New Moon in Pisces – February 2012 – Indestructible

The New Moon in Pisces occurs at 22:34 (UT) on the 21st February 2012 at 2PIS41.

The Sabian symbol is: –

Petrified Tree Trunks Lie Broken On Desert Sand

Pisces energy overflows in this New Moon chart as the Sun and Moon huddle between Neptune and Chiron with Mercury nearby. The New Moon is also conjunct asteroid Pallas.

New Moon in Pisces February 2012The image of ‘petrified trees’ is a powerful one. I’ve been watching the ‘Ancient Aliens’ series recently, marvelling at artefacts whose meaning and function have been lost in antiquity. As we battle to understand our history, it reminds me that one day I and everyone I know will be gone. My bones will be dust, my name just a memory. My remains will merge with Mother Earth, my atoms scatter to the winds, my soul drift to another place. I’d like to think that one day, something I write may live on after me. But when you start looking 1000 years in the future, the mind boggles.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. It speaks of the soul, the interconnectedness of all life, far memory, the oceans, dreams, the deep unconscious, unconditional love, oblivion, the endless round of life-death-life, limitlessness, the absence of boundaries. It rules victim and saviour alike.

There are moments in time when we muse on our mortality. Some of us believe that whilst our bodies die, our souls live on. But our current incarnation, regardless of belief, will end. It’s a strange thing to ponder. I think many of us hope that we may leave something behind – a creative work, children, a piece of us passed down through the ages.

The petrified trees in this Sabian remind us that some part of us is indestructible. Something of our being here remains, even if we as individuals will be lost in antiquity.

With the New Moon conjunct Neptune and Chiron, sometimes our wounds and losses can make us seem invisible; as if we are utterly insignificant when it comes to the hand of fate. I fully believe we aren’t but it can feel like that. We hurt or dismiss another, find ourselves victims of another’s secret agenda – and sometimes find ourselves victims of our own secret agenda. Sometimes unconsciously we work against the flow of daily life, a hidden saboteur snarls in the forest. Sometimes the world looks like a desert. We lay, seemingly abandoned in a harsh landscape, love appears absent and we too become petrified as the desert night falls and the cold stars shine.

Pallas lies close to the New Moon. Born from her Father in full armour, Pallas is the warrior woman capable of fighting for her rights and those of women around her. She connects to the Father-daughter relationship, strategy and justice. She rules over cities, the creative arts and is a wise warrior woman. Whilst her armour shows her ability to defend herself, inside she is naked and vulnerable. Her Father Zeus tried to stop her Mother (Metis) giving birth to a son who could overthrow him by swallowing Metis whole. But Pallas sprang fully formed from his head. Pallas would not be quashed despite her Father’s attempts to deny her existence. Pallas perhaps suggests we cannot outwit fate. We all have a place here, a role, a reason for being in this vast incomprehensible universe.

With her exceptional skill at recognising patterns and strategic planning, Pallas could be in danger of feeling lost in the Piscean fog. Yet here conjunct the Moon she has an opportunity to rise above confusion. The New Moon and Pallas are strengthened and supported by a trine to Saturn and sextile to Jupiter. Here she may work for the benefit of others – those who are downtrodden and vulnerable. She draws on her inner strength, calls to her the part that firmly believes in what is right and just, the inner guru that cheers her on when times look tough.

Pallas reminds us that sometimes we need a little armour to protect ourselves from harm, to guard against negative vibrations that filter through the ether. We cannot afford right now to be blown by psychic winds from despair to depression to victimhood. Now is the time to do what we need to protect ourselves and others whilst remaining soft inside. The gift of unconditional love can be a lasting legacy. Pallas too can be tough love.

This New Moon says stand up and be counted. Rise above your enemies both real and imagined. There is an art to protecting yourself and those you love without losing yourself. Build up your defences, stay strong. The universe needs you.

8 thoughts on “New Moon in Pisces – February 2012 – Indestructible”

  1. Hi Leah, thanks for the great analysis. As a person for whom death is the next step, I’d just like to add, that as our precious Earth, originally called Enna Elish (water of gold) is awakening, her precious energy is much more alive and active in each of us. Jesus brought the Logus, the initation into the next step for her and for all of us. I know because I was iniated with it in a dream (Pisces, ya’ know) at his birth. We are all cells in the Div. Body, and that Div. consciousness, intends to make us all Enlightened in whatever sence of that word you might have. The Ascended Masters, the Boddisatvas, Jesus have shown us the model. We are supposed to be the conscious bridge between Enna Elish and pure Div. mind/body. Look for the rosy colors of the New Dawn. The consciousness we are gifted with stays with Enna Elish forever, and of course, with Div. mind/body. It is only this language that appears more male than female and that imbalance is exactly what is being corrected, so no matter how small we think we are, we are also ALL.

    Of course, I had a dream this AM, still working on it.

  2. Debbie Castellano

    thank you so much some times it is nice to have the gentle reminder of re-enforcing your personal boundaries and giving your sacral space a spring clean. Much appreciated. Deb

  3. Here’s a little mind candy for you Mars is having earthquakes up to 7.0 ……………very recent. Opions of thoughts??

  4. Hi Mary – interesting report, thanks! Fascinating that this info is released during Mars retrograde. I like how they link it to potentially uncovering/revealing life beneath the surface. Kind of like Mars energy going within, finding ones own inner vitality…

  5. Thanks Mary. Sounds like a powerful dream. I agree – I think that many of those with profound divine gifts have shown us the way. Often it seems that regardless of path, the wisdom comes from the same source.

  6. Hi Leah

    it’s a long while since I have visited to read your poetic writing. This is a beautiful post. Thanks from one who often “muses on her mortality”…..


  7. Hi Anne – lovely to see you here and a reminder for me to go and read your posts too! Thanks – glad you enjoyed the post.

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