Weekly Cosmic Tides – Astrology for 23rd – 29th January 2012

Monday 23rd January
New Moon in Aquarius. For a full analysis, please see this post.

It’s time to ask the hard questions. Change is a constant force, constancy an illusion. Let the fire of bridges burned light the way into the future.

Today we also have a trine perfecting between Mercury and Mars. Combined with the aspects contained with the New Moon chart, there is a restless element at work. Trines tend to be viewed as easy aspects but they can also run out of control if unchecked. The best way to use this energy is to make sure your mind is engaged with something you are passionate about. This trine only turns sharp if you allow yourself to get bored. As both planets are in earth signs, focus on meaty projects that are aiming for concrete results. It could be the ideal time to assert what you think. Tell it like it is but be mindful of using non-confrontational language.

Tuesday 24th January
Mars turns retrograde in the very early hours (UT time). To see how the retrograde may manifest through the houses, check my post which fully explores this retrograde period.

Whether you want to or not, you may need to slow down and smell the roses so to speak. Mars retrograde is a time to explore what you are fighting for in life. In Virgo, Mars calls us to clean up our act (both in mind and body), focus on strategy and planning before taking action. It may be important to look at where you war with yourself, where you have internalised criticism that shouts you down from within.

This is a time of discovering your inner strengths and looking at what drives you. As I write this, I’m thinking it’s rather like sending in your car for an MOT. For a while you need to catch the bus, walk or take a lift – your routines (Virgo) may go off the chart for a bit. Everything seems to take more time and planning and you probably get frustrated whilst your wheels are off the road being poked, prodded and tested.

Your mechanic informs you of the work that needs doing to get your car back on the road. If you’re extremely lucky, it’s minimal but sometimes it’s a shock to the system. Mars is like this. When he turns retrograde he slows you down, changes your plans, sets you back or even keeps you off the road. But it needs to be done to ensure a safe smooth passage to your next phase of life, not to mention giving you the time to make sure that the destination you’re aiming for is where you actually desire to go.

Are you beating yourself up? Is you inner critic alive and well and shouting from the rooftops? Feeling like a scaredy-cat? Mars retrograde offers you the opportunity to remember you are strong, vibrant, passionate and full of courage.

“Perfectionism is the enemy of creation” John Updike

 Wednesday 25th January
Moon enters Pisces, Sun conjunct fixed star Oculus (the eye of the Goat). Keep a¬†close eye on where fantasy and reality merge. It’s true that you can dream your life alive but the dream needs to be crystal clear. Open your eyes, see with your heart.

Thursday 26th January
Saturn square asteroid Niobe in Capricorn – Don’t be too proud to climb down if you have made an error in judgement. At the same time, try not to let your fear of what others will say, keep you from getting to the top. Let grace and humility be your ladder.

Friday 27th January
Mercury square Saturn, Mercury enters Aquarius. Challenge negative thinking in order to free your mind. Thinking of others instead of yourself gives you a different perspective on problems. Open up to what is possible. The past is the past.

Saturday 28th January
Mercury sextile Uranus – A leap in understanding is offered. Flashes of brilliance pervade your mind. Brainstorm sessions today may see inventive solutions to yesterday’s problems. Investigate, experiment, take the un-travelled road.

Sunday 28th January
Mercury square Jupiter – The Mercurial feel of the latter part of the week ends on a challenging note. Mercury is full of inspiration after entering Aquarius but Jupiter is in earthy Taurus. Jupiter wants to know if the big idea you had is actually do-able. Mercury is just so inspired that he’s glossing over those tiny details like money, time and skills. He’s sure it’ll all work out in the wash. Sometimes this aspect is just all-talk.

Thinking big can get you a whole lot further in life but only if you do the ground work. Slow progress is better than no progress, and definitely better than a shelved idea which turned out to be utterly impractical. Laugh at your mistakes but learn from them too.