Full Moon in Cancer – January 2012 – Claws

The Full Moon in Cancer occurs at 07:30 (UT) on the 9th January 2012 at 18CAN26.

CrabThis powerful Full Moon is a live wire. Firstly, the Moon is in her ruling sign. As a Cardinal sign, Cancer is as feisty as it is emotional and quite often this Moon can trigger your defence systems. Emotional walls are thrown up or come tumbling down. Cancer is the sign of Mother. Mother can be the soft warm skin you curl up against to cry your heart out or the warrior clad superwoman who faces down anyone and anything that threatens her child.

The sextile to Mars is a helpful hint suggesting that during this highly emotive time, you are being given the opportunity to understand the way you defend yourself. Rather than crumbling at the least little thing (Moon sesquiquadrate Chiron in Pisces), Mars is there to remind you that it is ok to assert yourself. It is ok to protect yourself and those you love. Sometimes you have to.

Tension exists in the chart between Mercury and Uranus which perfect to a square shortly before the Full Moon. Mercury sits on fixed star Alnasl situated at the sharp point of the arrow in Sagittarius. News that strikes at the heart perhaps. Normally I don’t think too much about the houses when I cast a lunation chart but in this case, my eye is caught by Uranus sitting on the cusp of the 4th house with the square to Mercury just on the ascendant from the 12th. This chart was cast for London, UK. There’s an unsettled feeling. Mum might be on the warpath.

The Moon herself sits on fixed star Wasat situated between the twins of Gemini. The star is listed by Robson as “Of the nature of Saturn. Connected with chemicals, poisons and gas. Violence, malevolence, destructiveness as a first principal.

Mars is conjunct fixed star Denebola in Leo the lion’s tail. In my mind’s eye I see my old cat, eyes slit and tail wagging menacingly, letting me know that he’s p*ssed and ready to attack if I so much as dared to look at him. Mars conjunct Denebola according to Robson is “Bitter, vindictive, cruel, unpopular, loss of position and public disgrace.

Whilst the Moon is in a positive aspect to Mars, the sextile is one which we need to actively take advantage of. Otherwise this Martian influence could simply become a cat fight with bitter disputes about who did what to whom.

I look at the chart and think of being shaken at the very foundations, of eruptions, of some shocking news. But whatever it is, it’s better out than in (Mercury trine Jupiter). Mercury is also perfecting a sextile to Chiron. It’s like the piercing point of the arrow is lancing a wound that needs to be cleansed. It’s not the time to fall apart. Black Moon Lilith (true) and grumpy Eris are travelling together in Aries and both turn direct around the Full Moon. Both are square the Moon. It’s about dealing with the fall-out. Neither of these ladies are going to back down or back off. Both will be sharpening their nails with a gleam in their eye.

This is a Full Moon with claws. With helpful aspects to Mars, you have the courage to face what you need to face. It’s about remaining strong in the face of opposition without resorting to name calling and cat fights. It’s about being hard on the outside but remaining soft on the inside. Being assertive doesn’t mean you have to play tough and snap your pincers at anyone who comes near. It’s about learning to distinguish between real and perceived threats, standing your ground, standing up for what your believe in and value. Like the archetypal Mother figure, it’s about protecting from a deep and vibrant place of love.

Crab photo by Patrick Feller on Flickr

5 thoughts on “Full Moon in Cancer – January 2012 – Claws”

  1. Yiks! This full moon is conj. my Jupiter, in the 12, opp. Mars in 6th already, and your analysis almost makes me want to stay inside, and not talk to anyone but my dog, who will forgive me, no matter. Mother, a very strong woman, not the least ‘motherly’, tho wouldn’t take shit from anyone, long gone. Of course, the introjected mother, alive and active. The ‘cat fight’ makes me think of my thieving sisters (3) who stole my mother’s estate from me the poor one, when they are all Taurus, rich. For me, I always hated them, and dreamed of being free of them, since my mother made me their keeper at age 6. Actually, many years ago walked away from them and the money. It bought my freedom from them, and good ridence. Been over 20yrs. free of limited Taurus non-thinking and greed.

  2. Hi Mary –
    I have Shakespeare in my mind as I read your words…

    “To be, or not to be, that is the question:
    Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
    The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune,
    Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles,
    And by opposing end them…”

    I’m sorry you had such a difficult time with your family. The Full Moon in the 12th can stir up the subconscious, perhaps a release of anger in this case… Jupiter in the 12th natally is like ‘private joy’; an ability to connect with your deep self. Perhaps it is a chance (through the opposition to Mars) to cross the sea of troubles and bring peace. The Full Moon in the 12th also can indicate a need to retreat and rest so if you do feel like staying in then that would be in keeping with the meaning of this moon. Cancer is the sign of home as well. And dogs are wonderful at forgiveness 🙂

  3. Please take down what I said above. That Mars energy is so very strong! I still see it, but nothing can be done. Moneymafia.

    Found myself saying how much the Catholic Church had also hurt my faith, when I needed it the most —40yrs. ago. Found Buddhism, a move that I have never regretted.

    Fought for my faith, outside the criminal church, and preserved that while getting rid of the trash.

    Wanning moon.

  4. Hi Mary, I’ve removed your last comment as requested.
    Faith is very much 12th house. I’m glad you found what you needed in the end. Yesp, this Mars energy is still strong. I’m writing about the upcoming Mars retrograde as well so feeling quite absorbed it it!

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