Weekly Cosmic Tides – Astrology for the 28th November – 4th December 2011

Monday 28th November
The Orpheus myth plays out today as Venus is conjunct Orpheus and Pluto is opposite Eurydice. Eurydice, the beautiful much-loved wife of Orpheus, stepped on a snake and died. Beset with grief, Orpheus enchanted Hades with his mournful songs. Hades, so moved by the beauty of the music, granted that Orpheus could take his wife back to the land of the living, provided he did not look back at her until they were in the upper world.

But Orpheus began to doubt that Hades would keep his word. How could he know for sure that Eurydice was following him? He looked back. She disappeared for ever.

In life, there is always a time that comes where you want one last moment, one last day, one last look. Love travels beyond death but you have to trust the process. The past is gone. Let the future happen. Trust that change happens for a reason. Let love be your guide.

Tuesday 29th November
Mercury square Ceres. Nurturing Ceres receiving a square from Mercury oddly makes me think of how some seeds need harsh frosts to make them grow. You may struggle to communicate your basic needs today or you may feel like your environment is hostile to your way of thinking. Maybe you disagree with your partner on an issue involving the children. Maybe different generations of your family have conflicting ideas about how to do things.

One interesting fact about Ceres is that she was also the protector of Roman law. In her temple were kept archives of the law. Perhaps there’s a hint here that good laws help us ‘grow’, whereas bad laws and broken laws are like a disease spreading like wildfire throughout society. With Mercury square Ceres today, it may be necessary to look at what laws you uphold. Do you always do something because your Mother/Father/Aunt taught you it was right? Is it right for you now? Some family laws help you grow. Some hold you back. What did your family teach you? Does it still apply? The challenge is to adjust your perspective on right and wrong in order for you to flourish.

Wednesday 30th November
Moon in Aquarius. A quiet day in the cosmos leaves you a wide open space in which to try something new. Open your eyes to a world of possibilities. Go grassroots, go radical. Embrace change.

Thursday 1st December
Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Love transforms. This can certainly be the case when these two come together but in Capricorn, the emphasis may be on a love of material things rather than of spiritual togetherness.

Positively used, this aspect can produce a fierce sense of ‘wanting’ which gives the dogged determination to do whatever needs to be done to get there – whether it be business related or in relationships. Right now you have the power of attraction on your side and it’s up to you to use this potent power carefully. Passions are intense. Don’t let yourself be coerced onto a path that goes against your true values.

I couldn’t resist posting The Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. I know it’s an old song, I know it’s played to death at Christmas but just listen to the lyrics! An exquisite expression of Venus conjunct Pluto.

Friday 2nd December
A first quarter Pisces Moon sits on the Sabian

An Aviator Pursues His Journey, Flying Through Ground-Obscuring Clouds.

Sometimes the way ahead is unclear. You can’t see what all the work you are doing will amount to. Trust your imagination and intuition, listen to your soul. Inside you have an internal radar that will guide you home. Sometimes it’s necessary to go on automatic pilot to tap into the well of wisdom inside.

Mercury is also conjunct the North Node, further emphasising the importance of the journey and living in a state of higher mind. With the Sun square Mars however, you may encounter others or aspects of yourself that struggle with the big picture. The details of day to day life may infuriate you. If you find yourself caught up in frustration, find a moment to stand with arms outstretched. Breathe. You are a leaf upon the wind.

Saturday 3rd December
The Sun is on fixed star Kuma, semi-square Saturn. Kuma used to be regarded as one of the stars representing four mother camels who protected their young from hyenas.  Some say the word means ‘At last!” The wisdom of elders who have walked the path before you may grate on you but be assured they are trying to keep you out of hot water! If you are offered advice, listen – even if it goes against the grain.

Sunday 4th December
Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury square Mars. In my post on Mercury retrograde, I wrote that the conjunction between the Sun and retrograde Mercury marks a new Mercurial cycle. It also symbolises the moment Prometheus stole fire from Zeus and gave it to humankind. Whilst you may feel all fired up (especially under an Aries Moon!), the square to Mars suggests that your inspiration may give way to agitation if you don’t get to where you think you should be. Trick your Mercury into believing he is on the way – plan, think ahead, gather what you need but hold your horses until the way ahead is clear.