New Moon in Scorpio – October 2011 – Devotion

The New Moon occurs at 19:55 on the 26th October 2011 at 3SCO03 .

New Moon in Scorpio invites an inner cleansing. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is a time of cold and darkness. The nights are closing in, Samhain draws near closely followed by the Day of the Dead. Leaves on the trees are brittle and descending. The Southern Hemisphere however is bursting into life. Scorpio reminds us of what must die to make way for birth.

The New Moon is opposite Jupiter and Lilith, quincunx Uranus, sextile Pluto and semi-square the North Node.  It is also conjunct Princeps a star associated with “a keen mind and an ability for research” [Constellation of Words]. With Jupiter in opposition and Lilith prancing nearby however, it may be important to keep your discoveries to yourself for a while rather than letting the cat out of the bag. The quincunx to Uranus suggests that despite your best efforts, things may tend to get twisted or distorted. The semi-square to the North Node indicates it’s not quite time to push ahead.

Pluto offers you the chance to really focus on finding out the Truth. It’s about getting down to the bare bones and illuminating secrets. That which is hidden, crawls out of the shadows. All those things you seek to hide, press into the open. Pluto helps you to stay focused on the task, to release all that distracts from the truth of the matter.

The New Moon chart captures the Mars sextile to Saturn and square to Venus, both of which perfect today. Whilst the Saturn influence offers some stability, Mars and Venus are tense and argumentative. Mars is also opposite Neptune so anger and disagreements may simply simmer malevolently in the background or you may feel accompanied by an insidious sense that something isn’t quite right but no one seems to be saying anything. To top it all, Mars is also square to Mercury so everyone might have to bite their tongue.

Whilst passionate breaking up and making up come under the realm of Scorpio, it may be more constructive to get to the root of problems. Tune in to the energy of Saturn and aim for a constructive approach.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is: –

A Youth Carries A Lighted Candle In A Devotional Ritual

Most of the time, youth can be associated with running from one thing to another, fads and fancies. Tastes change as much as friendships. What is liked one day is hated the next. It is through this nature of change that we discover what we truly think, feel and believe. The devotion of a youngster who has found something they believe in is phenomenal to witness. Whether it is a pop star, sport, talent or pastime, the level of commitment a young person can achieve is breath-taking. Unshackled by the needs and musts of adult life such as a job and bills, the subject of devotion is intensely followed with a pure heart. When truth is revealed, you too can follow your heart. In the face of devotion, fears can be overcome.

Scorpio is also associated with sex. At its highest manifestation, sex is the ‘little death’, the blending of two souls into one. It is union on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. To be utterly naked in the sight of
the one you love takes courage and absolute honesty. Scorpio is revelation.

New Moon in Scorpio acts as a catalyst for transformation. Look to the house in which it occurs in your chart for clues to where you need to reveal and/or release. It also shows that which needs a little more dedication. Who or what are you holding a candle to? Does it deserve your devotion? Once the work of this Moon is done, the path is cleared and the phoenix can rise again.