Weekly Cosmic Tides – Astrology for the 19th – 25th December 2011

Monday 19th December
Sun sextile Saturn – If you are needing to implement some self-discipline, today is the day. Saturn reinforces your sense of purpose and gives you stamina to achieve your goals. In Libra, Saturn is primarily bringing you balance. Slow but steady is the name of the game.

Tuesday 20th December
Venus enters Aquarius, Saturn sextile Neptune. After Saturn’s sextile to the Sun yesterday, the sextile to Neptune is a rather lovely follow up. It’s almost as if the cosmos is saying that when you get down to work, when you tune in to your passion, suddenly your dreams start to become real!

Saturn and Neptune together in a positive aspect bring you the opportunity to really feel your connection to spirit and sense of higher purpose. In the season of goodwill, it’s a perfect day for supporting your favourite charity.

With Venus entering humanitarian Aquarius, altruistic acts are starred. Here Venus is focused on the group and how, when we demonstrate our love for one another, change occurs. During the festive season, it is natural to see more of friends, socialise with your colleagues and reach out to those who need a little extra support. Venus reminds us that there are different kinds of love and that love makes all the difference.

Wednesday 21st December
It’s a Venusian day as the queen of heaven squares up to Jupiter then creates a cheeky sextile to Uranus. If you are still Christmas shopping, watch out for impulse buys that you might regret later. You may be inclined to over-do it: over-buying, over-selling and over-indulging! The sextile to Uranus is exciting and enticing and makes you ready to embrace the out of the ordinary. Just take care that you don’t go a step too far out of your comfort zone.

Thursday 22nd December
The Sun is the big player today as the Sun moves into Capricorn, trines Jupiter and squares Uranus.

Welcome back the light! The Sun’s ingress into Capricorn heralds the winter solstice and the turn of the year. After this moment, the days gradually grow longer for those of us in the Northern hemisphere.

The Sun in Capricorn moves us into a conservative state of mind. Many people will be practising traditional family rituals during the run up to Christmas day and stocking up on food. After the celebrations, it is natural for many of us to review the year and plan out goals for the year ahead. How far have you come? Where have you succeeded, where have you failed? What have you learned this year? What mountains do you plan to climb next year? The Sun in Capricorn is a time for questioning and examining what you have built so far. Are your foundations stable?

The Sun’s trine to Jupiter is a happy aspect bringing good cheer. Celebrate your achievements. Give yourself a pat on the back. If you are struggling to see the positives, go for simple gratitude – the food on your table, the roof over your head, the people you love that are in your life.

During the Capricorn time of assessing your life, there are often moments when you might think: –

Is this it?
Is this all I achieved?
I didn’t get anywhere this year!
Everything is the same!
I want change!

The Sun’s square to Uranus might be bubbling under the surface making you a little frustrated and ready to leap into the unknown. Take care – you have time to change things slowly.

Friday 23rd December
Sun sextile Chiron. The Sun is still the main player. A sextile to Chiron is like a healing balm on old wounds. It’s a natural time of the year to forget our differences with those we love and to make an effort to live and learn from our experiences. Smile and all will be well.

Saturday 24th December
The Capricorn New Moon offers an opportunity to work on your long term goals. With the Moon, it may be useful to explore what habits keep you set in your ways? A square to Uranus asks the question – are you doing the same thing but expecting a different outcome? New Moon in Capricorn is a time to look at your limitations and where you set your boundaries. A trine to Jupiter offers a hint that maybe you aren’t as limited as you believe.

Sunday 25th December
Merry Christmas to all my readers! What better way to celebrate than Jupiter turning direct on Christmas day! Cosmic Santa Claus puffs out his chest and booms “Right then, let’s get this party started!” Make merry my friends – share your joy. Peace on earth and goodwill to all.

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