Mars Retrograde 2012

Mars stations retrograde at 00:53 (UT) on the 24th January at 23VIR05. It will backtrack through Virgo over the next three months, finally stationing direct at 3VIR40 on the 14th April at 03:53 (UT). The Sabians for Mars Retrograde January 2012 Mars stations retrograde on the Sabian Symbol

“Mary And Her Little Lamb”

Mary had a little lamb, whose fleece was white as snow.
And everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go.

In the last verse, when someone asks why the lamb loves Mary so much, the answer is – because Mary loves the lamb. This Sabian speaks of innocence and unconditional love. There is also perhaps a biblical reference here – Mary, Mother of Christ and Jesus, the lamb of God sacrificed for the sins of mankind. Mars slows down on this degree almost as if peace stops him in his tracks. Is Mars reflecting on whether this is even possible? Imagine the great warrior pausing mid bloody battle to witness a child cuddling a soft white lamb. Imagine the burnt out executive watching his toddler play happily with an empty box. The image is as poignant as it is gentle. It reminds us of childhood, of times past and an almost unrealistic ideal. But Mars is urging us to recall that time of innocence. Mars reminds us quietly what we are fighting for – or rather, what we should be fighting for…

Mars turns direct on the Sabian

“Black And White Children Play Together Happily”

Children have much to teach us. In a world strangled by man-made religious and cultural divides, this image reminds us that we are all simply human. What could the world be like if we put down our weapons and just embraced each other? Young children tend to see more similarity than difference, naturally seeking to bond and communicate. Unless otherwise indoctrinated, they seem to naturally overcome fear with curiosity. To me this Mars retrograde is about getting the details right. Are we fighting for the future, our children’s children? Are we serious about protecting each other? Can we lay down our weapons? Can we fight for what is right from a place of love instead of hate? Mars is urging us to overcome our prejudices, our criticisms of another’s ways and beliefs. Essentially we are all children of the divine. It’s time we learned to play nice.

Mars travelling through my 2nd House – Warming up…
I can’t say I’ve taken much notice of Mars transiting my 2nd house since late November last year. But in the last week or so, he’s making an impression; almost as if the energy intensifies as he slows down. I’ve found myself extremely focused on certain projects, working late into the night. I’ve changed ISP after I expressed my annoyance at being on a rather expensive plan when the sister company provided something much better. Consequently I now have more bandwidth for a cheaper price – both welcome resources (2nd house!). I’ve become much more organised (Virgo) since being introduced to which helps me to work more efficiently. Finally I discovered my old PC was capable of super speedy browsing after changing to Google Chrome. The speed is another important resource considering I spend much of my time researching and writing on the internet for Lua.

Mars retrograde in Virgo suggests that this is a fine tuning exercise. It’s the opportunity to critically examine that which consumes your energy. It may also show how anger manifests in the body through disease, illness or accident. Mars can have a tendency to gloss over details when he’s in a hurry so the retrograde is rather like putting him into strategic mode, planning his battle moves rather than striking out. Virgo is also the immaculate sign, a perfectionist attuned to spotting the finest of details. Virgo, associated with the hermit in the tarot, is also about apprenticeship; being willing to learn the skills necessary to proceed with a strong measure of humility. Mars in Virgo is also about following through. It’s likely that you will learn something about efficiency during this phase, what works and what doesn’t.


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  1. Hi Lua, mars will be retrograde in the 12th house. Lol this upcoming period does not sound fun but it sounds helpful. Thank you for the helpful tips. I have a dream journal I need to use. My dreams are already not so great but maybe I can start a pre-bedtime meditation practice. The rest is becoming clear even today.

    I’m an insomniac, facing my demons has been exhausting, I definitely am no longer afraid of being alone thank goodness. My excuses are way past done. The boundaries are being set in cement right now. I have been listening to my own intuition and keeping harmful elements away from me until I can properly sort their meaning in my life. I am a work in progress 🙂

  2. Hi Sherry – thanks for sharing your experience. It sounds like you have done a lot of 12th house work already! I’m sure the dream journal would really help. It’s amazing how quickly dreams fall back into the ocean of forgetfulness! Keeping a record can be incredibly illuminating when you look back over a period of time.

