Weekly Cosmic Tides – Astrology for the 12th – 18th March 2012

Astrology for the 12 - 18th March 2012Monday 12th March
Mercury Retrograde in Aries – Back up and back down. Mercury is asking you to rethink your wants, ponder your desires and look before you leap. Re-direct your attention to within. This is an adventure of the mind!

Tuesday 13th March
Jupiter trine Pluto, Moon in Sagittarius. Jupiter-Pluto aspects are connected to wealth but abundance begins in the mind. What you believe is possible is the truth! You have the power to change your beliefs which can transform your world. Stay optimistic.

Wednesday 14th March
Grand trine between Venus-Jupiter, Mars and Pluto. The cosmos forms a beautiful triangle in the sky which will be in force until the end of this month. Venus joining Jupiter today is like adding a glittering diamond to an already striking pattern. An equilateral triangle is associated with creativity and ascension. Use this time to consider what you want to manifest in the world – love, art, peace, children, a beautiful garden, music…You are a co-creator with the universe.

Thursday 15th March
Last Quarter Moon on the Sabian “A Chubby Boy On A Hobby-Horse“. The key word for this Sabian is ‘Emulation’. Who do you want to emulate? Still under the auspicious grand trine as Venus perfects a trine to Mars, the cosmos asks you to look to your hero’s and heroines, mentors, gurus and teachers for guidance. Make what you learn your own. Use your initiative.

Friday 16th March
Moon in Capricorn trine Mars, conjunct Pluto, trine Venus – Work brings deep satisfaction as well as material benefits. If you are not doing what you love, a shift of attitude may be all that’s necessary to release tension. Be willing and open to change, make time to focus on what you truly value.

Saturday 17th March
Venus square asteroid Hygeia – Hygeia was the Goddess of health and cleanliness. The square urges you to check in with your body. The pleasure principle may be at odds with what you really need or concerns about money may mean you are ignoring niggling health problems. Hygeia reminds you to love your body. Prevention is better than cure.

Sunday 18th March
Mercury conjunct Uranus – Mercury is retrograde so watch for unexpected sudden news and surprises. Plans change at the drop of a hat. There’s a jittery edge to this aspect and electrical equipment may bear the brunt. Lightening decisions may be necessary – trust your intuition!

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