Full Moon in Leo – February 2012 – The One That Got Away

The Full Moon occurs at 21:53 (UT) on the 7th February 2012 at 18LEO31.

The Sabian symbol for this Moon is: –

“A Houseboat Party”.

After the recent sinking of the Costa Concordia, my associations with this symbol want to shriek out from behind the veil. Try as I might, I can’t seem to quite put them to rest.

Generally this symbol is about retreating away from the hubbub of daily life to reconnect with friends and loved ones in a space set away from ‘normality’. Dr. Marc Edmund Jones uses the keyword ‘congeniality’ for this Sabian noting that the experience is ‘intensified’. It’s kind of like going out on a ‘work’s do’. You suddenly see a very different side to your boss, secretary or the diligent accounts worker on floor 5. In a setting away from the norm, in a party atmosphere, people tend to drop their reserve. Sometimes the opposite happens. We see who is comfortable and uncomfortable in social situations.

In the sign of Leo, this symbol is concerned with how much you can be yourself around others. Can you let yourself shine? Do you take over and become the life and soul or are you the wall flower? With the Sun tightly conjunct Mercury in Aquarius, there’s a feeling that it’s easy to spread yourself thin in an effort to fit in.

The Moon is conjunct fixed star Naos on the deck of the great ship Argo Navis. “Naos, is also a term used in classical architecture to refer to the inner chamber of a temple which houses an idol“. Constellation of Words Leo can certainly relate to the concept of idols – rock stars, false Gods, reality tv show ‘stars’. Sometimes it’s good to have an idol, someone who inspires you to step up your own game. But the problem with idols is that we rarely see them as real people with real problems just like the rest of us.

I’ve got my eye on Venus conjunct Scheat “Evil environment, suffering through own acts, danger of imprisonment or restraint.” Robson. She’s already coming across as a bit of a psycho bitch on an anaretic degree and with a possible screw loose conjunct Uranus. What you are attracted to right now may turn you ice cold later. Be aware of the company you keep, the people you want to impress. They may not turn out to be quite what you expected.

The Moon is sesquiquadrate Uranus which adds an unstable element. Something needs adjusting. One of the keywords I use for the sesquiquadrate is ‘misguided’. To follow with the nautical imagery, it’s like there’s something too magnetic near the compass making it give a false reading. The Moon however is also trine to the North Node which suggests that somehow you know you are slightly off course. Listen to your intuition. With Mars retrograde there may be a need to backtrack. Mars is conjunct Denebola “Bitter, vindictive, cruel, unpopular, loss of position and public disgrace.” Robson. Leo of course hates to lose face but better that than full steam ahead in the wrong direction.

Mercury is conjunct Sualocin which is ‘Nicolaus spelt backwards. This star is in the constellation of the Dolphin and whilst not having any of the dark history associated with the other stars, there’s a sense of trickery – especially where Mercury is concerned. People may try to hide behind something they are not. It makes me think of trying to play heavy metal songs backwards to see if they really contain the name of the devil…

Chiron is conjunct Formahaut. The name in Arabic means ‘the fish’s mouth‘. Formalhaut is one of the Royal Stars, one of the Guardians of the Heavens and connected to Gabriel – watcher of the South. It’s funny, I always associated Gabriel with Water and the West. Still, Chiron conjunct the archangel shows where healing is available. Formalhaut is often called the ‘solitary one’ or ‘the loneliest star‘ as it appears to occupy a under populated area of space. Chiron here is perhaps showing you have no need to fear your own company, no need to fear who you are. It’s the difference between being yourself with perhaps fewer but truer friends rather than being someone you’re not surrounded by the current ‘in-crowd’.

I paused half way through writing this article to eat steamed fish for dinner. I was still chewing over the chart in my mind and as usual turned on the tv to eat. I meant to catch the news but what I caught instead was the moment in the film King Kong where the actress mistakes the identity of the writer. The setting is a ship in stormy seas! Shortly afterwards the Captain finds out that Jack Black (the baddie) is intent on taking them to a mysterious island far from the normal shipping lanes and steeped in mysterious legend.

I laughed as I watched. Apart from the fact I love this film, I couldn’t ignore the synchronicity. I made myself turn it off (I’ve seen it three times already!) and came back to this post.

What caught my attention was the concept of mistaken identity. Leo is ruled by the Sun which in the birth chart signifies our true identity. The problem is that if we ‘shine’ for the sake of others, if we twist our life journey to please everyone else, then there we find monsters.

As Kong falls from the top of the Empire State building in slow motion, so I am reminded that Saturn also turns retrograde just a few short hours before the Full Moon. Saturn has yet to move from his anaretic degree in Libra. Saturn by nature slows down everything, Mars is already retrograde. It’s as though this Moon has the power to play out in slow motion, so every detail can be seen – every nuance of character, every gesture. In slow motion we perceive more.

This Moon seems to mutter a low warning – like whale song beneath the waves. She says you need to be who you are because otherwise she will reveal falsehoods and lies. She will show the monsters lurking in the deep, the face behind the mask and she will tear down those who would declare themselves above the Gods. Have the courage to follow your own true North.

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