  3. WOW!! Leah, what a great article! Virgo Moon? Wow! Its just so meaty, I’ve already been studying it a couple of days. For me, this occurs in my 2nd, which includes $, but my highest value is enlightenment, that ONENESS with the Div., like the drop of water, falling in the Ocean (Pisces). This opposes my Sun/Llith/Palas/Diana, and goes as far back as to conj. my Pandora. In my solar return, it happens in the 8th, and opp. my Sun/Mercury/Chiron/mars. I havn’t even begun to look at all it aspects. Had a reading with a very, very, very good medium, who said, ‘Your life is really going to change’, which made me cringe. I like being an introvert, tho, prob. do have lots to share with people who are ready to listen. Any comments? Where would you start? Birth chart, or solar return? Maybe it’s just too big an event????? Mars? The activator???

  4. Still trying to digest it all. Mars/Virgo opp. Pisces sun with all those asteroids. My natal sun, 5° squares Uranes Conj. Saturn in Gemini. (0°, 5°) which then activates Neptune/Libra 0°, (mutual rep. Venes/Pisces 29° My Mercury is at 9° Acquarius is part of the G.Trine, also Mut.Recp. to Uranes/Gemini. Do I have any planets not being activated??? (2-24-43, CSWT 3:57PM, Mpls.Mn) Natal Mars 19°Cap. so, also included, opposing Jupiter. Pluto 5°Leo. Looks like mostly everything is being activated. Gotta dig a fox hole, and crawl in.

  5. Thanks Mary. Gosh yes it sounds like Mars is triggering a lot in your chart. Whilst I do use the Solar Return chart, I’d tend to concentrate on the birth chart to get a real feel for the natal placements and how the transits are affecting it. It might also be useful to check your progressed chart as well as this gives you info on how things are developing. Generally, I’d check to see what long term transits are going on to see if Mars is the trigger point for these. He’s a bit like the woodsman hacking a trail through the forest for the other planets to make their way through to you and do what they have to do.
    Focus on your highest value, how YOU would like to use this energy. Interpretation wise, I look for where transits offer a repeated same or similar message.

  6. Fantastic article…a lot to absorb.

    I have Mars in the 3rd house with Aquarius Sun and Cancer Moon…am looking at change in jobs…that might occur during retro period

    Any thoughts on this combination? What should I watch for?

  7. Hi Bryan
    Thanks – glad you enjoyed my post. If you have natal Mars in Virgo, then you are currently experiencing or about to experience a Mars return. Natal Mars in the 3rd can suggest an enthusiastic speaker, someone who is an animated communicator. You could be an ideas person – perhaps with the Aquarius Sun as well.
    With transiting Mars in the 3rd, it’s a great time to start learning something new. During the retrograde cycle however, you may feel more challenged that usual when learning a new task or job. The best thing is to remain patient with yourself. It’s also about showing willing towards others. With your gentle Cancer Moon, occasionally this transit may manifest as being a bit sensitive towards what others say.
    With a Cancer Moon, Mars is about to create a sextile (or has recently been through this aspect). This aspect suggests really listening to your gut instinct. It’s also about feeling excited by something new. In a new job, you are likely to want to feel like you have a lot to learn, something that leaves you chomping at the bit, maybe even something where you have high targets to meet or a strong competitive edge. If you have Aries on the 10th cusp or part of the 10th house, you have leadership qualities and are more than able to meet the challenge.
    The most important thing with Mars retrograde is to pace yourself. Try not to leap into a new job just because it’s there. But, if it fires you up then great – make the leap!
    Good luck with your job change.

  8. Im an Aquarian. I was born with Mars retrograde in Virgo in the eighth house. I also have the Moon in Virgo in th eighth house. All i can say is that I am a perfectionist and an extremly hard worker. I set many goal, often all at once. I have found Ive had to fight hard for most of what i have but I do appear to ultimately achieved the goals I set out to achieve. Im quite strict with myself but providing their is a sense of everything being in its place i can and do know how totally relax and unwind. I would like to know how this current retrograde mars in virgo is supposed to affect me now

  9. Hi Surial
    Thanks for your comment. It sounds like you have learned to work very well with your natal Mars.
    It depends on other transits in your chart but a good indication of how this retrograde period will affect you is to look back to when Mars last was in Virgo which was Jun – Aug 2010. You may find a cycle/circumstances/feelings repeating but with a new added understanding. Sometimes, other bigger transits may overtake Mars in strength.

    The retrograde occuring in your 8th house may mean that Mars makes up to three visits to your natal Moon and natal Mars – emphasising the lessons of that transit. Look to the houses Mars rules to see where the results of this transit may manifest. The Mars return energises and possibly inflames natal Moon and Mars. Joint finances, taxes, sex…are all issues that may surface. There may be a need to recognise those things which you cannot control. There is also something about learning to deal with the less ‘nice’ part of the your psyche. Moon and Mars in Virgo in the 8th may find their own anger/aggression/passion a little overwhelming or even distasteful.

