Weekly Cosmic Tides – Astrology for the 12th – 18th December 2011

Monday 12th December
Mars in Virgo square the North Node in Sagittarius, Venus conjunct fixed star Dheneb. Take care that your desire for things to be perfect doesn’t get in the way of where you truly want to go or appreciating where you are. Getting angry over the little things won’t help. Luckily Venus is riding the tail of Aquila the Eagle and she is ready to smooth out bruised egos if necessary. The trick today is to alter your perspective. Strive to soar above your problems, release tension and let the wind carry you.

Tuesday 13th December
Jupiter semisextile Uranus. These two together can indicate lucky breaks but with the semi-sextile you have to meet fate half-way. Listen out for intuitive flashes or wise words from unexpected quarters. Stay alert to what the universe is trying to teach you. Trust that niggling issues will resolve one way or another, freeing you to deal with more important things.

Wednesday 14th December
Mercury stations direct on the Sabian symbol “A Little Child Learning To Walk With The Encouragement Of His Parents“. You are taking tentative steps now, like Mercury wobbling on his feet getting used to forward motion again. That said, things are moving forward so breathe a sigh of relief! Take your time, get your balance. Give encouragement to others. Echo the curious open nature of a child’s mind. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Thursday 15th December
Moon in Leo, Venus conjunct fixed star Peacock. What a combination! These two love basking in the glow of the limelight. Festive celebrations and Christmas parties get some added sparkle so don’t be afraid to glam up! Just make sure you don’t end up being the centre of attention for the wrong reasons!

Friday 16th December
Neptune conjunct Vesta. A rather beautiful influence fitting the time of year. The pleasure really is in the giving. Spiritual devotion and compassion are starred. If you are unsure as to your spiritual direction in life, open your heart and trust your dreams. Neptune whispers in the dark, Vesta illuminates with her flame.

“True strength lies in submission which permits one to dedicate his life, through devotion, to something beyond himself.” Henry Miller 

Saturday 17th December
Moon in Virgo. What rituals and habits do you perform on autopilot? Is there a habit you could develop to make your day to day life flow more easily? Reorganise and restructure for the good of your health and peace of mind.

Sunday 18th December
With Venus squaring up to Saturn today, emotional and financial issues may prove challenging. You may feel like you are struggling to make an emotional connection or deep underlying inhibitions may whisper that you are unwanted or undesirable. Money might be in short supply or you may be trapped in poverty consciousness.

The truth is that these two are challenging you to pinpoint what really matters. What do you value most? What do you love about yourself? What part of you could do with some strengthening?

To help you along, the last quarter Moon sits on the Sabian “A Boy With A Censer Serves The Priest Near The Altar“. Remember each moment is sacred. If you are struggling, endeavour to tune into the universe through ritual. It can be as small as lighting a candle and saying a prayer.