Weekly Cosmic Tides – Astrology for the 19th – 25th September

A couple of stressful aspects at the beginning of the week dissolve into a distinctly feminine feel which favours nurturing and healing. Much of the cosmic action is saved for the end of the week as Autumn arrives with the Sun moving into Libra. Arrange a get together on Friday as there’s a party atmosphere coming.

Monday 19th September
The lovers of the solar system hold the main story today as Venus squares Pluto in the early hours followed by Mars entering Leo.

Venus square Pluto can be an obsessive energy. She wants to get her own way and Pluto isn’t having any of it. Not to be outdone, Venus tries harder and harder to get his attention doing whatever works; from flattering her eyelashes to donning her dominatrix outfit.

Manipulation can be the name of the game when these two come into stressful aspect to each other. The problem is, even if you get what you want, there’s little sense of satisfaction. Passionate issues of love and hate may drive everything out of balance.

Financial matters can also come to the fore with Venus ruling money and Pluto wealth (and the power of money). Having a little extra for rainy day is sensible, stockpiling for the sake of it may indicate a gap within that isn’t being filled.

Essentially Venus square Pluto boils down to a challenge to develop your self worth so that your power remains your own. Love yourself, love your shadow.

Mars in Leo is a rather more buoyant energy. Combined with the above however he may over dramatise events where it seems like everyone is acting like a prima donna. Nevertheless, energetically, Mars is relieved to be out of the water and into a friendly fire sign where he can show his metal. Mars in Leo brings confidence, the courage to take a risk and a drive to show your creative spark. Leo Sun and Rising Signs should receive a welcome energy boost.

Tuesday 20th September
An antidote to yesterday’s Venus-Pluto square comes in the form of Venus trine Vesta. Follow the beacon of love and forget the rest. Love lights the way.

Later the Virgo Sun trines Pallas in Capricorn bringing with it a sense that that if you stop meddling, things might just work out by themselves. Alternatively, Pallas helps you see the light and how to rearrange things to suit everyone.

I notice that the Sun also conjuncts fixed star Alkaid. Known as ‘the destroyer of nations’ this star doesn’t have a very good reputation to say the least. It stands out to me as today the last quarter Moon (Moon square Sun) occurs on the Sabian Symbol “A Man declared Bankrupt”.

Many countries are dealing with significant issues connected to debt, some teetering on default. The Sun conjunct Alkaid may raise connected issues. Later the Sun moves to conjunct Zavijava. It’s written that this was the star Einstein used to measure the speed of light. My association with this is that there are some rules that simply cannot be broken in the physical universe. The faster you travel, the slower time moves so you can never reach the speed of light. The natural laws of the universe redress the balance so that the Greater Pattern can never be broken. In a world so divided between untold wealth and starving poverty, we too are suffering an intolerable imbalance that needs to be re-dressed.

Wednesday 21st September
The Moon spends the day in homely Cancer, setting a theme of nurturing. You might want to simply curl up in the armchair or spend the day rearranging the furniture. Either way, home is where the heart it.

A certain amount of emotional touchiness can occur during the Cancer Moon. People’s armour is more brittle than it seems so the motto for the day is to treat others as you would be treated.

Under this Motherly cosmic air, Mercury in Virgo opposes Ceres in Pisces. This can manifest as a debate between eastern and western medicine, of mind over matter, of logic versus intuition when it comes to health. Ceres in Pisces reminds us to go back to the source of the problem.

Health issues are also raised through a trines between Mars and Chariklo and Uranus and Hygeia. Chariklo was the devoted wife of the wounded healer Chiron. She nursed him through the agonising pain of his wound. In this context Mars energises the healing aspect of the feminine. Hygeia was the Goddess of health and cleanliness. Uranus is electrifying and awakening this aspect of the Goddess.

It’s a day to get in touch with your inner Goddess of healing regardless of your gender. Nurture your mind, body and spirit; look after yourself; investigate new ways of healing.

The energy of the day is rather like eating a cosmic apple. In fact, do eat an apple – cut it horizontally and you’ll see the star at the centre 🙂

Thursday 22nd September
The Moon is still at home in Cancer, staunchly refusing to open the door to Saturn, Juno, Circe, Eris and Nemesis with whom she is all squares. This edginess doesn’t suit the soft warm nest of Cancer Moon and she’s likely to get grumpy if people don’t let her be. She may try to give the impression that nobody’s home in an effort to get some peace, or she may take you by surprise and come out all claws blazing.

If you need anything from her, it’s best to leave it until after 3pm when a favourable sextile to Mercury gets her out of a mood and back to telling stories about way back when. Alternatively with Cancer and Virgo emphasised, she may go on a cleaning frenzy to clear the air. Take a leaf out of her book and get the chi flowing again.

Friday 23rd September
Happy Autumn Equinox! The Sun moves into Libra heralding equal day and equal night.  For those of us in the Northern hemisphere it’s the time of ‘fall’ both leaf fall and the ‘fall’ of the Sun as after this day, darkness will outstrip light. Now is a time of reckoning, of balancing the scales and seeing what the harvest brought in. With Venus as ruler of Libra, it is a time of appreciation for the abundance Earth provides and love for each other as we share out our produce.Give thanks for all that is in your life today, the food on your table, the roof over your head, friends, family and lovers.

Mars also trines Uranus, a lovely motivating aspect which occasionally brings surprises. Energy may seem endless and you are likely to leap at the chance to just do something different. Patience may be in short supply as this aspect makes you want to move fast! Try to go with the flow because Uranus adds a twist to plans, taking you to places you never expected which just adds to the fun. A Leo moon throughout the day complements the party atmosphere.

Saturday 24th September
A cosmic quiet day which may help any hangovers from yesterday’s party feel. The Moon makes a sextile to Saturn which will help with the tidying up even if you’re not ready for much else. Later she sextiles nurturing Juno. Get what you need to get done in the morning and take the afternoon to take care of each other.

Sunday 25th September
Mercury enters Libra bringing the count to 4 planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn) in Libra plus Juno. The Moon is gathering pace towards them and will join them tomorrow. With such a strong emphasis on the Scales, there may be a tendency to defer decisions or make choices for the sake of keeping the peace. A co-operative attitude is necessary. Those that want to go it alone may find themselves getting left behind.

Mercury in Libra is all about listening, stepping into the other person’s shoes, seeing the other side. This is also a very persuasive position so if you need someone to get on board with your idea, now might be the perfect opportunity to present your case (or turn on the charm!).

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”  ~Epictetus