    Overall however, your Mars Return is a renewal of energy. Whilst Mars is retrograde it may be useful to take some time out to refocus. Once Mars starts moving forward again, it’s an excellent time to start any new projects you have decided on.

  10. Mars retrograding through the 4th. Absolutely spot `ON!!. Fabulous take on Mars through the houses. I thought I was going mental and now I can just blame it on Mars…:) What sweet relief! Thankyou.

  11. Thanks Marina – great to see you here. Lol, yes Mars is seriously stirring it at the moment! Hope he gives you some peace soon x

  12. Hi I have started seeing a lovely new guy January 29th, we started chatting before the retrograde at new year, met then very slowly became alot closer and eventually physical, we have never made our relationship official verbally but have met each others folks etc!! ( we both have just agreed to go with the flow, no pressure) I am a scorpio, scorpio asc with mars retrograde transiting 10th house. My natal mars is in the 9th house. Virgo ruler of the 11th. Im having huge career/friend/ spirituality issues right now. My new guy is a pisces, very spiritual soul. I am curious that does the no initiation of physical relationships rule re mars retrograde apply when my mars is unaffected by key relationship planets…looking at my chart its my career thats getting hammered! Does having jupiter transiting the 7th and neptune transiting the 5th not add benefit or is this relationship doomed as so many on line astrologers seem to think? DOB 26/10/77…thanks!

  13. Leah Whitehorse

    Hi Mirren
    Sorry for the delay in my reply! Oh gosh I wouldn’t want to reduce any relationship potentional to be ‘doomed’ just because it began during a Mars retrograde 🙂

    Generally with transits, I look to which house is being transited and which house the planet being transited rules as this is often where the end result manifests. Using equal house, Venus would be your 7th house ruler so I would look to the transits to venus to get an idea of what cosmic lessons are coming up with relationships. With Jupiter transiting your 7th and Neptune your 5th, your new spiritual guy reflects the energy of both these planets. The key with these two transits is to keep your feet firmly on the ground. Whilst both planets can offer very beautiful experiences with spiritual people, they can also have a tendency to go a little overboard (Jupiter) or stay in the realm of fantasy (Neptune). They will certainly bring a romantic flavour to life though so enjoy what you’ve found 🙂

    Mars retro in the 10th can bring up issues regarding who you are in public versus who you are in private. Depending on your time/place of birth, I’m guessing you may also have trasiting Saturn currently moving through your 12th house as you are Scorpio Rising. Saturn here can stir up all kinds of things, especially the parts of yourself you like to keep private, your fears and also your spiritual self. Saturn transiting your 12th can feel quite heavy but this is restructing on a really deep level that will help you feel stronger in the long run. It may be that your spiritual man will trigger new understanding and further development in this area.

  14. Hi Leah; today i was on the net searching for an answer for my situation and came across your article. First of all many thanks for this valuable information, it really eases the pain 😉 mars is retrogading through my 12th house and i have been sleepless for the past 3 weeks now…We moved to a new country with my fiancee and our cat has gone crazy on us and we are sleepless for weeks now…He meows and cries at night constantly and even though we tried a lot of different things we cant get him to calm down…Because of lack of sleep we are exhausted, lethargic and totally lack that vitality much needed in a new country. I feel very depressed, instread of enjoying this move (we are living first time together ) and enjoying the new country and planning our wedding we are depressed. My fiancee got sick bacause he could not get the rest he needed, and had to move to another room in the house so he does not get me sick and ended up hurting his back in this new bed that he is not used to….We started arguing a lot (due to lack of sleep) and it has even impacted our sex life 😉 I am seeing really strange dreams during times i can get to sleep but then i am forced to wake up abruptly by our little monster so its like i am in a live-dream all day. i am trying to make sense out of all this, what is mars trying to tell me here? my fiancee is going on a 2 week business journey so i am going to be alone in a new house in a new country alone with my little monster 😉 so what do you advise me???

    looking at the way you desribed 12th house retro mars, i feel you nailed my situation mention sleep problems, weird dreams, isolation…and “feeling that unable to set boundaries” definetly rang a huge bell, with this sitation i am feeling that i am not able to set a boundary between what i need (sleep and peace in home) and what the cat is doing? i would appreciate your thoughts.

