Weekly Cosmic Tides – Astrology for the 9th – 15th January 2012

Monday 9th January
Full Moon in Cancer Рthis Moon has claws! See my full analysis here. Protect what matters from a place of deep and vibrant love.

“Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible. ” ~ Marion C. Garretty, A Little Spoonful of Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul

Tuesday 10th January
Moon in Leo, Sun conjunct fixed star Dheneb in the tail of the Eagle. Shine, soar like a bird, let your passion for life fly free! Put yourself forward. Step up. Don’t be a wall flower. Only you can do what you can do.

Wednesday 11th January
Sun in Capricorn square Asteroid Isis in Libra – Recover the parts of yourself before trying to put together another. You may feel like a jigsaw without a picture to work from. Begin at the heart. It is the straight edge that encompasses everything else.

Thursday 12th January
Venus conjunct asteroid Kassandra in Aquarius. You may feel like you know the truth about what will happen but others may not understand. There are many roads untravelled, many futures to be revealed. Open your heart to all possibilities.

Friday 13th January
Friday the 13th and the heavens are busy today! We have Sun trine Mars, Venus trine Saturn, Mercury conjunct Pluto and Venus conjunct Neptune – phew! The upshot is that there is a large amount of energy at play and you can choose which you want to tap into.

Sun trine Mars brings courage, willingness and get up and go. If there’s a project which needs fine tuning or finishing, visualising this aspect will help you channel it into a productive surge. You may find that you get more done than you intended.

Venus trine Saturn is a stabilising aspect which helps you if you want to sort out money worries. Venus also grounds relationships, making it easier to work together. Work on what you hold most dear.

Mercury conjunct Pluto. Amongst the four major aspects today, this is the strongest at play. You have the power of persuasion at your disposal. Use it wisely. Obsessive thoughts are a danger, as is suspicion. Probe for the truth but guard against manipulation.

The last major aspect of the day puts you in the mood for love. Venus conjunct Neptune is highly romantic but the waning trine to Saturn should keep your feet on the ground. This aspect also favours gratitude for all that you have and all that you will have.

If you know your chart, check to see if you have any of these aspects natally as the current sky transits will set up a resonance with your natal chart.

Saturday 14th January
Venus conjunct Pisces. The cosmic love bird dives into the sea of love without taking a breath. Here she is forgiving, loving, kind. Forgive yourself. Accept others. Be kind. Appreciate what you have. Love is the vast ocean that connects us all. Love washes you clean and makes you whole again.

Sunday 15th January
Venus sextile Jupiter – A lighted-hearted day brings good cheer. Make time to be with your friends and loved ones. Experience will mean more to you that material acquisition. Spread a little happiness; a little goes a long, long way.