Weekly Cosmic Tides – Astrology for the 24th – 30th October 2011

Monday 24th October
The week begins with a brilliant trine from the Sun in Scorpio to Chiron in Pisces. You may be a leader or a follower but here the accent is on the path with a heart. There is an emphasis on staying true to oneself, living with integrity and a desire to pass down the wisdom you have learned to others with authority and authenticity.

This is a day to seek out your mentors, sit at the feet of a wise man or woman, make an appointment with a therapist, doctor, herbalist, spiritual counsellor or life coach. In day to day life, you can rely on the advice of others because they have your best interests at heart. If you are put in the position of advisor, tune in to your intuition and the atmosphere around you. Take a moment of silence before you speak. Your experience is not that of the other but the hurts you have endured offer you the ability to empathise. You may feel uncannily perceptive, able to see the good in people around you and the broader scheme of things.

Tuesday 25th October
A quincunx between the Sun and Uranus today adds a quirky element which is not without its irritations. Unexpected turns of events may lead you up the garden path or drive you round the bend. People may surprise you; suddenly showing an opinion or characteristic that you never would have expected. The key to the quincunx is adjustment.  You might not agree, you might be shocked, you may just find it a huge joke but the core theme of the day is to live and let live.

Wednesday 26th October
The New Moon in Scorpio captures Mars’ sextile to Saturn and the Venus square to Mars both of which perfect today.

The New Moon has an unsettled feel to it. On the one hand it is meditative.
Considered as Lunar Samhain, it naturally invites you to go within. It is a Moon of silence, of listening to the whispers of those who have passed. As Samhain draws close and the nights grow darker in the Northern Hemisphere, we prepare for Winter. We seek out light and warmth and safety in the face of darkness, cold and death. At this time of year we are reminded of our mortality.

But fractious energies come into play as old ruler of Scorpio (Mars) squares Venus. Head and heart fight. Mars in Leo is just one big drama, Venus in Scorpio is feeling everything intensely – it’s life and death! Sparks fly.

With a sextile between Mars in Leo and Saturn in Libra, the cosmos is saying that you can be yourself as well as a partner, lover, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife but it isn’t always an easy journey. Does love truly survive all things? As you strip away your essential layers of protection, ego and defence, will he/she/they still love you? Passionate making and breaking in relationships signify being caught up in the Mars-Venus drama. Working at making it work, well, that’s Mars and Saturn giving you a good luck charm.

Strength is found in doing things the grown up way. Yes it might not be quite as exciting as a full scale row followed by passionate making up but it’ll help you to build upon what you have.

Venus is stamping her feet, mostly because she’s a little confused and scared. In the face of fear, step back a little. Reach inside and find that part of you that is terrified, just terrified of everything that could happen. Cradle it in your imaginary arms. It’s like lighting a flame in the dark.

Thursday 27th October
Saturn and Eris face off in an opposition. As soon as I saw this aspect I was hit with a wave of images of ‘breaking the rules’. It feels like Eris wants to tear down Saturn’s safe, secure, oh so strict way of doing things. Yet In Eris I see a prickling of pity for Saturn who is so caught up in rules and regulations, he dare not make a move against the establishment. He fears doing what he’d most like to do.

And Eris may occasionally yearn for some sense of acceptance. Saturn, even though he’s going to throw the book at Eris, is partly intrigued by her wayward ways and even though he wouldn’t admit is to anyone else, occasionally he gets the Devil in him and fancies a blow out.

Saturn and Eris really aren’t happy bedfellows but you can learn a little from both of them today. If you feel like laying down the law to someone else or breaking the rules, look to where you may be smothering your own individuality for the sake of another.

Friday 28th October
The big story of the day is Jupiter’s trine to Pluto. This is an aspect of extreme power. Jupiter naturally inflates, Pluto intensifies. The trine funnels energy between them without obstacle. This aspect provides a chance to explore your spiritual and philosophical beliefs and your understanding of the nature of true power.

Both planets are in signs associated with wealth and accumulation – power in the modern world. Whilst a trine is generally considered a positive aspect, it can also speed up energy, leaving it unchecked and a little wild. Once again issues connected to overspending may come to the foreground although they’ve hardly been in the background since Pluto entered Capricorn. The power of the media may too become an issue.

It’s time to eliminate outworn ideas that distort your view of the world. Open up and embrace change. Fear of what you don’t know keeps you small. Jupiter offers an expanded view of the world and a more hopeful attitude. Even if the news resounds with stories of monetary gloom and doom, you can choose what you do with this information. Search for the truth and stay optimistic about the future.

A fast moving square between Mercury and Mars today may fuel some confrontations. Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth. If you find yourself in the middle of an argument, stand your ground with dignity and (with Jupiter’s help) keep an eye on the bigger picture.

Saturday 29th October
The Jupiter-Pluto trine is highlighted by the Sun’s opposition to Jupiter and sextile to Pluto.

With the Sun opposite Jupiter, there’s a tendency to go overboard. It’s that old ‘there has to be more than this’ feeling. It’s great to dream but sometimes this aspect can evoke exaggerated behaviour – like expressions on cartoon character faces, everything is larger than life, over-stated and just a little pie in the sky.

The sextile to Pluto gives a clue on how to deal with all this billowing energy. It’s about focusing, narrowing down your options and most of all, doing the research necessary to bring you to an informed viewpoint. Once you have all the necessary information, you’re empowered to change.

Sunday 30th October
The Sun slips into a conjunction with asteroid Nemesis whilst the Moon conjuncts the Galactic centre. With the Jupiter-Pluto trine still reverberating, it feels as though it’s important to keep your friends close and your enemies closer…but who exactly is your enemy?

Nemesis tends to point out your weak spot – with the Sun it’s your blind spot; the part of yourself that you don’t see but is clear as day to others. The Moon highlights the big black hole. We can’t see it but everything spins around it. It has enormous power.

Your blind spot may be revealed today. Take heart; don’t blame yourself for missing the obvious. Celebrate the fact that a core part of you has come into the light. Welcome it home.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Cosmic Tides – Astrology for the 24th – 30th October 2011”

  1. Charmaine Treherne

    For those of us in the Southern hemisphere who are in spring and the beginning of the life cycle, how does today’s reading affect us? The tendency to “go within. It is a Moon of silence, of listening to the whispers of those who have passed. As Samhain draws close and the nights grow darker in the Northern Hemisphere, we prepare for Winter. We seek out light and warmth and safety in the face of darkness, cold and death. At this time of year we are reminded of our mortality.” Do we in the South, simply reverse this…. not sure of how it plays out for us?

  2. Hi Charmaine
    Great question!
    On a general level, the signs are not the seasons and vice versa. We are all experiencing the New Moon in Scorpio whatever side of the pond we are on so the greater cycle is about the concept of release and renewal, death within life and life within death. At the end of the day, Spring and Fall and Taurus and Scorpio are two sides of the same coin.
    In the Northern Hemisphere, the seasons are so very demonstrative of the signs that it is hard not to link them together but this is a source of quite a lot of debate about this amongst astrologers! There’s a very good article from a Australian Astrologer here however if you would like to read more.

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