  15. Hi Leah,

    i stumbled across your article (which is excellent by the way), because I feel like the mars retrograde has been placing unnecessary stress and pressure on my fairly new relationship! Mars is currently retrograding through my 7th house (from what I have read online) and boy oh boy, does your article ring true for me. In particular a withdrawal (particularly emotionally) from a relationship, especially on his part. We started seeing each other in October 2011, so way before the Mars retrograde, but I have to admit, since the retrograde began, he is more distant, hard to reach and sometimes i wont hear from him for days. blowing hot and cold! Wonderful in person, but through other means, like texting, he has changed. He is a libra (8/10/1984), and I am a pisces (19/03/1988 – born approx 4.20pm).

    I am curious, once mars moves out of retrograde in April 13/14, will things in my 7th house relationship wise pick up? Or is this relationship now destined to be doomed as the damage done during the mars retrograde may be irreparable…

  16. Leah Whitehorse

    Hi Johanna
    Firstly I must apologise for not being able to answer sooner. Mars/Mercury retrograde turned out to be a massively busy time!

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced so many problems with your move. I know it is not unusual for a cat to become more vocal after a move as they find it quite upsetting being in new territory. My old cat was like this! One thing that can help aside from keeping their routine as much as possible, is simple massage/stroking therapy. Touch is very healing and I also read once that the purr of a cat can also promote healing in humans as well.

    If you have any electrical items in your bedroom, experiment with removing them one by one to see if you both start sleeping better. It may be that there are clashing frequencies wich can significantly disturb sleep. I generally recommend removing all electrical items then moving them back in one by one to see which may be causing the problem.

    Now that Mars is moving forwards again, you should begin to see some improvements generally. Watch for when Mars crosses your Ascendant (if it hasn’t already) as should mark a turning point. Sometimes Mars crossing over the Ascendant can bring up any repressed anger and/or frustration that needs to be addressed so it’s good to be aware of that. Once Mars moves into your 1st house, you should find your energy levels increasing and less of the weird dream-like state. Mars transiting the 12th can bring up hidden fears and it may be that this is because they need to be faced. Fears create blocked energy. By challenging them, this helps to release energy to be used productively once Mars begins a new round of your chart.

    Moving generally is one of the most stressful things that you can do, it changes the energy around you. It may be that you need to be in your new home for a little while to connect with the energy there.

    I am thinking that cats are linked to the sign Leo and also your 5th/6th house in your astrological chart. It might be useful to apply some simple feng shui to the areas in your new home associated with creativity and health.

    There is a New Moon on the 21st April and this is symbolic of new beginnings. In Taurus, it is a nice grounding energy. This time could be used for a very simple ritual to bless your new home – even as simple as touching each wall and thinking ‘love’ or ‘peace’ or whatever word captures what you want to experience in your home.

    I hope things have improved since you wrote and that all of you feel more settled soon.

  17. hi leah, no problem at all, i know retro brings delays and many thanks for putting aside time to reply 😉 yes you are so right, with mars turning direct, the sleep problems was lessened thank god…the cat is much more used to the house now and yes finally started purring 😉 i think mars retro coupled with pluto retro last week meant something to do with facing my fears, you were spot on. You wrote “Mars transiting the 12th can bring up hidden fears and it may be that this is because they need to be faced”, so true !. Since my fiancee was travelling and i was alone last week, i did a lot of meditation and especially the days pluto went retrogade i discovered some 12th house hidden issues…perhaps i was woken by the cat so i can remember the dreams which kind of shed light on what was bothering me deep down. you see how wonderful astrology works 😉 thank you again for your wonderful insight..and yes i will be careful during mars transiting my ASC (do you advise not to let out anger during this time and wait until mars has passed ASC by 5 degree orb?)and will do a blessing ritual on the new moon in taurus on the 21st 😉 hope you have a wonderful week.

  18. Leah Whitehorse

    Hi Johanna
    Oh I’m so glad that things have calmed down for you. What a wonderful insight re. your cat may have been waking you so that you remember your dreams!

    When Mars crosses the Ascendant, he can sometimes trigger anger (not always though, so don’t worry!). Mostly, because Mars has a lot of get-up-and-go, anger can be triggered by feeling that others are in your way. You want to move fast, others want you to slow down. You want to make a decision or get something started – others want to think about it a bit more etc.

    So yes, if possible, I would wait until Mars is 5 degrees past the conjunction. The main thing is that if you do feel angry during this time, it can be good to do things that work off some of the excess energy. This helps to dissipate anger and hopefully see things more clearly. When Mars went over my Asc some time back I was FURIOUS about something so I ended up cleaning my house from top to bottom (Mars was also opposite my natal Moon during this time)! Luckily I didn’t say anything at the time as it turned out I seriously had the wrong end of the stick, lol.

