there is food on the table. The symbol speaks of the rewards received for hard work. It speaks of needing to provide for ourselves and our families. Remembering that this symbol sits in Pisces – there is a reminder to eat with gratitude, to be thankful that there is food on the table. The food on your plate is a direct result of the work (Virgo) you have put in, the sacrifices (Pisces) you or perhaps someone else has made.

There has been a growing movement to encourage families to eat together. Around the table we learn to listen and to talk, to share ideas and experiences. For some it conjures pictures of the Waltons, for others it’s more like an episode of The Simpsons! Ideally the dinner table isn’t the place for arguments and bickering. For food to be digested properly, a meal needs to be eaten slowly in a calm atmosphere. My grandmother always used to say “Never stir soup with an angry hand“.

The set table is also about hunger. Imagine being really hungry, the scent of
cooking food wafts through the air, the table is ready, the dinner needs 10 more minutes in the oven and your stomach is grumbling. True hunger makes us thoroughly appreciate the food on our plates.

Whilst the Grand Earth Trine in this chart can relate to the physical concept of hunger and having enough to eat, the Moon herself is in Pisces. So perhaps what we are looking at here is spiritual hunger. Certainly many of us can recognise emotional hunger – cravings for sweet, fatty foods that fill a hole in our hearts or calm tension in the stomach.

But spiritual hunger goes deeper still, leaving us with a profound sense of emptiness, a gnawing at the soul that whispers and sometimes shouts that there is something more you’re meant to be doing, a different path, a better way. It leaves you with a feeling that you are disconnected from some Greater Pattern. Pisces is about connection. Sometimes circumstance finds us ignoring our gut and taking any old job that keeps food on the table. Sometimes we give up on our dreams. This Moon puts you back in touch with the dream, offers you food for thought.

With Neptune re-visiting Aquarius, it suggests that if you are hungry, reach out to others. The Moon is opposite Venus who is the lower vibration of Neptune. Simple pleasures aren’t going to cut it. Neptune calls to connect with the group mind on a profound level.

This Full Moon urges us to release that which doesn’t serve our spiritual purpose. If your spirit is hungry, seek out like minds to exchange experience. If life is not to your taste, change the recipe – but don’t forget that everything tastes better with a sprinkling of gratitude.

Photo by reneetb on Flickr