Weekly Cosmic Tides – Astrology for the 26th September – 2nd October

There is a distinctly unstable feel for the first few days of the week as Libra is strongly emphasised by transiting planets and the New Moon on Tuesday. A t-square between the Sun conjunct Mercury opposite Uranus, square Pluto speaks of revolutionary transformation in mind and heart.

There’s a need to give ground in order to keep the peace. Power issues come into play on Wednesday as the Sun and Mercury square Pluto and by Thursday there’s a hard reality check with Venus conjunct Saturn. The air may be heavy with important decisions but by Friday the universe helps you to make your mind up. Thankfully the weekend’s energies will help to clear the air.

Monday 26th September
The week kicks off with an opposition between the Sun and Uranus. Mercury is also in the thick of it, perfecting his Uranus opposition tomorrow. With already four planets in Libra, all aspects of this sign are brought into focus.

The Sun opposite Uranus may instigate rebellious tendencies. Things can feel erratic whilst Uranus is in play and as he is also locked into the New Moon chart, expect to be surprised at best and shocked at worst. With the Sun, Uranus taps into your sense of identity, what makes you really you? What is your unique selling point?

People may not take lightly to being told what to do or how to do it.
Whilst Libra pushes for a compromise, Uranus is quite happy to say ‘go to hell, I’ll do what I want” – especially as he’s still square to Pluto.

On the plus side, this aspect can be wonderful for being jolted out of a rut or
surprising someone by letting them see a whole new side of you.

With Pluto at the apex of the t-square, we are looking at intensely transformative energies. To release some of the tension in this pattern, look to the opposite position to Pluto. Where in your chart does this point lay? How can you incorporate this into your life? If you don’t know your chart, meditate on the sign Cancer.

Tuesday 27th September
Libra’s stellium is in full swing as the New Moon occurs. Conjunct Iris, opposite Uranus and square Pluto, this is a tense, rather volatile New Moon that urges us to embrace change and have hope. Oddly, as I wrote my New Moon post, I kept thinking about how certain discoveries and inventions hold great promise for the future yet they must be handled carefully. For them to benefit us most, we must hold a clear vision of the path ahead. The pioneer needs to have the courage and foresight to complete their goal but they must remember that what they do effects everyone. The startling news from Cern suggesting that something can go faster than the speed of light opens up a world of possibilities and shakes the very foundations of science as we know it. If the research proves to be true, we enter a whole new era of exploration.

Flashes of insight are possible under this Moon as the rainbow messenger Iris carries heavenly inspiration. Open your heart to new possibilities.

Wednesday 28th September
The t-square hots up with the Sun conjunct Mercury square Pluto. This combination can trigger situations which force you to consider who you really are and what you really think. Outside pressure to change your perspective is a cosmic sign that you need to release outdated thought patterns based on a skewed perspective of self. Once the way has been cleared, your single-minded sense of purpose carries you on your way.

Thursday 29th September
A sextile between Mercury and Mars sets your mind racing. With Mercury still square to Pluto, the trick is not to panic. You may feel the time is right to let someone know what you really think. Bite your tongue because with Mars quincunx Pluto, you could start a war without intending to. A conjunction between Venus and Saturn may bring you up short. Reality hits and it doesn’t always look pretty but beauty is everywhere when seen through the heart.

Friday 30th September
The fast and furious pace continues with a Sun sextile to Mars. With a high energy boost and a strong Scorpio Moon, you have the power to complete any project you set your mind to. A trine between the Sun and Vesta add sense of devotion to your work. Listen to your heart.

Saturday 1st October
As the Moon moves into Sagittarius and the t-square energy begins to wane, you may find yourself wanting some space to ponder the week’s events. The prime directive of Sagittarius is ‘to understand’. Get out into the open air and enjoy the colours of autumn. Red and orange nourish your root and sacral chakras. Witness the stillness of the trees, the ease in which they relinquish their leaves. The ground is aglow with their fire.

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” William Shakespeare

Sunday 2nd October
The Sun is on fixed star Diadem in the Constellation Coma Berenice. In mythology, Berenice cut off her hair and laid it within the temple of Aphrodite in return for the safe return of her husband (Ptolemy Euergetes) who had been fighting at war. Upon his return, Ptolemy was furious when he found out her hair had been stolen from the temple. Late that night however, the priests came to show him that the hair hadn’t been stolen. Instead, the Goddess had placed it in the sky so that all could witness it’s beauty.

Whilst this myth can suggest gratitude is rewarded and that love goes beyond looks, there is another side to the tale. There’s a suggestion that the priests spun a yarn for Berenice’s husband because they knew the hair had in fact been stolen. Maybe they had stolen it themselves. The lie pandered to the pride of Berenice and Ptolemy.

With the Sun conjunct Diadem and quincunx Jupiter, mind against overly dramatic acts of love. Choose carefully those in whom you put your faith.