Weekly Cosmic Tides – Astrology for the 26th December 2011 – 1st January 2012

Monday 26th December
Mercury conjunct the North Node in Sagittarius. Find your inner voice, the one that resides by your heart, the one that speaks the truth. Speak and you shall find what you were looking for.

Tuesday 27th December
Moon in Aquarius – As the new year looms, it’s the optimum time to clear out the old. This transit helps you detach from sentimentality. Throw out or give away those things that you no longer use or have meaning to you. Make space for all that is to come in your life.

Wednesday 28th December
Mercury in Sagittarius opposite asteroid Angel in Gemini. What you need to know may be closer than you think. Listen carefully to what life is trying to tell you.

Asteroid Angel represents divine guidance, whatever your system of faith. Alien ideas may feel like they are pulling you away from where you are meant to be but they may also serve to teach you more about what you think you already understand.

Thursday 29th December
Sun conjunct Pluto. Life is a circle of beginnings and endings. Closing chapters, opening doors. Your power comes in navigating the highs and lows of life. Whether you are at the top or the bottom of the mountain, the wheel of fate turns. Control what you can, release resistance to that which isn’t in your power.

Friday 30th December
Moon in Pisces. A quiet, peaceful and reflective day after the festivities. You may appreciate time to be alone with your thoughts. You may feel sentimental about the passing year and confused about where things are headed. Still your mind. Let your imagination create a connection between you and all that will come to pass.

Saturday 31st December
Neptune conjunct asteroid Ariadne. In mythology, Ariadne gave Theseus a ball of thread so that he could find his way out of a seemingly inescapable maze after killing the minotaur. Here, the cosmos is offering  way out of confusion. Follow the thread of that which you love, the higher call, your inner poet.

Ariadne was also at one time the wife of Dionyses, the God of Wine. Neptune is not averse to a drink or three! Neptune can indicate the area of your life where you seek escapism and the methods used. Drink, drugs, fantasy thinking; all provide a lure that leads you deeper into the maze. But you have what you need to find your way back to the path. There is a way out.

Sunday 1st January 2012
Happy New Year my friends! Wishing you love, peace and happiness for 2012!

The waxing quarter Moon sits on the sabian “The Ruler Of A Nation”. The Moon also sits on asteroid Pelion, named after the Greek mountain and home to the centaurs. Aside from notable exception Chiron, the centaurs in mythology were often considered reckless, restless and full of lust. In touch with the bestial side, the centaurs enjoyed good wine, good women and sometimes a good fight.

Chiron as the ‘bridge’ and the ‘key’ showed the way to healing and wholeness, through acceptance and integration of our bestial nature and a desire to learn, to teach, to heal and to understand.

The ruler of a nation may be at the mercy of too much of a good thing.

In your own life, it may be time to take stock of the temptations that keep you from being the best you can be. The beast within can offer you insight, a nose for trouble, the ability to gauge the lie of the land, ultra sensitivity to the winds of change. The beast connects you to your passion, will and desire. Make it work for you, not against you.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Cosmic Tides – Astrology for the 26th December 2011 – 1st January 2012”

  1. I like Chiron, guess I’ve had to. Born with Chiron 1st, conj. N.Node no less!! This year’s solar return puts Chiron on my Asc. again, in Capricorn, where my natal mars is. Since I’m a health care provider, had a mother who was a nurse, healing has been my own personal mission, and it helps me help people who feel thrown into a mess.

  2. Hi Mary. It’s amazing how the planetary archetypes can manifest in our lives, especially those that touch the North Node! Thanks for sharing your Chiron experience.

  3. I look at the n.node as where we need to go to learn what we need to learn with this incarnation. Its almost like a command, the s.node being what we brought with us, the so-called ‘easy path’. My s.node is out of sign, conj.my 8th house sun in Pisces, so had a lot to work with already.

  4. Absolutely Mary – the North Node to me is like a magnetic point, pulling us towards it. Life, the universe, the Divine or whatever you interpret it as, points the way through synchronicity.

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