Weekly Cosmic Tides – Astrology for the 10th – 16th October 2011

Monday 10th October
A flowing trine from Venus to Chiron soothes away old wounds. In Scorpio, Venus might be up for a deep tissue massage to stimulate full body cleansing. A little love goes a long way, a gentle touch may be all that is needed to smooth over any ruffled feathers.

If you have ever had healing, you will know that wonderful feeling of being
wrapped up in a cotton cloud of love. Whilst Venus in Scorpio is quite ready to get down to her naughty knickers, she also knows that intimacy can be a form of profound healing. Rather than wham bam thank you ma’am, this aspect is about offering up yourself as a being of love – not just a body. In our free and generally open society, it’s easy for us to lose ourselves in the heady pursuit of the perfect O, the perfect body, the perfect sexual experience. But little is said of just being, just being with someone – quietly, intimately, profoundly, deeply. It goes way beyond sex. It’s about divine connection.

Mercury conjunct Terpsichore (the Muse of Dance) reminds you to move your body and your mind. Stretch your body, your mind will follow. In Libra, a dance with your lover is the perfect way to tap into the loving Venus energy described above.

And if that wasn’t enough slushy stuff, Mercury also makes a conjunction to Juno Goddess of Marriage today. Not only can you experience powerful connection, but you can also talk about it too!

If you’re single, don’t feel left out. This is a wonderful day to just hold a space in your heart that says ‘love’. When we love openly without expectation, we are living in grace.

Tuesday 11th October
Whilst the Moon beats a fiery path through Aries creating a trine to Mars in its wake, the Sun is on the fixed star Seginus ” a word coming from Latin for corn-crop and thus meaning a reaper or harvester” (Constellation of Words).

There’s a temptation to get active, to fight for what you want. Self confidence is boosted, your passions are stirred. Just be sure that you’re clear on the goal. You reap what you sow.

Wednesday 12th October
A temperamental Aries Full Moon opposes Saturn in Libra. Whilst the ruler of the Moon (Mars) is quite at home in fiery Leo, he is currently sitting on fixed star Acubens. Ebertin says of this combination that “this will make for an unsettled mentality and helplessness”.

There’s a push to thrash out differences with this Moon but some of this may stem from a feeling of uncertainty – even paranoia. I see wheels spinning in the sand of a hot dessert. Hitting the accelerator just digs you deeper. The Aries – Libra axis suggests that if you feel like your wheels are spinning but you’re getting nowhere, you may need to solicit a different point of view.

The Mercury trine to Neptune offers you a chance to tune in to the higher realms for some much needed guidance but the impulse is to simply tune out and escape to lala land. With the blustering Full Moon, there may be a temptation to simply say what you think the other person wants to hear rather than saying what you really think. Sometimes a little white lie is necessary to save hurting another, sometimes honesty is the best policy. With the heavy emphasis on Libra, I’d hedge towards ‘if you can’t speak the truth, say nothing’ approach.

Thursday 13th October
There’s a serious note to the day as the Sun makes a conjunction to Saturn in Libra. All that hard work you have been doing on your relationships either pays off or leaves you wondering why you bothered. If you feel like it’s the latter, remember that Saturn is a slow mover. Things can’t change overnight. Sometimes it’s about keeping going, even when you think you can’t go any further. If you’re tired, sleep. Give your body time to rest. It’s a fine line between pushing yourself to do your best and breaking your back to please someone who doesn’t want to be pleased. Do the very best you can without harming yourself.

Venus creates a sextile to Pluto and Mercury shifts into Scorpio. Don’t be afraid of the dark – or your own shadow. If you’ve been in a long dark tunnel, instead of waiting for the light, let your eyes adjust to the dark. You may be surprised by what you see. Both Venus and Mercury help to shift your perception and open up your mind and body to more subtle impressions. The Sun-Saturn conjunction combined with the activity of Venus and Mercury says you are doing some very deep work; rather like excavating a big hole in the ground ready for laying foundations. It’s all about working through problems and challenges. Mercury will give you mental strength, Saturn – determination, the Sun – purpose and Venus – passion. In six months time, you may be surprised to see how much you have achieved. Be patient.

Friday 14th October
Mercury trine Chiron. Mercury’s meeting with Chiron may prove to be a productive one. In Scorpio, Mercury has his nose to the ground, sniffing out the truth of the matter. Remember that your mind and body are connected. Use the energy of the day to find out more about any health conditions that plague you. Research alternative treatments, mind over body healing, the power of thought. An opposition from Venus to Jupiter warns you however not to spend big bucks on the latest fad healing method! Be scrupulous in your research beforehand. Be clear about claims and promises. Overblown expectations only lead to disappointment.

Alternatively, Mercury represents young people and Chiron, a mentor. If there has been a problem with a child, now may be the perfect time to sit down with them to discuss the matter properly. Let them say their piece without interruption. Be prepared to hear things that you don’t want to hear.  Sometimes a child just wants to be heard. By creating a powerful place of safety and profound connection, you can guide them with a gentle hand. Bear in mind with Venus opposite Jupiter, don’t make promises you cannot keep. Stick with the truth and the obtainable.

Saturday 15th October
As the Moon moves into Gemini and sextiles Psyche, the Sun makes at opposition to Eris who is in an evil mood. I get the image of a vampire being rudely awakened in the daytime, hissing as the Sun burns her skin.

Eris doesn’t want to play nice but thankfully the Moon is in a friendly mood and is not about to get all emotional over someone else’s tantrums. The Gemini moon is simply prepared to stand back and take in all the information, jotting a few notes along the way. Eris might get hopping mad but the Moon doesn’t bat an eyelid. Sextile to Psyche, the Moon offers you a chance to reflect upon your own inner demons without getting caught up in their games.

Sun opposite Eris – “When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.” ~ African Proverb

Sunday 16th October
Mercury sextile Pluto. Practice strength of will. Become aware of the inner mantras you say to yourself every day. Does your inner voice motivate you or constantly castigate you? Let Mercury and Pluto help you to become aware of the babble of background chatter. Consider how you can make that inner voice work for you instead of against you. When you mind is set, nothing can stop you.

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”  Mahatma Gandhi