    Mars can be great for asserting yourself and giving you courage to address situations that need to be addressed so he can be very helpful as well 🙂

  19. Leah Whitehorse

    Hi Jenny
    Mars travelling through the 7th retrograde can bring up some tough issues and it sounds like this has what has been manifesting for you. However, whilst it may feel like ‘unnecessary’ stress, I believe that we are born at a specific time to learn specific lessons and that the transits of the planets through the houses of the chart can ultimately help us to develop personally and spiritually to be the best that we can be.
    That said, I also know that sometimes it can really feel like a planet has it in for you! I hope that now Mars has turned direct, you have been able to resolve the issues with your partner. With Mars travelling through the 7th – he can give you the courage to state what you need as well as the courage to walk away if necessary. Mars can turn out to be your defender as well as your defence.

  20. thank you leah. unfortunately the issue seemed to have gotten worse once mars turned direct…! how is that even possible lol?! you say “With Mars travelling through the 7th – he can give you the courage to state what you need as well as the courage to walk away if necessary. Mars can turn out to be your defender as well as your defence.” – do you mean that whilst mars is travelling through my 7th house until July, which is where I have read on other websites. Or did you mean whilst he was travelling in retrograde?

  21. Leah Whitehorse

    Hi Jenny – oh I am sorry things haven’t got any better. I meant whilst Mars is still travelling through your 7th house. x

  22. Hi, Leah 🙂
    Thank you for this text.
    I’m wondering if you have any tips on how to handle arguments and conflict with a natal retro Mars in the 12th house.
    I’m asking, because I have such… in Gemini, which is my Ascendant as well.
    I absolutely hate the negative feelings that arise in me in conflict, that’s why I hate conflict itself.
    Sometimes, though, it’s necessary to deal with it.
    I’m torn between my innate spirituality (A retro Jupiter in Leo) and the inability to assert my negative feelings appropriately.
    Somehow I can’t seem to comprehend how does asserting the negative feelings contribute to being spiritual? That’s why I repress my negative feelings and tend not to accept them.
    I an angry at them arising in me, and then I feel guilty, because I see myself as a spiritual person, yet here they come.


    I’ll appreciate your reply.

    Thank you!

  23. P.S. and I was wondering if this Mars position makes me have a big Ego? I don’t want it to be so, but I dunno if it’s appropriate for me to try and ignore my Ego or the other way around; I’m not sure.

  24. Hi Radina
    Thanks for your question. Mars in the 12th is a very interesting placement. The Gauquelin study showed that many successful sports people have this placement.

    In Gemini my thoughts are about how you define anger. Mars in Gemini can be seen as a war of words (similar to Mars in a challenging aspect to Mercury). It can be useful to closely observe what you are telling yourself when you feel angry. Mars in the 12th can have a tendency to beat themselves up.

    Anger lets you know when your boundaries have been crossed. Sometimes, as you say, it is necessary to deal with conflict but it is how we deal with the conflict that matters. If you are clear on your boundaries, why and how you have set them – then conflict can be dealt with calmly and not feel so destructive.

    It has been suggested that Mars in the 12th indicated a previous life where one acted on ego or made rash and impulsive decisions. I wouldn’t consider you to have an ‘ego problem’ or too big and ego with this placement. In fact, what can happen is that you end up denying yourself so much by giving your time and energy to others, it can leave you feeling put upon – hence then feeling angry.

    Mars in the 12th however shows that you can fight for the underdog. The more compassionate you become towards both yourself and others, the less anger comes into it.

    There is a fine line between assertion and aggression – I think that’s a difficult one for all of us! But here it’s about gently asserting what is right for you. The more energy you put into you spiritual studies, the clearer Mars will work for you.

    Anger is an instinctual response and usually triggered when we peceieve a threat or feel vulnerable whether emotionally or physically. Looking at where you feel vulnerable and why may also help you to understand anger more. The aspects from Mars may help with this. Mars in this position can give you incredible mental strength.

    Because the 12th house is connected to the unconscious mind, it may be helpful to write down your dreams and particular make a note of dreams about anger, violence and aggression as this is Mars’s way of speaking to you directly.

    I hope that helps.

  25. Thank you, Leah, this really helps 🙂 I saved it in a document.
    It’s indeed hard for me to try and tap into the origin of my self-beating attitude or my self-directed anger. It;s so elusive that most of the time it’s like I am never angry, while in reality it just slips into the psyche unnoticed…
    By embracing and accepting all emotions as useful, I’ll be able to get a grip on it, I believe.
    Thanks again!

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