Full Moon in Virgo – March 2012 – Against the Tide

The Full Moon occurs at 9:39am (UT) on the 8th March 2012 at 18VIR13. The Sabian Symbol for this lunation is

A Swimming Race

Full Moon in Virgo March 2012I remember reading about someone who decided to run a marathon. He talked about needing to just concentrate on your own race and not think about anyone else. It’s something that’s bothered me recently. At times I’m hard on myself, criticising everything from my lack of focus to failure to meet my deadlines (by these I mean impossible deadlines set by myself!). Sure yes I can write 20 posts, a novel and an album in a month – no problem! I get carried away by the tide, floating peacefully to the magical ‘other side’ where life is inevitably full of flowers made of candy, handsome princes and fairy tale happy endings. If I can just do all of this then everything will be perfect I purr to myself. Until I come up for air and the cold light of day laughs hysterically at me.

I love to read inspirational stories of people who have changed their lives, motivational books and quotes. I get lost on the net reading about people who have written novels, marvel at other astrologer’s work, get inspired by artist’s paintings and musician’s song’s. The breadth and depth of human creativity never ceases to astonish me. And often I’m at the same time berating myself for not getting on with my own creative projects. Sometimes, with a Aries stellium, I get a little caught up in the ‘race’ to get to where I want to be, and consequently my head dips, I breathe water through my nose and then I burst hiccupping through the surface wondering what the hell went wrong and why is everyone ahead of me?

The opposite Sabian where the Sun sits is A Master Instructing His Disciple – note that the word ‘disciple’ is singular not plural. Here is a one on one encounter – the Disciple sits at the feet of the Master and absorbs what he needs to learn. He’s not worrying about whether the Master’s other disciples are more spiritual or more enlightened than he is. Spirituality is a journey, an unfolding that we can only do at our own pace. The Master is such because he recognises the stage that the Disciple is at – sees the bigger picture. No doubt he once swam in an ocean of confusion but he has learned to go with the flow.

Full Moon in Virgo - March 2012The Full Moon is conjunct Mars and sesquiquadrate Venus. With Mars retrograde it feels like a tense alignment. It reminds me of salmon swimming upstream, sperm battling to the egg. There’s a sense of struggling against the tide. And sometimes we have to in order to put things right, to change. Sometimes you need to break habits in order to achieve your dreams. Sometimes you need to use your willpower, fight against inertia, re-evaluate what is important and what isn’t in order to use your day productively, to keep moving forward.

Mercury, ruler of this Full Moon, is about to turn retrograde. Whilst not yet stationary, the Winged Messenger is slowing down and agitated by Uranus. I’m reminded of an old song by Danielle Dax ‘Fizzing Human Bomb‘. The two together are wired and with the Moon conjunct Mars, it feels antsy. Mercury and Uranus are also square to Pluto. Whilst the Uranus-Pluto square isn’t yet exact, its effects in the wider world are becoming more and more obvious. Things are breaking down and it feels more than a little chaotic out there. I’m noticing that in the chart cast for London, the Moon sits in the 4th house – it feels like there’s trouble brewing at home.

There’s an escape route found in Mercury’s trine to muse of dance Terpsichore – move your body to work off any excess energy, dance out your anger. Mercury is also trine the North Node in Sagittarius, indicating it’s important to keep in mind your future vision. Where do you want to get to? Never mind anyone else.

I decided to pick a tarot card for this full Moon. I use the Celestial Tarot when working with astrology. I didn’t even get as far as shuffling the pack fully before Mars (The Tower) threw himself out of the pack. The red warrior is fiercely wielding his sword, smashing through a wall, bricks are flying. His energy in this chart is especially strong which makes sense with the Full Moon occurring in the sign where Mars is currently retrograde. As Mars is retrograde, I’m thinking of reverse meanings for the Tower which tend to focus on trying to avoid the inevitable, avoiding change. It’s also forewarned is forearmed.

This Full Moon brings to light irritations that impede you, habits that halt your progress (or surreptitiously work against your primary goals). It shows you where you may need to discipline yourself, where you may need to be humble. It is also about taking practical steps to do what needs to be done. The house in which the Full Moon occurs in your natal chart will show you which area of life to work on. It’s time to focus on your own journey, kick out dissenting voices inside and out. Embrace the changes that are afoot because they are coming ready or not. This Full Moon may show you a strength you didn’t know you had.

