Weekly Cosmic Tides – Astrology for the 13th – 19th February 2012

Monday 13th February
Mercury in Aquarius trine retrograde Saturn in Libra – A cool head and thoughtful communication helps to restructure relationships that are flagging. This may also be a good time to address any legal problems. Whilst there may be set-backs, the key is to keep the dialogue and the mind open.

Tuesday 14th February
Mercury enters Pisces, conjunct Neptune – Valentine’s is a special day to celebrate romantic love and today’s aspects oblige by colouring everything with a loved up vibe. Pour out a poem to the one you love or pour out your heart in tears to wash away the pain. Know that you are a being of love.

The last quarter Moon sites on the Sabian American Indians Making Camp After Moving Into A New Territory. When you live in harmony with yourself and your surroundings, you are more easily able to adjust to change. Being clear of your centre, you can bend without being broken, embrace change without falling apart in a crisis.

Combined with Mercury’s aspects today, the Moon reminds you that you need to know who you are to truly love another but also not to get lost in the concept of perfection. You are an ever evolving being. Part of this Sabian is also about finding peace in what you have, not looking at what you have lost or dreaming of what you might have. Love those you love for who they are now and more importantly, let those who love you, love you for who you are today.

Wednesday 15th February
Jupiter sextile Chiron, Venus square Pluto. You can’t control everything no matter how much you want to. Sometimes you have to just let it go. If you are fighting about money, now may not be the best time to resolve the situation. If things seem bleak and oppressive, call on your angels or higher self to help. Jupiter and Chiron represent benevolent healing forces at your disposal. Let go – let God.

Thursday 16th February
Mercury conjunct Chiron, Mercury sextile Jupiter. If there have been arguments, this could be the time to kiss and make-up or ask for forgiveness, even if you are still tripping over your tongue. Don’t forget to forgive yourself too! Positive thinking brings a surprising mental boost. Honest praise and compliments may mean more than you know – offer them freely.

Friday 17th February
Moon enters Capricorn. Time to get down to business and get on with what needs to be done. With a sextile to Chiron and trine to Jupiter, you’re willing to work through mistakes and chalk them up to experience. A later conjunction to Pluto could see you obsessing over getting to the finishing line. Try to remember to enjoy the process as much as the end result.

Saturday 18th February
Sun trine Saturn, Mercury sextile Pluto. With the Moon still in Capricorn this is an all systems go day for your career. Spruce up your CV, take on more responsibility. You can do it! You don’t need to elaborate on the truth but don’t be afraid to point out your skills and adaptability. Your calm demeanour and honest manner speak for themselves.

Sunday 19th February
Sun enters Pisces conjunct Neptune. Divine inspiration is all around you and within you. You are touched with the flame of God and connection to all that is. Open your senses, bathe in the pool of knowing. Say a prayer, meditate, re-connect.

For some, this heavenly energy may feel a little overwhelming. There is a strong caution against escapism whether it is found in drugs, alcohol or television. If you feel too psychically open, imagine roots growing from your feet to ground yourself. Take special note of your dreams.

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  1. Leah, sorry, I don’t like wordpress. I’m only paranoid, if DHS/TIA are not spying there and most other sites, too. No ofense to you. I respect your work a lot. Love your moon in Virgo, and what good use you put it to. You enrich my life, and a friend, who has been scarred by gypsies, I sent here to you, since your explanations are so clear and down to earth. She’s a Taurus, haha.
    She is healing her early traumas around mostly everything ‘occult’. I’ve never seen a chart like hers. We could/should be sisters!

    Mars in Virgo has brought me lots of health problems, in fact almost constant. Since I’m a doc, and Virgo is my 2nd house, of course I value health, my own first, I have had my hands full! I won’t even start with the ‘bad attitude’. I can hardly stand it myself, and I’m an introvert! Things go sailing across the room, the dog is a little shell-shy, ….haha Where’s my humor, now?
    Again, keep up the good work. Really admire your work a lot.

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