Lunar Eclipse December 2011 – Knowing

The lunar eclipse occurs on the 10th December 2011 at 14:36 (UT) at 18GEM10

“Beware of the Blood Moon” my Grandmother used to say.

Deeply superstitious by nature, she would even wake me up if moonlight drifted through the curtains onto my face. She said it would send me mad. Maybe it did 🙂

But a Blood Moon as she called it (or a lunar eclipse) was something that made her shiver and turn the silver*. Ancient Romany ways through her Father’s blood clashed with devout Christian beliefs. The feminine twisted to fit the purpose of the masculine.

The Lunar Eclipse is more subtle than the Solar, sensed or experienced on an emotional level. In mundane astrology, the Moon represents the mood of the people, the public, woman. It shows what is capturing our attention as a collective. Occurring at Full Moon, the lunar eclipse has a way of showing what is already there – we are halfway through a cycle. We feel it our gut. At Full Moon, our intuition is heightened. As the shadow of the Earth passes across the face of the Moon, so our shadows become real and tangible. This is the gift of the lunar eclipse – and sometimes what people consider to be the curse.

Lunar Eclipse December 2011

The Moon in the eclipse chart is square Mars, quincunx Venus. Like the recent Solar eclipse, Mars once again is singled out with a square. In this aspect to the Moon, it can trigger anger or aggression – often misplaced under the eclipse. There is an abrasive energy at work: a clash of ideas and/or beliefs, the information we are fed is unsettling, arguments over the right way to do things.

The quincunx to Venus with the Gemini influence, indicates frittering away money or trying to keep up with the Jones’s. But the quincunx says we need to adjust. Peace cannot be found in pennies or pounds.

Mercury, ruler of the Gemini eclipse sits on asteroid Okyrhoe. Okyrhoe, daughter of Chiron and Chariklo was a prophetess. As punishment for voicing her visions, Chiron changed her into a horse, therefore taking away her power of speech.

Mercury and Okyrhoe are in Sagittarius which emphasises the prophetic visionary aspect of this eclipse. It is offering us a picture of things to come. Perhaps the difference here is that by seeing the future, we can work towards changing or redefining what we see. Mercury, the planet of communication is still retrograde. It talks of inner knowing, reviewing, re-visioning yet it may be hard for us to express what we feel inside. En masse, we the public may feel that our voice is not being heard. Spurred on by Mars, perhaps we will shout louder.

The Sun is conjunct fixed star Sabik. Robson describes this combination as “Sincere, honorable, scientific, religious and philosophical interests, unorthodox or heretical, moral courage.” Okyrhoe was punished for her ‘heresy’ yet she spoke the truth.

The Sabian Symbol for the eclipse degree is:

A Large Archaic Volume Reveals A Traditional Wisdom
“The wisdom you seek is already there” says the Moon.

In our modern world, we have such reverence for the new: the spangley gadget that will revolutionise your life, the new hottest club in town, the new name in the papers, the new invention. Yet in our constant thrusting forward, there is the quiet knowledge of the ancients – wisdom passed down through generations from Grandmother to Mother to child.

Somehow we have to have the willingness to look forward and the humility to look back. Ancient peoples lived in tune with the land and the creatures upon it. Most often there was a strong spiritual belief where the feminine was on equal footing to or placed higher than the masculine deities. Whilst some may think of these ideas as quaint, based on superstition, ‘uncivilised’ or just times past, there is a need to acknowledge that modern society isn’t necessarily any better. With Mercury highlighting the female ‘heretical’ visionary talent of Okyrhoe and the Moon reminding us of ancient wisdom, perhaps this eclipse is a way for Mother Earth to find her voice in each an every one of us – whether male or female.

*My grandmother would turn silver – i.e. if laying a table during an eclipse she would turn the knife facing outwards so the Blood Moon wouldn’t ’cause harm’ to the person eating. At New Moon she would always turn a silver sixpence in her pocket and make a wish. I still have the sixpence.

9 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse December 2011 – Knowing”

  1. I did not even know the lunar eclipse was coming up soon! I hope that this will not interfere with my Solar Power that I use for my home. I do not think it will. That is cool that is is now called a blood moon, I never really thought about it like that before.

  2. Hi Kimberly. It’s called a blood moon because at the eclipse it appears to turn a rusty red colour. Thanks for your comment

  3. Thanks for interesting article. I’m planning shoot time lapse of it from New London, CT
    What local time the event appear?

  4. Hi Ted. The eclipse occurs at 14:36 UT time. UT time is the same as GMT.
    Atlantic Standard Time (AST) = UT – 4 hours
    Eastern Standard Time (EST) = UT – 5 hours
    Central Standard Time (CST) = UT – 6 hours
    Mountain Standard Time (MST) = UT – 7 hours
    Pacific Standard Time (PST) = UT – 8 hours

    I hope that helps. You can also use the time zone converter

  5. I have this occurring in my 3rd house conjuncting my IC, (Mercury Rx in my 9th). Currently I am finishing and reviewing last minute details of a Major project. Are there any adverse effects here?

  6. Hi Cleo – The 3rd house connects to the way you learn and think and your powers of expression. With Mercury retrograde through your 9th, it’s about your understanding. Reviewing is ideal whilst Mercury is retrograde.
    The IC is about your roots. My sense is that the lunar elipse occuring on your IC in the 3rd house reveals the ‘roots’ of how your think. It’s a good time to reflect upon what you’ve learned so far and what you think and believe about yourself now. These thoughts create the future (the 9th house). Whilst eclipses can have surprising results, they aren’t necessarily adverse. Sometimes it’s about just about changing or challenging your internal voice and/or a shift in perception if things don’t seem ‘right’.
    Good luck with your project 🙂

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