New Moon in Aquarius January 2012 – Questions

The New Moon occurs at 7:39 on the 23rd January 2012 at 2AQU41.

The New Moon is the apex of a tense t-square; squaring co-ruler Saturn and Jupiter. There are aspects also to Chiron (semi-sextile) and Uranus (sextile).

Aquarius is the sign associated with humanitarianism, idealism, forward thinking and co-operation. It tends towards detachment, seeking the best possible connections for the purpose, forging alliances and not getting bogged down in emotional ‘stuff’. Its attributes are independence, intellect and out-of-the-box thinking.

Aquarius is ruled by both Uranus and Saturn and for some, at face value this seems an odd combination. Saturn rules quirky Aquarius – really? But thinking about it, it makes sense. The new fangled piece of technologically you crave today will be pretty much obsolete or run of the mill in 10 years time. I still remember when we didn’t have mobile phones and the only way to contact your friend at Glastonbury festival was to use the noticeboard not far from the main stage; praying to God said friend wasn’t too wrecked to stagger up the hill. Now just about everyone has a mobile phone, an email address and a personal computer. What was unimaginable in my Grandmother’s childhood has been commonplace for me. Our world now is structured (Saturn) around technology (Uranus). New ideas have replaced old conventional practices and in time those new ideas will be deemed out-of-date. Life is an endless round of change, stability, change.

On a personal level, the New Moon in Aquarius asks: –

How do you envisage your future?
What structures would you like to have in place?
What connections do you want to have?
Where would it benefit you to be a little more emotionally detached from the outcome?
What’s your ideal?
Where do you need a breath of fresh air?

The Aquarius New Moon sextile Uranus encourages you to think outside of the box. The semi-sextile to Chiron is the closest aspect. It niggles “I’m hurt” but the Moon doesn’t really have time to listen to your whining. She has things to do, places to be.

However this airy changeable Moon is caught at the apex of a t-square formed by the Saturn-Jupiter opposition. Here we seem to have a conundrum.

Square to Saturn the Moon is dampened down. You may feel like someone is throwing cold water over your ideas. It feels as though Saturn is asking you to be a little less touchy, a little more realistic about where you want to go from here. Problems and challenges may stand in your way manifesting as authority figures who seem determined to label you, discredit you or stick you in a nice straightforward little check box. It could be your Dad, your boss or the government at large. Yet at the same time the Moon is square opportunistic Jupiter, inflating your dream of something bigger and brighter, giving you a hankering for something better than all this. You may over-react, over promise or over-eat to squash down you fear of being…well…squashed down!

It’s not an easy position to be in. You may feel like you can’t do right for doing wrong.

The Sabian Symbol for this Moon is

“A Deserter From The Navy”

The Navy, as in any military organisation, represents rules, perhaps more importantly unquestionable rules. Yet as slowly the news leaks out about the mistakes of governments, the war-mongering, lies and insidious corruption, we know there is much questionable action going on.

In the context of this New Moon, this Sabian speaks of breaking the rules.

Now before you go off and get yourself (and me!) into trouble, I’m not advocating committing crimes! But it may be right to question some of the laws being passed, suggested or amended, for example SOPA. It may be right to question whether what you are being told is the truth.

On a personal level it’s about questioning what you usually do ‘as a rule’?
What habits and routines do you never break?
What family/peer laws to you stick to? Can you bend them a little? Do you need to break them to break out?
Do you need to have a little more faith (Jupiter) or more structure Saturn)?
Are you drawn to the familiar (Saturn) or pastures new (Jupiter)?

The deserter deserts for a reason. He jumps ship because he finds himself in an untenable position, questioning the authority he previously trusted so implicitly. He grasps his fate in his own hands, burns bridges and takes a leap – one that will hopefully put him in touch with his own inner truth so he can set sail towards a better future.

4 thoughts on “New Moon in Aquarius January 2012 – Questions”

  1. “A Deserter From The Navy” – Interesting relating to the shipwreck of the “Concordia”, a highly meaningful name, considered the times we live in…

  2. Hi – thanks for your comment. Yes, the symbolism made me think very much about the Concordia. I didn’t want to write too much about it however I felt that it was a rather sensitive subject at the moment. The Sabian symbols are fascinating, so much information can be seen in them.

  3. fascinating tool to connect to a wealth of hidden truths. Maybe even just to help Self believe?

  4. Hi Susan – yes, self-belief is part of it. The Deserter from the Navy Sabian would certainly indicate that – believing in one’s own authority.

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