Weekly Cosmic Tides – Astrology for the 31st October – 6th November 2011

Monday 31st October
Venus square Neptune. Venus is still in a conjunction to Mercury as she squares Neptune today bringing a tongue twister of a story. It’s a fairytale with a dark edge making me think of Pan’s Labyrinth, Company of Wolves and Edward Scissorhands all rolled into one. Not that it takes much for me to think of Johnny Depp but I digress…

And that’s just it with Venus and Neptune and a smattering of Mercury. They take your mind and heart to places that are both painful and beautiful to visit or re-visit. Venus and Neptune just want love, love, love but instead of candlelight and chocolate mouse we have searing fluorescent light and a plate full of chopped garlic. Venus in Scorpio is ready to tell it like it is (conjunct Mercury), Neptune is struggling to make sense of it all in the grand scheme of things. Both would prefer to put the rose coloured spectacles back on and believe what they want to believe. If all else fails, use this influence to make one wicked Halloween costume and order a cocktail.

It really is trick or treat, beauty and the beast. Nothing is clear right now. Take care you are not led up the garden path. There are wolves in the forest my dear…

Tuesday 1st November
Mercury square Neptune. Someone has been telling porkies and now the big bad wolf is gonna come and blow the house down. Yes, we are still in the realm of fairytale. The difficulty with the aspect is that sometimes you hear what you want to hear and sometimes people feed you lines which aren’t altogether on the up and up. Your thinking might be unclear and it’s hard to concentrate on the fine print. Delay making big decisions and look carefully before you sign on the dotted line. Fairy treasure isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

In the Christian calender, today is the festival of All Saints which honours and remembers all saints and martyrs who have passed through the pearly gates and entered the house of God. Tomorrow marks All Souls where prayers are said for the dead, specifically for those who may still be in purgatory.

Mercury and Neptune in aspect can indicate hearing the voice of spirit so whilst the square today is tense, it can be used for honing your talents in mediumship and clairvoyance.

If you are a musician or writer, this could help blow writer’s block out of the water but expect some heavy editing down the line. Best to just go with your muse because between the odd bum note and plot-hole, there are some sparks of genius.

Tune into your higher self, offer up a prayer if you don’t know what to do. Guidance comes from the mysterious world of dreams and Spirit. Watch and wait.

Wednesday 2nd November
A cosmic shift today as Venus and Mercury walk hand in hand into Sagittarius. Whilst this certainly helps to banish the ghostly hangover from Halloween we are not quite out of the woods yet as Venus also moves into a square to Chiron.

A first quarter Moon also sits on the Sabian symbol “A Man Who Had For A Time Become The Embodiment Of A Popular Ideal Is Made To Realize That As A Person He Is Not This Ideal

A social occasion may have you feeling unusually uncomfortable. Maybe it’s just because you seem to have different core beliefs and values than the rest of the group. Perhaps it reminds you of other times when you didn’t quite fit in.  Take care that you are not projecting onto others your own shadows and insecurities and guard against the same being directed towards you.

Relax. You don’t have to fit in nor be anyone’s ‘ideal’ but you can learn and grow from the interaction.

Thursday 3rd November
Mercury catches up with Venus and also squares Chiron. Old wounds give you something to think about but the influence is fleeting. Whilst yesterday may have made you feel a little awkward, today the world wants to know you for you!

Venus and Mercury pair up to make a trine to Uranus giving you the impression that glitter might fall from heaven at any moment. Given some Uranus va-va-voom, you can delight others with your ingenious ideas and scintillating company. This is the perfect time to arrange a get-together with bloggers, start a meet-up group or create a forum online. New technology may catch your eye and a gadget may be just the ticket to juggling your busy life.

Friday 4th November
Moon in Pisces, North Node conjunct Orpheus. Make sweet music with the one you love.

Listen to your favourite album. Tune into a new play-list. The North Node reminds us that music has the power to unite across all divides.

“Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.” ~ anonymous

Saturday 5th November
Mercury enters his shadow degree in the build up towards the retrograde cycle conjunct fixed star ‘Yed Posterior’ in the hand of the serpent bearer Ophiuchus. There is much doom and gloom attributed to this star and to this constellation in general.

Back in January this year, Ophiuchus opened a can of worms once again as newspapers reverberated with gleeful stories about how astrologers have got everything ‘wrong‘.

It’s worth remembering that despite this constellation’s maligned reputation, the snake is revered in many cultures for its wisdom. The message here during the build up to Mercury retrograde is to keep your ear to the ground. Be aware of tall stories and of information being presented with a heavy bias. With Mercury in Sagittarius, the retrograde cycle is going to present the opportunity to work out what you really believe and in whom you will put your faith. Listen.

Sunday 6th November
A long void of course moon leaves us out on a limb during most of Sunday. It’s not until early evening that the Moon enters Aries and shortly after conjuncts Uranus.

A void of course Moon often feels like a wild card so don’t be surprised if you feel rather unsettled and not quite sure what to do with your day of rest.

Both Venus and Mercury however conjunct Chiron’s wife Chariklo today. Words of love may be all someone needs to trigger the healing process. Keep a positive frame of mind.