New Moon in Libra – September 2011 – Hope Springs

Hope is like a road in the country; there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence.  ~Lin Yutang

The New Moon occurs at 11:08 Universal Time on the 27th September 2011 at exactly 4 degrees Libra.

The New Moon is conjunct Mercury and asteroid Iris, sextile Mars, opposite Uranus and square Pluto.

This New Moon chart sees 5 planets in Libra. With the sign being so emphasised normally we would be talking about making balanced decisions, peace-keeping, justice, art and beauty. Generally the New Moon in Libra is a time to focus on our one to one relationships (both romantic and business partnerships) to ensure that things are shared equally. Libra is about fairness and the balance of power.

But the see saw of these scales is a little skewed. As I look at the chart, I’m
reminded of when I experienced labyrinthitis (inflammation of the inner ear); trying to walk a straight line but somehow listing to the left and oddly dissociated from that side of my body. Uranus pushes from the other side of the chart, Pluto weighs heavy between as the focal planet in a t-square. I get a feeling of all or nothing.

RainbowIris was the Goddess of the rainbow in Greek mythology. In fact in some stories she is seen as the personification of the Rainbow. Few of us can deny the wonder we feel when a rainbow appears: after the storm comes peace.

Iris, much like Mercury is a go-between Goddess. She carries a caduceus as does Mercury, representing that she has a function of healing. The rainbow represents her path between heaven and earth. As a divine messenger her task is to unite, bring together. It is suggested that her name derives from the word eirô, “I join” and/or erô meaning speaker or messenger.

With both Iris and Mercury conjunct the New Moon there is a strong sense of a ‘message’ being carried down from the cosmos. In Libra it is calling for justice, fairness for all, balance and truth. However the opposition to Uranus suggests a rogue element is at work. Uranus in Aries can blaze a trail of innovation, or carry a hedonistic warrior cry that speaks for no one but himself. Uranus in Aries can upset the balance of things. He’s the rebel without a cause, the renegade, a loose canon.

Read one way, we can see it as the cosmos showing us that if we find our sense of balance we can embrace the changes necessary to begin a new road towards transformation of the current structures. Yes it’s a challenge but if we keep talking and treasure our sense of hope then we have a shot at living in a peaceful world.

But the eccentric energy of Uranus may catch us off our guard. If we strive too much towards the ‘I’, if we are selfish with what we have and what we want then all that we have built can be destroyed. The rainbow is a fragile picture, a moment in time that fades quickly. Right now it’s a gentle touch that counts. Mars sextile the New Moon suggests we must act upon this window of opportunity.

Venus, ruler of the New Moon is applying to a conjunction with Saturn. Traditionally these two are viewed unfavourably – especially in the natal chart when, if tradition is to be believed, you’ll end up unmarried and unhappy. Of course, these two have a brighter side. Reading it at its simplest, Venus and Saturn are about the commitment of love. We have to make a commitment to make this work and we have to take it seriously.

With both Mercury and Iris conjunct the New Moon there is a powerful emphasis on ‘bringing things together’. I see Mercury and Iris each sitting on one side of the scales, each holding a caduceus, each whispering a message from the heavens that complements the other.

The danger in this chart is if we simply gang up on the rogue element. With so many planets in Libra, it’s like watching a gang of kids whispering on one side of the playground. Sooner or later, the one who has been left out is going to make himself heard or do something unexpected, even shocking. If we exclude them, we are asking for trouble.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is

A Man Revealing To His Students The Foundation Of An Inner Knowledge Upon Which A “New World” Could Be Built

Iris brings a ray of hope, Mercury brings knowledge. Uranus (if we include him) can show us a new way of thinking – a new world, if we let him. We need to present our case carefully and take all sides into consideration.

To work with this New Moon. First look to the house in which it will occur. Remember that Iris and Mercury are there too.

What divine messages have you been receiving regarding this area of your life?
What information has been coming to you?
How can you balance this area of your life more effectively?
What hopes do you have for this aspect of your life?
What can you share from it with another? Here you may need the input of somebody else in order to bring things together. Hope carries you through.

Look to the opposite house where Uranus is.

What can you do differently in this area of your life?
Have you been fighting to get your own way about something?
Be prepared, Uranus will sometimes abruptly cast something out of your life if you hold onto it too tightly. He frees you from intolerable binds that stop you moving forwards. Wherever Uranus is, he’s asking you to wake up and he’ll keep on shaking you until you do!

Look to where Pluto is in your chart. Whichever house he is transiting, he urges complete transformation – destruction followed by renovation. He rebuilds from the bottom up, laying to waste what has gone before. His purpose is to empower you.

What must you change?
What must you eliminate?

This is a fascinating and powerful New Moon. In the UK natal chart, it sits directly on the Uranus-Ascendant midpoint in the 12th house. It is possible this may trigger unrest connected to institutions such as prisons or hospitals. Note that this is also the house of secret enemies. Key planet Pluto is closing towards squaring the Ascendant and entering the 4th house suggesting significant changes on our home turf are coming.

Right now we can’t afford to be chasing rainbows and vague promises of pots of gold. Venus conjunct Saturn says we must deal with the reality. But whilst the wild card may lay in wait to make us jump, we can afford to have hope. Hope colours our vision of the future. There is a pot of gold glittering in each and every one of us.

Photo by schizoform on Flickr