Swimming Photo [edited] by Jim Bahn on Flickr

7 thoughts on “Full Moon in Virgo – March 2012 – Against the Tide”

  1. amen to that- with all the stress and strife in the world enough already; time to go within and face what strife lurks there- perfectionism, critical eye, the need to burst through. with power of mars setting intention to take an honest and compassionate look at what comes up so it can heal. thanks so much for your insights.

  2. Wow. So, to be completely honest, im currently kicking a heroin addiction- night one. For those of you who Don’t know, heroin withdrawls are severely painful on The body, however, more painful on the mind. I had a moment of hoplessness and looked out at the window and saw how bright the moon was wondering if perhaps it was full. I decided to research it and stumbled upon this site.
    Wow. Thank you so much.
    This entire article has been about breaking habits and changing for the better.
    funny how life works

    Youre an inspiration
    decided to research it and stumbled upon this site.
    All full

  3. Leah Whitehorse

    Thanks Rosa! There sure is stress and strife in the world but I think the cosmos balances this out by offering us a way through – and sometimes light at the end of the tunnel!

  4. Leah Whitehorse

    Hi Whitney
    Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I glad that something of what I wrote struck a chord for you. You are doing something incredibly brave and life-changing – that’s fantastic! I can only imagine how hard it is. You are an inspiration too! The universe is with you every step of the way ­čÖé

  5. Leah,
    What do you think of me being- Sagittarius sun, Scorpio rising, and Cancer moon-in relation to addiction problems and whatnot. Like does it have anything to do with my personality trait of struggling with substance abuse? Any light you could shed would be great! My sister and I have studied Astrology for a few years , however, I crave the opinion of an expert who has already guided me through a rough night!

  6. Leah Whitehorse

    Hi Whitney
    Thanks for your question. I think every part of the chart – the planets, points, angles and so on can manifest in either positive or negative ways. For example, I have Mars in Taurus in the 10th which is great for working really hard and sticking to my guns but oh boy is it hard to get started! Procrastination has at times been my middle name! Aspects between planets then also show how different parts of you integrate.

    I’d think of it like this – Sagittarian Sun wants to explore the world, life’s an adventure. You have a philospher’s heart, a traveller’s feet and an urge to learn. But Sagg can also have blind faith in people, be overly optimistic and idealistic. And they need freedom for better or worse!

    Scorpio Rising says you’re not afraid to shy away from the harsh realities of life, you want the truth however hard it may be, you’re strongly persceptive and willing to investigate things that others find taboo. But Scorpio can also be paranoid and jealous.

    Moon in Cancer says you have a deep need for somewhere to call home, you make a house a home, your incredibly caring and sensitive. But Cancer moon may be overly defensive and too sensitive for their own good.

    Addiction can happen for all kinds of reasons. I think perhaps what may help from an astrological point of view is looking at different parts of your chart and asking what those parts of yourself need. If you feel emotionally cut off or find certain emotional events hard to deal with then, because your Moon is in Cancer, it may ‘hunger’ or ‘crave’ certain things. In your case it’s manifested as an addiction combined with your Scorpio side which is willing to travel to some dark places! But it doesn’t have to be all darkness.

    Look to which house your Sun is in – this is the area of life in which you shine. If you don’t know, just think about all the good qualities of Sagittarius. Think about how you can perhaps bring them into your life – do you play sport, do you like to travel, do you read, do you want to study? These all satisfy the Sagg Sun.

    Scorpio Rising may need to feel safe around others – it’s about building trust.

    Moon in Cancer needs to have a good home base, a supportive family (or friends if family isn’t available) and to be able to do something that nurtures themselves and/or others.

    It might also be good to look at the position of Saturn in your chart as well. Liz Green’s ‘Saturn: A new Look at the Old Devil’ is a great book.

    I hope that helps ­čÖé If you want to go any deeper into your chart, please check out my readings page.

  7. I really appreciate that, Leah. Thank you for a fresh perspective! I had a pretty traumatic childhood and by age 9 had seen and gone through more than what most adults can say they’ve been witness to. However, that good ol’ Sag in me has stayed ever so optimistic. I have a ton of dark Scorpio and watery Cancer in my chart so the sensitivity matched with the harshness i’m willing to face has caused many a demon to rise to the surface. Unfortunately, it’s apparent ive tackled these demons in a way my Sagittarius self does not approve!…i’m working on it though! I’m 22 and on the path to self discovery and getting a clearer picture of what lies within me. Anybody can put on a show, especially an entertaining Sag, however, i’d rather bleed my true colors…
    Thanks again soo much! Finding your website was no coincidence!

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